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Manufacturers and suppliers of mannequins for retail stores. Vendors offer various display mannequins, including both male and female mannequin forms, headless mannequins, and dress mannequins.

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Most people will agree that mannequins in a store window often draw them into the store to buy something, or at least check out what the shop has to offer. Mannequins are often placed in store windows to attract people, but it's not just the clothes.

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Mannequins come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and poses. Whether you sell sportswear, tuxedos, dresses or underwear, chances are you display at least a few of your store's outfits on one of these human replicas.

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Our clothing Mannequins are perfect for highlighting your clothing and apparel in style. Choose from our wide selection of affordable retail mannequins, which ...

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A mannequin (also called a manikin, dummy, lay figure or dress form) is an often articulated doll used by artists, tailors, dressmakers, windowdressers and ...

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Rely on Mannequin Madness for affordable prices and a wide selection of new and used mannequins for sale or rental.

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Mannequin (1987) - IMDb

A young artist, searching for his vocation, makes a mannequin so perfect he falls in love with it. Finding the mannequin in a store window, he gets a job there and ...

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Mannequins including adult female mannequins, adult male mannequins and a wide selection of realistic mannequins by Palay Display Store Fixtures and ...

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Shop mannequins for sale at the lowest prices online. Save up to 40% off on all male and female mannequins. All prices backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee.

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a styled and three-dimensional representation of the human form used in window displays, as of clothing; dummy. 2. a wooden figure or model of the human ...

Bionic Mannequins Spy on Shoppers to Boost Luxury Sales ...

Nov 21, 2012 ... Store mannequins are meant to catch your eye. Soon you may catch theirs. Fashion brands are deploying mannequins equipped with ...

'Perfect the way they are': Unique mannequins challenge beauty ...

2 days ago ... Their bodies are different from the fashion models who strut the catwalks and the mannequins that typically showcase clothing in store...

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Design and manufacturing fiberglass and polyurethane mannequins and forms.


Nothing catches a shopper's eye like a mannequin. And studies show that clothing sells better when it's displayed on mannequins and body forms. That's because mannequins and body forms bring clothing to life and let customers get a better look at the fit and fabric. Ideal for both retail environments and trade shows, mannequins can lead shoppers through your store or entice them to stop at your trade show booth. Mannequin styles are constantly evolving and today's mannequins and body forms look more natural and display clothing better than ever before.

When choosing mannequins for your retail store or trade show business:

1. Select mannequins in standing, seated or action poses.
2. Choose women's, men's or children's mannequins to fit your needs.
3. Consider using body forms rather than a full-size mannequin if space is limited.
4. Consider buying mannequins in skin tones that reflect your shoppers.

Full-size mannequins

Typically made of fiberglass, full-size mannequins may be sold as a single unit or in separate, attachable pieces. Prices usually depend on style and flexibility - the more flexible, the higher the price. For most retail environments, mannequins with positionable arms and legs are sufficient to provide a variety of poses.

Body forms

Don't have room for full-size mannequins? Consider body forms, including torso forms, butt forms, hand forms, head forms and leg forms. Space-saving body forms can be placed on countertops or tabletops and can be used to sell clothing, accessories, sporting goods and more.

Specialty mannequins

For some retailers and clothing vendors, standard mannequins simply aren't quite right. A number of specialty mannequins are available to suit the needs of specialty retailers that sell sports apparel, maternity wear or lingerie.

Used mannequins and cheap mannequins

If you want the benefits of displaying clothing on mannequins but don't have the budget, check into used mannequins and cheap alternatives. Inexpensive options include half round display forms, which are injection molded plastic and can be hung from almost anywhere.

Inflatable mannequins for trade shows and travel

Traveling to trade shows with mannequins can be a hassle. Inflatable mannequins are lightweight and easy to pack.
  • Change the look of your mannequins by investing in a variety of wigs and alternating them often.
  • Mannequins are available in a variety of skin tones and in variety of colors, including bright colors, black or white.
  • The standard female mannequin is 5'11" and a size 4 or 6. However, plus-sized female mannequins are gaining in popularity.
  • Dressing mannequins isn't easy and can take some time. Seated mannequins are especially difficult to dress.

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