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Working with Self-Improvement Book Publishers

Getting any book published is no easy task. The self improvement industry boomed in the 1970s and has steadily remained popular ever since.

Self-Improvement Book Publishers for Beginners

It's not uncommon for someone to want to condense their life experiences into something that they can show the world, and a contract with self-improvement book publishers is sometimes the best vehicle for this kind of goal. As a result, the shelves of bookstores are teeming with self-improvement book titles, apart from those trusted classics from Dale Carnegie and others that keeping popping up in business even today.

Self-Improvement Book Publishers Key Terms

Self-Improvement book publishers key terms will guide a potential author on a pathway to success. Organizers and publishers of bestseller lists put self-improvement books in a special category because buyers spend an extraordinary amount of money to purchase a title that would make their lives better.

HCI Submission Guidelines - Publisher Self-Help Books - HCI Books

Thank you for your interest in Health Communications, Inc. For more than thirty years, we have enhanced our readers' lives through top-quality books promoting  ...

Self-Help: Books: Workman Publishing

Workman Publishing: Publishing Books, Calendars, and Big Ideas for Over 40 Years.

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Publishing with New Harbinger |

7000 copies ... Why you should choose New Harbinger over a big publisher ... Psychology self- help books have a major audience of mental health professionals, ...

Self-Help Book Publishers - Book Publishing Directory

Annotated list of publishers of self-help and self-improvement books. -- Search or browse book publisher listings by location and genre.

'Shelf-help' books set to fill publishers' coffers in 2014 - The Guardian

Dec 28, 2013 ... The traditional self-improvement book may now be found masquerading as psychology or philosophy, but they are more popular than ever, ...

Hay House PublishingBooks, DVDs, Live and Online Author ...

Hay House publishes self help, inspirational and transformational books and products. Louise L Hay, author of bestsellers Heal Your Body and You Can Heal  ...

Personal Growth Publishers in the Yahoo! Directory

Publisher of self-help and transformational books and audio-tapes. www.; Nightingale Conant Offers a variety of resources designed to enhance ...

How Self-Help Publishing Ate America -- New York Magazine

Jan 6, 2013 ... And these are just the books publishers identify as self-help; other hits are simply labeled “business” or “psychology” or “religion.” “There isn't ...

Balboa Press, Self Help Book Publishers

Achieve your transformational and self-help publishing goals with the help of Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. We specialize in books with a positive ...

Self-Improvement Book Publishers

Researching the process to publishing a self-help book is not difficult, but it can be intimidating and time consuming. Remain diligent and committed enough to follow through on what you've learned, and use Web tools available to even the most inexperienced author to demystify your quest to find self-improvement publishers, self-help book publishers or inspirational book publishers.

Completing your self-help or inspirational is book is part of the battle. Once you edit and fine-tune the manuscript to the best of your ability, you're ready for the next steps. There are many publishing companies that publish self-improvement, self-help, and inspirational books, but you should consider all avenues and find the one that works best for the topic you've written about:

1. Traditional publishers generally only accept solicited agent material. Unsolicited material received from authors is not considered. Research using industry books such as the "Writer's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents."

2. E-book publishing is a great starting point for new authors of self-improvement books.

3. Vanity presses and self-publishing give an author the most freedom.

Submit your unagented manuscript to publishers of inspirational books

The inspirational, self-help and self-improvement categories cover a lot of subjects from personal to business to education and science, and are focused on all ages from children to adult. The variety of subject matter makes it easy for many inspirational book publishers as well as self-help publishers to see material from new writers who offer unique points of view. Be prepared to meet submission requirements, especially word count for the topic you are covering.

Search for self-improvement book publishers using publisher databases

Self-help and inspiration are expanding book categories and with the numerous subjects in each category to write on available, the number of publishers is also increasing. It's important to know where your book fits best so you spend your time in the most productive manner. You may start your search looking at well-known presses, but end up publishing a self-improvement book as an e-book with a relatively unknown company.

Locate e-book publishers open to new authors seeking to publish a self-help book

Many e-book publishers also offer traditional publication options. Do not rule out e-books before researching the market completely. There are many small e-book houses and finding the one for your subject matter may take time, but it's worth the investment if your goal is publication.
  • The inspirational publishing market is always looking for great stories. If you have confidence in your story, persist against any rejections you may receive. The Web has many resources to help you prepare your manuscript and query: general and specialized e-mail loops, blogs, and peer editing boards are great places to connect with professionals.

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