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Companies engaged in the production of baby food.

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Baby Food Manufacturers Education and Training

Baby food production as we know it began in the 1927 kitchen of Mr. and Mrs.

Baby Food Manufacturers Key Terms

Baby food manufacturing is a very complex business that is constantly changing. The recommendations for babies' nutrition are always evolving, keeping the baby food manufacturers constantly in flux.

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Earth's Best

Certified organic baby food, all grown without artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Free newsletter available.

Organic baby food - Manufacturing - The Organic pages Online

Manufactures or contracts the following certified organic products:

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Baby's #1 food source for Iron*, available in an easy to use package. GERBER® Single-Grain Cereal—Rice. See details. Practicing self-feeding. More.

Ella's Kitchen: Organic Baby Food | Organic Baby Products

Take a peek at our 100% organic baby food and become a Friend for deeelicious offers + freebies to help your little one along their tiny taste bud journey!

IFM | International Association of Infant Food Manufacturers

International Association of Infant Food Manufacturers. IFM is a Non- Governmental Organization representing the leading global manufacturers of nutritional ...

Organic Baby Food | EcoBusinessLinks

Organic baby food for healthy babies. Find suppliers, manufacturers of organic baby and infant foods.

Oh Baby Foods: Home

I researched the baby food options out there and decided that, while they may be safe and contain many of the nutritive aspects our babies need, they just ...

Real Food for Babies – Beech-Nut ®

This is not baby food. This is real food for babies. See how homemade inspires us at

Happy Family Brands: Organic Food for Baby, Tot and Kids

Owned and Operated by Moms, Happy Family Brands Provide Premium Organic and Healthy Foods to Baby, Tots, and Kids for Optimal Nutrition.

Baby Food Manufacturers News and Trends

When choosing to stock baby food on your shelves, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right baby food manufacturers. It is important to stay up to date on the latest baby food manufacturers news and trends to remain competitive. Staying in the loop will help you better serve your customers and remain knowledgeable about the latest baby food brands on the market.

Consumers purchasing baby food know what to look for on the label and are often quite knowledgeable about the purchases they are making. Baby food companies are constantly changing to adapt to the needs of the consumer. As a retailer it is essential for you to know what these changes are. Consider the following when stocking your shelves with various baby food suppliers:

1. Read parenting magazines and websites to get an idea of what consumers like and don't like from baby food manufacturers.

2. Read consumers blogs that detail their experiences with the baby food industry.

3. Read about the latest in baby food production and what is currently recommended for optimal nutrition.

Stay on top of what parenting information says consumers should look for in baby food brands

Parents often go to dedicated parenting resources to get guidance into what their babies should and should not be eating. They are likely to follow what the current information says about baby food production rather then abiding by what used to be most accepted. Parenting information changes rapidly, and as a retailer you should know the current recommendations.

Listen to what parents are saying about baby food producers

What better way to know what consumers want than hearing right from their mouths. Reading consumers blogs and web posts can give you a front row seat to what consumers are and are not accepting of when it comes to infant food companies. No matter what anyone else is saying, if the consumer isn't going to buy it, you don't want it on your shelves.

Keep current on the nutritional recommendations in the infant food industry

Learn about the infant food production regulations from valid news sources. Hearing about the industry from an outside source allows you to be confident that the information is not biased and will uncover any pressing information you should know before selling certain products.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Be sure to carry different baby food brands as well as different baby food for various age groups, from infant formula to solid baby food, to appeal to all of your customers.

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