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Quickly find forecasts and estimates of factors influencing the real estate market. Review listings for links to providers of real estate trends and forecasts and real estate market research for current real estate trending information.

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Making the Most of Real Estate Trends and Forecasts

Investors are making the most of real estate trends and forecasts in various ways. Having these up-to-date forecasts can help a company know where to invest, how much to invest or why not to invest.

Real Estate Trends and Forecasts Key Terms

In order to spot real estate trends and make forecasts, it's imperative that you understand key industry terms. The method for spotting trends and building forecasts requires a basic understanding of the definition and derivative of these terms.

Top 10 real estate trends for 2014 - CBS News

Nov 9, 2013 ... Experts from the Urban Land Institute unveiled their view of how the rest of the recovery will play out in their Emerging Trends in Real Estate ...

Real Estate Trends and Analysis. REAL Trends is the trusted source ...

REAL Trends is a real estate consulting and communications company that is a leading source of real estate trends and analysis on the residential real estate ...

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Real Estate Market Data and Statistics from -®

Residential real estate housing marketing statistics, listings and inventory data from ... viewing: real estate trends. August 2014 Real Estate Data.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2014 - PwC

Our forecast gives a heads-up on where to invest, which sectors and markets offer the best prospects, and trends in the capital markets that will affect real estate.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® | Urban Land Institute

Emerging Trends in Real Estate® is an annual series of trends and forecast publications that reflect the views of leading real estate executives in three global  ...

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Americas 2014 - Urban Land Institute

i. Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2014. Contents. 2 Chapter 1 Gaining Momentum. 5 Emerging Trends: Key Drivers for 2014. 10 2014 Condensed.

Real estate trends - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A real estate trend is any consistent pattern or change in the general direction of the real estate industry which, over the course of time, causes a statistically ...

Real Estate Market Trends and Housing Statistics - Movoto

Search Local Real Estate Market Trends. Enter a city & state to get started. e.g. San Francisco, CA. Search. Median List Price Inventory Levels Price Reductions

3 Trends Could Affect These Real Estate Investments - US News

Sep 19, 2014 ... Telecommuting and online shopping are changing real estate ... economy, you have to wonder if REITs can evolve and catch the latest trends.

Real Estate Trends and Forecasts Basics

Knowing real estate trends and forecasts basics gives you the tools you need to follow the real estate market's movements. It helps analysts to make predictions for the coming months. These trends help investors know where to put their money. Real estate agents use them to give consumers an idea of property values in the short-term future.

Real estate industry trends are updated quarterly nationally, but most real estate agents can calculate current, local trends on a monthly or bimonthly basis for the consumer or investor. When considering trends, keep these things in mind:

1. Choose seasoned experts who have gone through market trends in the past to make real estate forecasts.

2. Invest in research through various sources for U.S. real estate trends since calculations vary excessively.

3. Notice that real estate trends and forecasts can be very different from national levels to local levels.

Use news organizations to find real estate trends in the U.S.

Real estate market trends are spoken about extensively on a national level. Use trusted news sources to determine the current trends in a large scope across the nation.

Find local real estate market research from industry leaders

Current real estate trends on a local level can be much different than those on a national level. Some newsgroups track tends in real estate on a local angle regularly, including some of the best for real estate trends.

Obtain realty trends from localized, neighborhood-specific sources

Trends in real estate for investors often need to be as locally specific as possible. Obtain these trends from some online organizations or from local real estate agents.
  • The United States real estate market receives a quarterly analysis for national reports. Agents provide individual investors and commercial investment firms with local reports and sales trends by week, month, several months or longer, based on what they need to make an investment.

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