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Buying a Toshiba Copier

Toshiba copiers are a smart choice for the home or office. This dependable company has made their way into your life with a variety of other items, and it’s time you look into purchasing one of their trusted, top of the line copiers. If you hope to purchase new, their website has a variety of options for you to browse through. If purchasing used is a better idea, there are numerous used copier specialty stores online that can get you set up with the copier that will best fit your needs.

Buying New

Toshiba provides a top of the line piece of equipment, and thus you are paying top dollar to have the best. The ideal at home copier would be their e-STUDIO202S. Features for this copier include 20 copies a minute, with an 8 second warm up time and it is energy start certified. Full color scanning is included.

For the office, a larger piece of equipment, that can also print and fax will be your most efficient option. Toshiba products will allow you to be productive and quick, without slowing down the workday. The base multifunction copier from Toshiba offers copy, print, scan and fax. In both black and white and color, you get 20 pages per minute when printing. This copier will print sharp documents and clear photos with its 600 x 2400dpi print resolution setting. Making this purchase will ensure that you have every piece of equipment needed for the office all rolled into one.

Buying Used

Toshiba copiers are a solid product, and because of that you can trust in making a used purchase. There are a number of specialty online vendors that have large quantities of color and black and white copiers, for both the home and office. Buying used is a smart financial decision, saving you thousands of dollars for a product that is in the same condition as new. trusts in the buying of used copiers, “Because used photocopiers must undergo rigorous testing before it can be resold, they work as well - or better than - new machines. Professional used copier retailers diligently test, clean and refurbish their machines, ensuring top performance for you.”

When purchasing used Toshiba copiers you want to take your time deciding who to buy from. Buying used can save you thousands, but if you purchase from the wrong company it could end up costing you more to fix, replace parts, etc. To do your research you’ll want to check the Better Business Bureau. Here you can see if there are notes about bad sales experience and check their business rating. It is suggested that you go with a business that is rated an A+. This will allow you to be sure you are purchasing a quality piece of equipment and not putting yourself in a potentially costly situation.

Finally, you always want to get a warranty. If the company doesn’t offer any sort of warranty, go somewhere else. Although used copiers are fine to buy, you want to be protected just as you would if you purchased new. If a tiered warranty program is offered, always choose the longer of the two. Also inquire about whether the product has been refurbished at all. Be sure that all the parts are from the original equipment manufacturer, even if they have been replaced.

If buying used, don’t be worried about drivers. Toshiba offers all their drivers and manuals on their website. Be sure to know your product model to get the correct drivers.

Whether purchasing new or used, you can always trust a Toshiba copier.