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Florist Equipment

Whether you are planning to open your first flower shop, or you own a well-established floral store, supply needs are always changing. Find the latest wholesale florists supplies and flower shop equipments through many online resources.

Bulk Flower Seeds for Flower Growers

Whether you’re growing flowers to sell at your local market or you wish to stock your nursery shelves with the flower seed packets home gardeners are looking for, you must locate the flower seed companies that can meet your needs. Flower growers must decide which market they wish to target in order to choose the best seed purveyors.

Carnation Growers

Carnations are one of the most popular flowers in the US, often considered a more cost-effective version of the rose. They are requested for weddings, proms and other events as well as general flower giving, thanks to their wide variety of available colors, their highly fragrant nature and their longevity of beauty.

Tulip Growers

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the US, often being considered the symbol of the dawning of spring. People request them for weddings, proms and other events as well as general flower giving, thanks to their variety of available colors, their fragrant nature and the special seasonal touch tulips add to a bouquet.

Using Hydroponics

With business owners scrambling to their businesses more efficient, hydroponics looks like the way of the future. There are many business uses for this kind of gardening, and managers in a variety of shops may want to consider potential benefits of hydroponics gardening.

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Floral Refrigerators Education and Training

Floral management is part of America's landscape -- the constant demand for fresh flowers means that a well-placed floral shop (with a decent set of floral refrigerators and other must-have gear) has a pretty good chance to do business even in a downturn. But part of market competition in this arena is knowing how to cultivate and maintain beautiful, fresh flowers.

Carnation Growers Education and Training

Carnation flowers are known to be some of the easiest flowers to propagate. Plant the seeds and you have flowers.

Flower Bulbs Education and Training

In 2002, the Netherlands grew about 10 billion flower bulbs for sale, or 65% of the total world production of bulbs, and those with flower bulbs education and training can join the ranks of these flower producers and have promising careers. Whether you wish to grow American bulbs or sell bulbs from another country, it takes a great deal of knowledge to succeed.

Tulip Growers Education and Training

Tulip flowers are a welcome sight at the end of months of lingering winter. The bright blooms signify an awakening, that spring has arrived and color is about to return to the gray earth.

Hydroponics Key Terms

Naturalist gardeners might raise an eyebrow at hydroponic gardening because of its nontraditional process of planting without the use of dirt. Hydroponics uses a growing solution instead of water, some type of stabilizer instead of water and an alternative light source than the sun.

Tulip Growers Key Terms

There are several ways to grow tulips, and tulip growers will want to know the differences between them so they can determine which way is best for them. Tulip growers also need to learn how to properly plant their tulips and care for them.

Floral Refrigerators Key Terms

Florists use floral refrigeration units to keep their blooms looking as fresh cut as the day they were picked. There are many options floral business have to choose from to display their floral offerings to customers.

Online Florists

Reviews of flowers from all online florists
Coquitlam Davie Flowers

Coquitlam flower shop. Hand made fresh flower arrangements for birthday, get well and all occasions. Serves Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam areas. International Flower Delivery

Offers same-day flower delivery to the Americas and parts of Europe and Asia.
Davie Flowers

Davie Flowers, your local Vancouver florist, delivers fresh flowers throughout Vancouver, BC area. Davie Flowers offers same-day flower delivery.

Online florist offering worldwide, same-day delivery for flowers, gift baskets, and corporate gifts. - flower delivery to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus

UFL is a major floral holding company with more than 10 years of experience in flower and gift delivery. Fast delivery, 100% guaranty, 24x7


Whether your florist business is relatively new or an old, established landmark, if you're like many business owners, you're interested in taking advantage of expansion opportunities. If so, consider the following:

1. Promoting information on florists through the Internet.
2. Promoting florist information in your community through marketing and advertising.
3. Competing with discount florists by providing good prices.
4. Networking by joining professional florist organizations.

Take advantage of online florists and the worldwide web

With much information about florists now online, the traditional consumer, looking through listings of wedding florists and flower arrangements, may not leave his/her home or office to walk into your florist shop. Whether you decide to promote your own website or to work with an affiliate, many customers enjoy the ease of ordering flowers online. Once you have their e-mail addresses, it's easy for you to send customers updates on upcoming sales and specials.

Promote florist information in your community

Are your customers one-time buyers for a special occasion, or do they give flowers regularly "just because" and cost has little to do with it? Part of marketing is knowing your customers and identifying their needs, so you help them find florists--and make that florist you.

To compete with discount florists, work with wholesalers and distributors

Local florists may feel the pinch when customers look to discount florists for their needs. Contact different suppliers to see who can give you the best price for the quality.

To keep current, join florist organizations

Whether customers are looking for wedding florists or a florist for a funeral, the decisions they make may be more a reflection of the times than on the quality you can provide. Florist organizations and associations can help keep you current.
  • Aside from national organizations, there may be useful florist organizations in your state or region.

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