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Rubber Bands Pricing and Costs

Rubber band manufacturers make rubber bands through an interesting process. Information on rubber bands reveals that they form the rubber by combining latex and other compounds for a desired quality.

Rubber Bands Applications and Uses

Rubber bands are small pieces of latex and rubber shaped in the form of loops. They are generally used to hold many items together. Rubber Bands: Office Products

Results 1 - 24 of 3899 ... Online shopping for Rubber Bands from a great selection at Office Products Store .

Rubber band - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A rubber band, also known as a binder, elastic band, lackey band, laggy band, or elastic, is a short length of rubber and latex, elastic in nature and formed in the ...

Rubber Bands | StaplesĀ®

StaplesĀ® offers an assortment of rubber bands that includes economy, premium, and oversized rubber bands. We carry multiple band sizes and rubber strengths ...

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Rubber Bands: Buy Colored Rubber Bands, Large ... - OfficeMax

Stock up on a wide assortment of rubber bands from OfficeMax. From colored rubber bands to large rubber bands, you'll find a variety of dependable, durable ...

Alliance Rubber Company

William Spencer founded Alliance Rubber in 1923 and began a Rubber Band Revolution in 1957 with his patent of the Open-Ring band which set the world ...

Rubber Bands at Office Depot

Items 1 - 24 ... Rubber Bands, Basic Supplies, Office Supplies at Office Depot. Taking Care of Business.

Rubber Bands - Rubber Bands for Every Need - Aero Rubber Co., Inc.

Rubber Bands in all sizes, types and colors. Call (800) 662-1009. Custom Cut Rubber Bands, Pallet Bands, Printed Rubber Bands, Stationery Rubber Bands, ...

Rubber Bands (Jelly) | Rainbow loom

Each bag consists of more than 600 pieces of specially-made latex-free rubber bands. Makes up to 24 "single" patterned bracelets. A bag of C-clips is included ...

Cubic Rubber Bands by Nendo | Colossal

1 day ago ... Earlier this year Tokyo and Milan-based design firm Nendo (previously) accepted the challenge of redesigning the rubber band, one of the ...

Rubber Bands, Rubber Band in Stock - ULINE

Uline stocks a huge selection of Rubber Bands, Rubber Band and Rubberbands. Order by 6 pm for same day shipping. Over 29000 products in stock.

Rubber Bands Key Terms

Many people use rubber bands in their daily life. Whether you need a rubber band to tie things together or keep bags closed, you can easily and cheaply purchase whatever type of rubber bands you need. For example, some people may require latex-free rubber bands. Or you may been the large pallet bands for securing tarps over your pallets. You also may wonder more about how companies make rubber bands and how they will ship them to you. Start by learning these key terms.

Printed rubber bands

Printed rubber bands are thicker and have a message printed on them. Many people will wear them around their wrists as a reminder of a cause or organization that's printed on it.

Pallet bands

Pallets are a large wooden base that companies stack their boxes of goods on for shipping. In many cases, you may want to secure a tarp over the boxes in order to protect them from the elements or simply to keep the boxes together. To do this, you need a very large and strong rubber band. This is called a pallet band because it is able to fit around the pallet.

Latex-free rubber bands

Some people have a latex allergy. Most regular rubber bands have latex in them, which could irritate the skin of those with allergies. Latex-free rubber bands work just as well as regular rubber bands, but do not include latex.


An extruder is one of the machines that is used to produce rubber bands. It forms the plastic tube of the rubber band, pushing it out like a pasta maker.


Vulcanization is a chemical process that the rubber for rubber bands goes through which gives it its stretchiness. Without vulcanization, rubber bands would not be of much use.


In most cases, rubber bands are too small for manufacturers to count them out before putting in boxes to sell. Because of this, rubber bands are often sold by the pound. However, most consumers want to know how many rubber bands come in a package, so companies list the approximate count per pound, or count/lb. on their website.

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