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Real Estate Investment Tax Lien Certificates

An alternative to a traditional real estate investment, tax lien certificates are a popular way to acquire real estate at a budget price. Such liens attach to a property when an owner fails to pay the real estate taxes due.

Making the Most of Real Estate Investment Tax Lien Certificates

When considering any real estate investment, tax lien certificates should also be considered. This type of investment can be profitable when purchased properly and executed effectively.

Real Estate Investment Tax Lien Certificates Key Terms

When you know real estate investment tax lien certificates key terms, you'll be able to identify whether or not the pros and cons of this type of investment are worth the risk. Tax liens are a specific way an investor can attempt to purchase property, but there isn't a guarantee that the investor will wind up owning it.

Tax lien investing: Investors target property tax deadbeats - Mar. 5 ...

Mar 5, 2012 ... In these states, investors buy tax lien certificates at auctions, ... tax lien investor, and author of "Profit by Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens.".

Tax sale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tax lien properties sold (in non-judicial foreclosure states) are conveyed to the highest bidder via a "tax deed", which ...

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Tax Lien Certificate Definition | Investopedia

Investors in tax lien certificates also have to undertake significant "due diligence" and research to ensure that the underlying properties have value and are not ...

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Investing in tax lien certificates can be exciting. ... These TLCs are actually in lieu of unpaid taxes by those who own properties in these counties. When property ...

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Some counties don't sell tax lien certificates; instead they sell tax deeds. ... things that can make the real estate that backs your investment worthless or a liability.

Investing in Tax Deeds, Tax Lien Certificates in FL & other states

Most people know very little about Tax Deed Investing. Banks and Real Estate Agents have no incentive to educate the public about these government tax ...

Real Estate Investment Tax Lien Certificates Basics

A form of real estate investment, tax lien certificates may sound like an excellent solution to avoiding the traditional real estate market, but be cautious. They can be very lucrative as a real estate investment. Tax lien certificates basics should be fully understood first. When homeowner fail to make payments on real estate taxes, investors can purchase the properties' tax lien certificates and then require the homeowners to repay them within a specific amount of time. If no repayment happens, the investors own the property.

Learning the specifics about these tax lien certificates is essential. State laws are different from place to place and investments can be risky. The amount due on these certificates is also usually several times higher than the amount of the actual delinquent taxes. When considering the investment, consider the following:

1. Determine if tax lien certificate investing is within your risk tolerance level as they can be a riskier investment in some situations.

2. Buy tax lien certificates only after thorough investigation of the property and title.

3. Find tax lien certificates for sale from only approved sources.

Gather tax lien certificate information

Learn how to buy tax lien certificates safely by first learning about them. Investors should be aware of the process and procedures required prior to getting started.

Find tax lien listings

Buying tax lien certificates directly from county offices is best when possible. Some third-party companies are available as well. Research options within each county and state since laws change from place to place.

Estimate the costs of investing in tax lien certificates

When working with tax lien certificates, it is essential to have proper funding for each investment. Funding ranges from county to county, but most will require between 10% and 20% of the property's value invested.
  • A tax lien certificate is considered one of the safest choices available. There are some companies looking to take money for information, though, which should be avoided. Rather, consider a course or an investment partner to get the necessary education.

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