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Producers and processors of ice cream, cheese, milk, cream, margarine and dairy alternatives.

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Dairy Producers News and Trends

The food business is an ever-changing one, and dairy producers are no different. Whether it involves packaging changes, new food guidelines or the types of food people are now eating, it's important to stay current with dairy trends.

Training for Dairy Producers

In any competitive industry, staying ahead of the competition is vital, and having a job as a dairy producer is no different. With ever-evolving technology and changes in nationwide food preferences, securing the best training can give you a leg up on others in the dairy industry.

Dairy Producers Key Terms

When working among dairy producers, you need to know the difference between homogenized and pasteurized milk. These are just two key words that should be in your vernacular if you choose to work in the dairy business.

Dairy Farmers of America | Dairy Marketing Cooperative

Dairy Farmers of America is a dairy marketing cooperative that is owned by nearly 18000 dairy farmers and is one of the most diversified manufacturers of dairy ...

National Dairy Producers Conference | National Milk Producers ...

The 2013 National Dairy Producers Conference (NDPC) was held April 7 - 9 in Indianapolis, IN. The NDPC, which takes place every other year, provides an ...

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National Milk Producers Federation

Farm commodity organization representing most of the dairy marketing cooperatives serving the US. Includes market data and analysis, membership, reports ...

Ohio Dairy Producers Association

Ohio Dairy Producers Association - Building A Stronger Dairy Industry.

Welcome to Southwest Dairy Farmers

The Southwest Dairy Farmers is an alliance of dairy farmers from Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. These producers have pooled ...

Indiana Dairy Producers

A series of MPP dairy producer information meetings will be held at locations around Indiana in November. Please check the schedule for the location most ...

Northeast Dairy Producers Association, Inc.

Mission. The Northeast Dairy Producers Association, Inc. formed in 1993, is a group of forward-looking dairy producers committed to an efficient, profitable, ...

Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin

Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin. ... Dairy's Professional Development Organization™. Programs & Events. Dairy Technology Tours. October 14, 15 ...

Dairy Producers of New Mexico

Dairy Producers of New Mexico (DPNM) is a grassroots agriculture association for New Mexico and West Texas dairy producers. DPNM is an advocate for dairy  ...

Dairy Producers

Milk producers, dairy product suppliers and dairy manufacturers align their interests to build a supply chain to get the best and freshest dairy products to retailers. Knowing the process and the dairy companies through which your products pass can give you an edge to your purchasing power and product selection.

Knowing your dairy product suppliers and which dairy producers they deal with allows you to find the newest and latest products for your customers. Products that come from lactose producers and cream cheese producers change with trends in consumer eating habits. Build a relationship with your dairy product distributors to:

1. Stay in tune with dairy product company trends

2. Leverage costs directly with dairy producers

3. Receive the best service from your dairy supplier

Keep up with changing diet preferences to offer customers the latest from dairy manufacturers

Trends such as flavored and enhanced yogurts, lactose-free milk products and exotic cheeses are in part created by the dairy companies that staff their offices with nutritionists and marketers with their fingers on the consumers' pulse. Dairy product distributors choose their best retailers to test new products and to introduce trends.

Purchase the bulk of your dairy product from a large dairy product company for better deals

Milk producers who also process cheese, yogurt, cream and ice cream products can set you up with a dairy distributor who can deliver your orders promptly and at one time, eliminating delivery delays. Dairy manufacturers can keep you posted when they have excess product and get it out to you quickly for your customers to take advantage of the deals as well.

Build good relationships with your dairy product distributors and you will be rewarded

Taking time to acknowledge the drivers and talk a moment to the corporate office when you place your orders with your dairy distributor creates a better environment for everyone, including your customers who will receive the finest dairy. Milk companies and dairy product suppliers can be pivotal partners in your success as a retailer.

  • Listen to your customers as well as your vendors and don't be afraid to look for newer dairy product suppliers if your dairy supplier is not meeting your customers' needs.

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