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Vendors of quonset huts, including quonset steel buildings and other metal quonset buildings. Research vendors offering quonset buildings and quonset huts for sale. Find quonest hut manufacturers offering structures that meet your business needs.

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A Quonset hut is a lightweight prefabricated structure of corrugated galvanized steel having a semicircular cross-section. The design was based on the Nissen ...

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Quonset may refer to: Places[edit]. Quonset Point, a peninsula in North Kingstown, Rhode  ...

Quonset Business Park

A state-owned former military base now an industrial and commerce park able to accommodate the largest of companies.

Pizza, Quonset Pizza Waukegan, IL Home

Quonset Pizza has been serving the Waukegan area some of the best Thin Crust Pizza in Lake County for several generations. Family Owned and Operated.

Quonset Jobs: connecting employers and employees in Quonset connects job seekers with employers inside Quonset Business Park, and helps employers learn more about the resources available to them ...

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Quonset -

—used for a type of metal shelter that has a curved roof. Take a 2 minute break! Play our fun, fast vocab game. » Full Definition of QUONSET. —used for a ...

Quonset Hut Buildings | Kits and Prices - SteelMaster USA

Quonset-style buildings, or Q-Models, are the foundation of the SteelMaster business. These arch style buildings are renowned for their strength and versatility.

The Huts - Quonset: Metal Living for a Modern Age

The original, or T-Rib, Quonset hut was modeled closely on the World War I Nissen hut. Both were sixteen feet in diameter and utilized almost identical steel arch ...

Quonset Huts ... developed in Rhode Island

At this time at Quonset Point, Rhode Island, a new Navy base was nearing completion. Two construction companies, George A. Fuller and Company and ...

The Quonset Air Museum: Home

The Quonset Air Museum. Rhode Island's Home of Aviation Heritage. 488 Eccleston Ave • North Kingstown, RI 02852 • 401-294-9540. Twitter; Facebook ...

Quonset State Airport | OQU | Rhode Island - PVD

Quonset State Airport is a public use facility located on a peninsula that combines port, rail, road and air transportation facilities, and an extensive industrial park.

No. 1278: Quonset Huts

The Quonset hut: a design with remarkable staying power.

Business Guide to Quonset Huts

Quonset huts, which were originally built to house soldiers during times of war, are among the most inexpensive and reliable types of storage building available. In addition to being economical, these prefab buildings are spacious and easy to maintain. If you are considering purchasing or constructing a large storage structure for your business, Quonset huts are an excellent option because of their safety and durability. This guide will provide you with a brief introduction to Quonset huts, including their many benefits, certain issues to keep in mind when considering them, and a bit of general information about the prices you can expect to see.


Quonset huts are oval-shaped steel buildings that have been popular since the mid 1900s. During World War II, Quonset huts were created to house troops. By the end of the war, approximately 120,000 Quonset huts were produced by the Stran-Steel company. These huts were shipped to various locations throughout the world. Today, there are countless Quonset hut manufacturers. Quonset huts are typically used as storage facilities, temporary housing facilities, and barns. If you need additional storage space at your home or place of business, there are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing a Quonset hut.

Solid Steel Structure

Steel is a sustainable, versatile material that many construction companies use to build commercial and residential structures. When a Quonset hut is properly built, its structure is very strong, and it can easily handle extreme winds and harsh weather.

Open Space

Most prefab buildings are sectioned off and have a variety of separate rooms. Quonset huts have a wide open space, and 100 percent of the space is usable. You can use your hut to store business items, house livestock, sell furniture, or fix vehicles. There is virtually no limit to how you can use this space.

Noncombustible Material

Steel structures are noncombustible, so if a fire does erupt in your Quonset hut, you do not have to worry about the fire spreading quickly. Fire that comes in contact with steel is very easy to contain. Therefore, you can use your hut to store items that could possibly be damaged by fire.


Quonset huts are much larger and cheaper than most prefabricated storage units. Wooden or brick units can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Quonset huts cost only a few thousand dollars. Also, the cost of maintaining your Quonset hut will be very low.


Not Much to Look At

As prefab buildings, Quonset huts are built with utility in mind, not fashion or looks. While these buildings are very good at what they do, they are quite difficult to integrate into a preexisting aesthetic. If your home or company is located in certain areas with visual restrictions, then you may come across zoning regulations that prohibit the use of Quonset huts. Individuals looking for a utility building that fits into their home or office décor may want to think twice before purchasing a Quonset hut.

Difficult to Insulate

Quonset huts are from steel and have virtually no insulation. As a standard storage building, these huts are great for keeping valuables and belongings beyond the reach of the elements, but they will not provide any real warmth or consistency of temperature. Normally, you could insulate a structure that was intended to provide some sort of warmth or climate control, but the shape and steel construction makes insulation both very difficult and expensive. There is no efficient way to insulate these structures.

Expensive Side Entrances

These prefab buildings are not available with side entrances or exits. If you would like to add more door openings on the sides of the hut, you will likely find that extreme measures are necessary. Installing a side door will eat into the interior of this cylindrical structure, taking away valuable space. Due to the curvature of the walls, side door installation is next to impossible for individuals or companies without excessive capital available.


After your Quonset hut has been built and starts seeing repeated use, you may decide to add some finishing touches like walls, electrical access, and plumbing. You will be in for an unpleasant surprise, however, when you start to put these plans into action. Quonset huts are shaped such that putting up walls, especially full walls stretching between the floor and ceiling, is near impossible on a reasonable budget. Also, the corrugated, arched steel walls provide nowhere to house electrical or plumbing fixtures.


Quonset huts are typically the most inexpensive of all prefab buildings constructed from steel. The average cost of constructing a 20 ft. by 20 ft. Quonset hut is approximately $7,500.

The amount of material that goes into manufacturing and constructing a Quonset hut is small, as steel is the only one used. The only components required to construct one of these huts are sheets of steel, bolts, and nuts, all of which are included in every Quonset package. Given the incredibly low price of these prefab buildings and their durability and longevity, you should expect a high return on investment as time goes by.


Quonset huts are a spacious storage solution that is affordable, durable, safe, sustainable, and easy to set up. They can stay standing through the onslaught of the elements and even protect your property from fire. However, before you commit to purchasing a Quonset hut, you should keep in mind the downsides of these prefab buildings. Although they are easy to construct, it is very expensive and work intensive to alter them once they are built. For instance, adding doors and other entrances to the sides of the structure may be infeasible economically, as well as weakening the structure. Additionally, the installation of electrical or other fixtures will reduce the available storage space. Finally, Quonset huts are difficult to insulate, so be prepared to store temperature-sensitive items elsewhere. Also, if you do decide a Quonset hut is right for you, check your local building regulations to ensure it will be permitted in your area.

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