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Vendors of commercial fryers. Providers of commercial deep fryers for restaurant or kitchen use.

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The location of the “sediment zone” is the primary difference between types of commercial fryers. Breading, cracklings and small pieces of food gather in the ...

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Business Guide to Commercial Fryers

Commercial fryers can increase cooking capacity and efficiency in your commercial kitchen. You can select from tabletop or floor models and choose gas or electric heating. The key benefit of using commercial fryers is the ability to cook larger batches of food, increasing your restaurant's capacity to serve customers. Commercial fryers are also rated on energy consumption, so the model you purchase can be designed to save you money on utility bills. It is important to match the types of fryers you buy to the types of foods that need to be cooked. Inadequate planning can result in improperly cooked food and flavor transfer.


Purchasing commercial fryers for your business has substantial benefits over using at-home models. In general, commercial restaurant equipment can withstand more use when compared to standard home-preparation equipment.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Most commercial electric fryers can heat oil very quickly because the heating element is in direct contact with the cooking oil. This creates greater energy efficiency when compared to at-home models.   Operators should not increase the preheat time; it could cause poor food quality and will not reduce the required heating time.

If you want even greater energy efficiency, look for a fryer with an ENERGY STAR rating. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency notes that these fryers are up to 30 percent more efficient than standard models. Fryers must maintain a minimum cooking efficiency to be considered. Electric models must meet an 80 percent threshold, and gas models must have a 50 percent efficiency rating.

Larger Cooking Batches

Commercial fryers allow you to cook larger batches of food faster than at-home models. This feature allows you to serve customers efficiently. However, even commercial fryers must maintain the correct ratio of oil to food. Operators should avoid filling the baskets beyond the manufacturer's recommended limit of one-half to one-third full.

Gas and Electric Models

While fryers marketed towards home cooks use a standard electrical outlet, commercial fryers are available in gas and electric models. The availability of gas models allows you to choose the most efficient commercial fryer for your business. While electric models often have higher cooking efficiency, the price of utilities in your area may make using a gas fryer the best option for your budget.

Purchase Incentives

If you are considering purchasing an ENERGY STAR fryer, you may be eligible for local purchase incentives. Utility companies in certain areas offer rebates for purchasing qualified appliances, such as commercial fryers.


Miscalculating Cooking Capacity

Commercial fryers come in different models and sizes to meet the needs of various types of restaurants. If your business plans to invest in this type of restaurant equipment, you should be careful to pick a model and size that will meet your restaurant's needs now and in the foreseeable future. Commercial fryers come in floor and table models. The table models are for smaller cook jobs and lighter capacities. The floor models range in size and allow your cooks to handle much larger jobs. When making your purchase decision, you should try to accurately estimate your needs to avoid production problems.

Picking Wrong Type of Heating

The oil in tabletop commercial fryers can be heated by electricity or gas. Gas heat is the only choice for large floor fryers. If you have the option of using multiple table models instead of one large floor model, you should carefully consider the costs of electricity and gas where your business is located before making the decision. Energy prices can vary widely over time. Restaurant equipment that uses a more expensive heating mechanism can cut into narrow profit margins. Once you have purchased the equipment, it can be harder to make a change if costs skyrocket.

Level of Difficulty to Clean

One of the general pitfalls to using commercial fryers is how difficult they can be to clean. It is not unusual for a restaurant owner to make a purchase decision based upon how easy it is to clean the equipment. You should always keep in mind how troublesome it may be to get employees to do a good job cleaning a difficult system. Improper cleaning can ultimately decrease the useful life of the fryer, impact the quality of the food, and decrease sales.

Improperly Matching Fryer to Food Type

Be careful not to pick the wrong type of commercial fryer for the type of food your restaurant plans to prepare. Lighter foods, such as chips and fries, need to use a type of fryer that allows food sediment to settle outside of the oil. Your decision to purchase commercial fryers must match food to equipment.


For the restaurant owner, necessary restaurant equipment may include commercial fryers. If you plan to purchase commercial fryers, be sure you pick the right ones for your restaurant and budget. Here are some things to consider that may affect the price:


A larger fryer won’t just take up a lot of room; it will also be more expensive. Carefully consider what size fryer you can fit and afford.


Will your new fryer be gas or electric? According to online retailer Fryer World, a 15-pound capacity gas fryer will cost $1531, while a similar 15-pound capacity electric fryer costs $860. Also keep in mind the prices of natural gas and electricity in your area.

Used or New

If a restaurant in your area has recently gone out of business, you may be able to cheaply purchase a used commercial fryer. Also, purchasing showroom floor models can be another way to save.


Investing in commercial fryers can change the operation of your commercial kitchen. Commercial fryers increase your kitchen's cooking capacity, preparation speed, and overall efficiency. You can choose between tabletop models that are designed for smaller batches of food or floor models that can accommodate large batches. Fryers can also use gas or electric heating. Most have an ENERGY STAR rating, allowing you to select a model that meets your energy efficiency goals. Keep in mind not to overestimate or underestimate your capacity needs, and make sure that the fryer you select is the appropriate model for the type of food that will be cooked in your kitchen.

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