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Soft Drink Distributors and Wholesalers News and Trends

Staying on top of soft drink distributors and wholesalers news and trends helps you determine whether the companies you do business with are still key players and also alerts you to events that could impact your customers' future sales. Common issues you can expect to find as you search for soft drink distributors and wholesalers news and trends include government regulations that limit the kinds of beverages schools can serve, the possibility of new taxes on beverage containers and consumers' health concerns over popular beverages.

Vegetable Juice Pricing and Costs

Doctors recommend adults get at least two to three cups of vegetables a day, but since few Americans actually eat that many, some are beginning to drink the recommended amount, making it attractive for your food business to look into vegetable juice pricing and costs. And why not? Vegetable juice is a tasty alternative to the many available less healthful drinks like sodas and sports drinks, and it is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Vegetable Juice Types and Styles

When it comes to the beverages that consumers are purchasing, one of the most obvious changes in recent years has been the preference for vegetable juices. Just as obvious to market watchers has been the trend toward raw fruit juices, organic veggie juice and even peculiar flavor combinations for vegetable juice cocktail.

Vegetable Juice Key Terms

As Americans attempt to improve their diets and live more healthy lives, juices of all types are becoming more popular. Nutrition experts recommend at least three servings of vegetables a day.

Non-alcoholic beverage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Alcohol free, or non-alcoholic beverages, are non-alcoholic versions of typically alcoholic beverages, such as beer and cocktails. These may take the form of a ...

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Non-Alcoholic Beverage Recipes for Delicious Drinks

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Non-Alcoholic Beverages Business Guide: Stocking Your Store With the Right Products

Restaurants, stores, small businesses, and bars should always endeavor to carry more than just alcoholic beverages. Non-Alcoholic beverages are a huge moneymaker, as their profit margin tends to be much higher than that of food. The combined annual revenue of the U.S. manufacturing and bottling industry is usually around $40 billion.


Always having a fresh supply of various types of Non-Alcoholic beverages on hand is a sure way to increase revenue.


The types and number of Non-Alcoholic beverages are vast. From Coca-Cola and Pepsi products and other sodas to smoothies, fruit drinks, coffee, water, and milkshakes, the types of drinks that your business could serve are staggering in number. Having a variety of drinks available means that your customers have more choices and are more likely to find something that they want. If you have drinks available that other establishments in the area do not carry, then you can often expect return visitors just for that one drink. You might be surprised at the lengths some people would go through just to grab their favorite cool beverage.


Believe it or not, there are restaurants that focus on a very small range of Non-Alcoholic beverages and make their entire income from serving them. Coffee houses and smoothie shops immediately come to mind. Coffee is an incredibly popular product that most Americans have wholeheartedly embraced. It is not uncommon for people of all ages to make the trip to a coffee shop just to sit with a book and sip their favorite slow-roasted drink. Likewise, some restaurants may have a unique concoction or a special way of making a local favorite that keeps customers coming back. For instance, a diner may make a fantastic chocolate malt. If they are the only place in the area that makes that particular drink, then several customers may end up returning just for a cool frozen drink on a summer day.

Sometime People Just Want a Refreshing Drink

This may seem obvious, but many restaurant and bar owners can get so caught up with the potential profits from alcoholic drinks that they can overlook their need to produce a Non-Alcoholic drink when asked. While a lot of people do drink alcohol, and the profit margin for those beverages tends to be greater than that of Non-Alcoholic drinks, not everyone does, and not everyone who does drink alcoholic beverages will always want to. This means bars should also stock a range of regular beverages.

Healthy Options

There is often a large amount of apprehension about drinking alcoholic beverages, with some U.S. states and countries even banning the sale of alcohol altogether. While some Non-Alcoholic beverages could be said to promote an equally unhealthy lifestyle, there do exist definitively healthy Non-Alcoholic beverage options. Smoothies are a popular Non-Alcoholic beverage marketed to the large demographic of health-conscious individuals. Some sodas have even been created to make drinking them seem like a healthy decision.


Though there are numerous advantages to supplying Non-Alcoholic beverages, there are also a few places where business owners can fall behind.

Know Your Customers

This applies to the type of establishment that you operate, the area that you are located in, and the people who frequent your business. Often the type of establishment that you run will dictate the types of drinks that you have on hand. After all, what is a diner without soda and coffee? The area that you are located in may be prone to a specific type of beverage. It is your duty to adequately research this ahead of opening and ordering your supply. This can easily be accomplished by visiting other local restaurants, bars, and even gas stations. Customers may work for a certain soda manufacturer near you. If you do not carry the locally manufactured drink, then you can be certain that your business will not make it very far. Some towns have customers that are more concerned with health than their appetite. This is a burgeoning market at the moment, and sales of healthy products are high.

Too Many and Finding a Balance

Having too many types of Non-Alcoholic beverages on hand can be detrimental. These drinks will take up space and often need to be chilled prior to serving. You will have to pick and choose which beverages you want to serve. You may choose to start out with slightly more beverages than you need in the beginning and narrow your selection down over time. You might also want to visit other local establishments to examine their selection and get an idea of how many different products you can expect to sell.


This could be both a boon and a hindrance. Certain drinks are thought of as distinctively seasonal, such as cold drinks like lemonade in the summer and warm drinks like hot chocolate in the winter. Your inventory and selection should reflect these trends. Do not rely on milkshake sales to get your business through the winter months, especially if you live in a predominantly cold area. Likewise, coffee sales, for example, tend to decline in the summer when hot beverages are less desired. To combat this tendency, coffee shops premiered chilled or iced coffee drinks to huge success.


It is difficult to throw out a specific number for Non-Alcoholic beverage supply. The type of drinks that you serve will largely dictate the amount of money that your company will need to spend to start serving and to maintain a fresh supply. Sodas are largely easy to gauge, as you can buy in bulk and save money. Simply phone your desired soda distributor, and a price could be negotiated in a few minutes. If you plan on serving drinks that require a large amount of perishable goods, then you should expect to pay a little more for your supplies. A smoothie shop or a restaurant that sells smoothies will need a constant supply of a large variety of fresh fruit on hand in order to fulfill any orders.

Non-Alcoholic beverages are a necessity for any restaurant, bar, or even gas station. The types of drinks that you serve depend on the type of establishment you think would be the most profitable in your surrounding area. Do not ignore customer opinions and requests. Drinks can be expensive if fresh perishable ingredients are required, but buying in bulk can offset this cost.

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