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Quickly find information on comparable home sales. Research providers of comparable sales services that assist in the analysis of property values. Identify comparable real estate sales resources that suit your needs.

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Making the Most of Comparable Sales

Comparable sales are one of the best tools to use throughout the buying and selling process. This gives the property buyer or seller an inside look at the value of the property.

Comparable Sales Key Terms

Comparable sales are used as a means to appraising properties and obtaining the best possible market value for any given property. Values can change rapidly based on recent sales in the area and appreciation or depreciation of the property in question.

Comparable Store Sales Definition | Investopedia

Comparable store sales are most commonly used to compare the most recent year's holiday shopping season, to last year's, or to compare this week, month, ...

Same-Store Sales Definition | Investopedia

A statistic used in retail industry analysis that compares the sales of stores that ... Same-store sales are also called "S.S.S.," "comps," "comparable store sales," ...

What Are Comparable Sales? - Home Buying and Selling -

Explanation of comparable sales. Tips for how to find comps and why you need to know the comparable sales before buying a home. How to use comparable ...

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Comparables Sales Searches - Recent Property Sales & Home ... provides comprehensive comparable sales searches for recent sales so you can estimate the market value of your target real estate ...

What Does Comparable Store Sales Mean? |

Comparable store sales, also known as same store sales, compare sales for a company's stores for one year to those of the same period for prior years, typically  ...

Metric:Comparable Sales Growth - Wikinvest

View industry data on Comparable Sales Growth and an explanation of Comparable Sales Growth.

Comparables - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1 Comparable Factors; 2 Use of Comparables in Appraisals. 2.1 Cost Approach; 2.2 Sales Comparison Approach; 2.3 Income Approach. 3 Special Situations; 4 ...

Same-store sales - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Same-store sales is a business term which refers to the difference in revenue ... Same-store sales are also known as comparable store sales, identical store ...

Comparable sales in the MLS and public records - Real Estate ABC

comparable sales and their value in determining your offer price when buying real estate.

What is Comparable Sales? definition and meaning

Definition of comparable sales: The recent selling prices of similar properties in the area that are used to help determine the market value of a...

Comparable Sales Basics

Comparable sales are used to estimate pricing on real estate for many reasons. The value of properties recently sold and those properties of similar structure and size are used to estimate the value of the current piece of real estate. This gives the property owner and the buyer of it an idea of its real worth. These comparable sales basics can be enhanced in many ways.

By using comparable real estate sales, real estate agents and other professionals can produce a very good picture of the value of the property. This is part of the formula used by appraisers to determine the value of real estate as well. When using this information, keep the following in mind:

1. Determine comparable home sales within the right region, since the area of comparison should be close.

2. Invest in comparable sales data that is as up to date as possible.

3. Learn about comparable properties through a variety of sources.

Use comparable property sales information from public records

Public records are a free real estate comparables tool that can be accessed by the general public. Use the deeds filed with municipalities or the local county recorder's office. The only downside to using this information is that it can be six-to-eight-weeks behind the current market, making it less accurate for rapidly changing markets.

Find comp sales from the Multiple Listing Service

Real estate comparable sales are available through the Multiple Listing Service, or MLS. Generally, this is a real estate agent's resource for locating properties for sale, but it can also be used by the public through a variety of websites. The key is to find the selling price posted on the MLS just after the property sale is complete. This information remains posted for several months or longer.

Utilize pending sales for comparative sales analysis

The most accurate and most current information available for comparable home sale prices comes from pending home sales. These are properties that are just selling. This information is rarely available to the public, so hiring a real estate agent is necessary to use this information to price real estate.
  • When using comparable sales in the public record, keep in mind that any changes to the property have likely not been updated. New additions, structural changes and even remodeling is not always recorded.

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