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Food and Beverage Importers and Exporters

Interested in getting a piece of the pie in international food imports and exports? Food exporters and food importers are tapping into this goldmine and pulling in millions of dollars each year. Small business owners are starting to realize the amazing potential of exchanging goods in the global marketplace.

Food and Beverage Importers and Exporters Basics

Food and beverage importers and exporters basics begins with a look at different parts involved in exporting and importing food and beverages. Regulatory bodies of both countries play a big role.

Food and Beverage Importers and Exporters Providers:

Results 1 - 10 of 143 ... Business resources for Food and Beverage Importers and Exporters. View relevant Food Distributors company listings, tips & advice, ...

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Food Buyers,Food Manufacturers,Food Suppliers,Food Exporters,Food Importers ,Food Products,Food Trade Leads,Processed Food & Beverages Products & By ...

Fiji Import Export Directory, Contact Buyers Suppliers FREE - Importers

Results 1 - 10 of 143 ... Fiji Importers: powers your international company ... Fiji importers and exporters list products FREE! ... Food & Beverage ...

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Imports and Exports: Americans Shop the World for Food Every Day ...

Nov 4, 2013 ... And while U.S. food exports continue to exceed imports – mainly because of ... FDA also uses a risk-based approach to food and beverage ...

DMOZ - Business: Food and Related Products: Import and Export

May 25, 2014 ... AQ Holdings - Direct importers and exporters of spices, rice, sugar, pulses ... International trade association for food and beverage importers.

DMOZ - Business: Food and Related Products: Beverages: Wine ...

6 days ago ... Includes monthly newsletter, profiles of wineries, and food pairing hints. ... Five Oceans Exporters and Importers - Exporter of South African red ...

Food & Beverage - Chamber International

This importer is well-known in the Chinese food and beverage sector with many years of experience in food and beverage imports and exports. They have ...

iXPOS - Food and Beverage

In the past ten years, food imports have steadily increased, thus underlying the ... in the food and beverage sector are very attractive to exporters worldwide.

U.S. Imports and Exports - US Economy -

Apr 21, 2014 ... Top Related Searches; petroleum products · food and beverages · largest ... in exports and $2.744 trillion in imports of both goods and services.

Scotland Imports and Exports

Feb 14, 2014 ... United Kingdom Exports and Imports. Exports. $473 billion (2012). ▷ Manufactured goods. ▷ Fuels. ▷ Chemicals. ▷ Food. ▷ Beverages.

Food and Beverage Importer and Exporter Key Terms

If you're just starting out in the food and beverage importing and exporting business, you'll find that there are many new terms that you must learn in order to be successful. Knowledge of the ins and outs of exporting is important because making mistakes could involve hefty legal fines. Make sure that you know the customs regulations for every country with which you work. You should also know whether or not you need an export license and how to use the PIERS Global Intelligence Service.

PIERS Global Intelligence Service

The Port Import Export Reporting Service, or PIERS, is a global database that monitors the goods that come through various world ports. The raw data that the company provides allows import and export companies to improve their businesses.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Food importers must work with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives if they wish to import alcoholic products. The ATF regulates the industry to ensure the safety of American citizens.
ATF includes much information on its website about what the division aims to do.

Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

The Toxic Substances Control Act is a law that prevents the import of certain unknown chemicals. If a food company is trying to export its food to the United States, it must ensure that all chemicals within the food, or used to treat the food, are included on the list of approved chemicals.
Environmental Protection Agency.

International Beverage Network

The International Beverage Network is a way for alcohol importers and exporters to connect. Companies are able to list their contact information on the site.

Customs regulations

Each country has its own customs laws, which regulate the import and export business. Goods that you can export to one country may not be acceptable to another.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection. For other foreign countries, you may want to contact their embassies before you attempt to import or export goods.

Export license

Some types of shipments require an export license, and it's important to know whether you need this to operate your business.
Bureau of Industry and Security.