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Quickly find designers and builders of barns and structures. Review listings for links to barn builders and barn building companies providing barn design and construction services.

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Barn Construction

Whether you’re looking for a barn to house your livestock or you’re comparing the attributes of steel barns to wooden barns for industrial purposes, there are numerous online resources available. Unlike residential building, barn design and construction revolves around specific business goals.

Barn Construction Key Terms

When building a barn, either by yourself or through a contractor, it's essential to know some common terms. You want to get more bang for your buck without anyone taking advantage of your business.

Georgia Barn Construction

Welcome to Precision Barn Builders, LLC: Barn, fence and farm structure construction specialists. Located in the beautiful North Georgia mountain community of ...

Barn Builders

Barn Builders uses real wood barns to build custom, round barns, barn homes with full dimension timber frames, solid, rugged, beautiful additions.

Horse Barns - Horse Barn Builders |

Create your perfect horse barn with the expertise of veteran barn builders. Learn more about building services for all types of equestrian facilities at ...

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Advanced Barn Construction

Advanced Barn Construction builds quality homes, barns, arenas and apartment barns. Let us make your vision and ideas a reality! From the inside to the ...

Pole Barn Construction - YouTube

May 7, 2012 ... I need a 40x60 barn, can you send me some info and a quote. This would be in Diamond, Missouri.

BCI Barns |

BCI Barn Builders is a specialized contractor: We do post frame construction. BCI Barn Builders is centrally located in Fort Gibson, OK, in the heart of our.

Pole Building Construction|Pole Barn Construction Company

Don't have time to build your barn? Get a top quality turnkey job from the pole barn construction experts at APB Pole Barns.

Pole building framing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pole framing or post-frame construction (pole building framing, pole building, pole barn), is a simplified building technique adapted from the labor-intensive ...

OptiKits! by APB Pole Barns

Offers turnkey installed horse barns, riding arenas and general purpose farm buildings nationwide. Pole barn kits for DIY construction available.
CB Structures, Inc.: Pole Barns

CB Structures, Inc. designs pole barns and buildings using post frame construction for commercial and residential storage and horse stocking.

Barn Construction Basics

Knowledge of barn construction basics are a must for any farmer. Barns are a common sight on most farms and serve multiple purposes. Barns house livestock, protect equipment from weather damage and store feed products and supplies. Some barns serve working purposes. Farmers use them for milking cattle, poultry farming, and horse-breaking.

There are several factors to consider when deciding to build a barn on your farm. There are steel barns, metal barns, and wooden barns. Builders of barns should think about some of the following:

1. What purpose will your barn construction serve?

2. What type of barn do you wish to build?

3. Whom do you consult for barn construction companies?

Consider the type of material for your barn construction

Barns were once a construction primarily of wood. However, much barn construction today makes use of metal and steel. Many farmers who do the barn construction themselves choose wooden frame barns with metal sides or roof. Farmers who have land with timber can use their own wood to cut down costs. Supplies for wooden barn construction are also more readily available to farmers. If you plan to hire barn builders to construct your barn, you may prefer a steel frame and metal sides and roof. Steel is stronger and more weather-resistant.

Determine the size for your barn design and construction based on its purpose

If you plan to use your barn to store large equipment, you will a need a tall barn with open space inside. If your barn will be used for milking, pig farming, or chicken farming, the height will need to be shorter and the length of the barn longer. Some barns have an upstairs, called a loft, for storing hay, feeds, and supplies. Barn designers help create a barn perfect for your needs.

Choose amenities that you want added to your barn construction

Some farmers need a barn with more than just four walls. A basic barn is good for housing large equipment. However, determine if you need more. Horse barns need stalls for the horses and rooms for storing tack. Horse owners will want to consider adding saddle hangers and riding circle inside the barn. Poultry and milk barns will need to meet certain specifications set up by the company that buys your products. You will need egg and milk housing areas. If you have hired help, consider a break room and restroom. In addition to physical amenities, think about adding components such as electricity, telephone lines, heating, and cooling. It is easier to add these during the barn construction than later.
  • Before making your barn design and construction decisions, visit barns that serve your desired purpose. Look at a variety of barn layouts. Choose the things that you like best about each and incorporate them into your barn.

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