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Capacity management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Capacity management is a process used to manage information technology (IT). Its primary goal is to ensure that IT capacity meets current and future business ...

Capacity Management & Tools - CA Technologies

Capacity management tools ensure service levels to the business & help businesses make the right IT investment decisions with confidence. Learn more now.

ITIL Capacity Management - Service Delivery - TeamQuest

Capacity Management is one of five components in the ITIL Service Delivery area . The work is proactive rather than reactive in nature and is responsible for ...

Capacity Management | IT Process Wiki - The ITIL Wiki

Mar 10, 2014 ... Objective: ITIL Capacity Management aims to ensure that the capacity of IT services and the IT infrastructure is able to deliver the agreed ...

Capacity Management Definition | Investopedia

Capacity management also deals with the capacity of an organization's processes – for example, new product development or marketing – as well as with ...

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Capacity Management - ITIL

Capacity Management is the discipline that ensures IT infrastructure is provided at the right time in the right volume at the right price, and ensuring that IT is used  ...

Capacity Management - BMC

You need to continuously align capacity with business demands, and efficiently manage an evolving modern data center. With BMC capacity management ...

Capacity Management - Introduction and Objectives - ITIL - Osiatis

The fundamental goal of Capacity Management is to make the available IT resources that customers, users and the IT department need to carry out their work ...

capacity management - the meaning of capacity - Tutor2u

capacity management - the meaning of capacity. Introduction. The capacity of a production unit (e.g. machine, factory) is its ability to produce or do that which the  ...

ITIL 101: Capacity management sub-processes - TechRepublic

Jan 31, 2012 ... Capacity management is complex. In this blog, its sub-processes are explained.

ITIL Capacity Management - ServiceNow Wiki

Jan 16, 2012 ... The goal of Capacity Management is to ensure that IT services are available at all times by monitoring the capacity of the services. This involves ...

The TeleTracking Capacity Management Suite(TM) of products

The Capacity Management Suite combines bed efficiency, transport efficiency and patient placement and tracking technology for improved patient flow.

Capacity Management

Business capacity management is one way to deal with the growing demands of the information technology industry. Capacity managing marries notions of productivity and effective information server management to make achieving a profitable bottom line possible for even the smallest of IT departments. Learning how to utilize capacity management techniques properly can be one of the most integral decisions of your growing business.

Learning business capacity planning strategies can help to provide more time for technological and fiscal growth within the business, and prove for the needs of an IT budget within an organization that may otherwise be quick to suggest cutbacks in IT. Capacity management isn't just about forecasting the needs of a technological market, but also about managing workers to ensure that your business stays ahead of the game in both personnel productivity and technological advancement. To take advantage of capacity management resources:

1. Develop a strategy to implement capacity management techniques in your existing IT structure.

2. Purchase the proper business capacity management software for your businesses needs.

3. Enlist the assistance of knowledgable capacity management resource specialists.

Implement capacity planning tools that will lead you to success

Realize that capacity management takes some planning before it can be integrated into an existing IT department infrastructure. Learning the basic levels of capacity management techniques and developing a way to weave that into your already existing IT infrastructure with a budget that is realistic for your needs is an important step in capacity management planning.

Buy the right software for capacity operations management of your business

Find software that will be a useful and interface friendly capacity management tool. Not all capacity management software systems are made the same, and understanding the differences could make or break your businesses capacity management makeover.

Recruit a knowledgeable capacity management services company to aid your business

Acquire the assistance of knowledgeable and careful capacity operations management professionals if you choose to enlist the services of an outside source. Many companies find that the vigilance required to manage one's own capacity management tools could be put into other sectors of the businesses funds. Therefore contracting a reputable and reliable capacity management team is integral if you are outsourcing the task.
  • If you are a business striving to develop a more deeper IT department, consider investing in a team of individuals who can work full time on the implementation of capacity management endeavors.

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