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Food and Beverage Distributors in the US

When locating food and beverage distributors in the US, a grocery or convenience store needs to weed through small and fly-by-night operations and find usable distributors in their area. If you run a mom-and-pop store or independent grocery, the task takes a bit of work.

Food and Beverage Distributors in the US News and Trends

The major players in the US food distributors market include grocery distributors, convenience store distributors, beverage wholesalers and wholesale food distributors. Each remains a highly competitive field where staying on top of the game requires you to stay on top of the issues, which frequently determine costs and profits.

Food and Beverage Distributors in the US Industry Overview

An overview of the US-based food and beverage distributors' industry can prove to be a handy resource for your sales and marketing department. Whether you are reaching out for top grocery distributors in your area, planning to launch new business with grocery wholesalers or trying to maintain a competitive edge among other beverage wholesalers, you'll need to know which companies are successful and what factors have helped them succeed.

IFDA - Home

The International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) provides ... your best drivers at this national event designed specifically for the food industry.


The company operates 193 distribution facilities serving approximately ... Sysco Settles California Investigations, Reiterates Its Commitment to Food Safety.

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Food Distribution | Food Distribution Companies. Two ways to ...

Retail food distributors acts as middlemen between the manufacturer or farmer and the consumer through retail chain stores. Retailers purchase either directly ...

Sherwood Food Distributors

Sherwood Food Distributors - Wholesale Food Distributors Midwest's leading food distribution network, servicing customers from Michigan to Florida.

United Natural Foods Inc.

United Natural Foods, Inc. is the leading U.S. independent national distributor of natural, organic, specialty foods and related products including: nutritional ...

Food Distributors, Less-Than-Truckload Quantities | Dot Foods

Dot specializes in servicing distributors who buy in less-than-truckload (LTL) quantities. We offer more than 100,000 products from 700 food manufacturers, ...

KeHE Distributors, LLC

KeHE Distributors prides itself in being employee owned and operated. ... Nature's Best – a California-based distributor of health and natural food products.

RLB Food Distributors - West Caldwell


Vini Nobilis

Vini Nobilis is partnering with independent wholesalers across the US to market and sell its unique wine selection.

Food and Beverage Distributors in the US Key Terms

Food and beverage distribution in the United States consists of three primary components: transportation, food handling and logistics. Food transportation may be performed with aircraft, ships, trains and trucks. This phase of food and beverage distribution also includes meeting the transportation requirements of frozen, refrigerated or otherwise perishable foods. Food handling covers the safety aspects of food and beverage distribution, as well as the storage of food and beverages. The logistics portion of food and beverage distribution consists primarily of finding the most efficient method of bringing food from the producer to the retailer.

Channel of distribution

The channel of distribution is the path that a food product takes when it is distributed from the grower or manufacturer to the retailer. Food and beverage products typically have multiple channels of distribution.

Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) is a food distribution program that provides food for pregnant and breastfeeding women with low income. It also supplements the diets of these groups with direct funding.
United States Department of Agriculture is responsible for managing a variety of food distribution programs, such as the CSFP.

Commodity foods

Commodity foods are excess foods that the USDA purchases from farmers through price support and surplus removal programs. The USDA distributes commodity foods through a variety of food distribution programs.
National Conference of State Legislatures has a glossary of terms that relate to food and hunger, such as commodity foods.

Soft products

Soft products refer to products with a relatively short shelf life such as cottage cheese, milk and ice cream. Food distributors must consider the perishable nature of these products when transporting them.
California Department of Food and Agriculture defines a variety of terms that have common use in the food and beverage distribution industry, including soft products.

Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

The Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) is a federal food distribution program that provides food to low-income households on Indian reservations.
Rural Assistance Center provides more information on the FDPIR.

Broadline distributor

Broadline distributors provide food products to a variety of customers. Other types of distributors may specialize in specific food products, markets or customer types.