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Portable Credit Card Reader

Numerous types of portable credit card readers, from portable proximity credit card readers to portable magnetic credit card readers, are available to help business owners make transactions more convenient for both themselves and their customers. In the current technological age, it is crucial, whatever the size or focus of your company, to be able to process credit cards.

Portable Credit Card Reader Education and Training

Portable credit card machines are a great option for businesses on the go. Whether you operate your business at traveling craft fair booths, or you need a portable credit card reader in your taxicab, learning which reader works for your specific needs is important.

Portable Credit Card Reader Key Terms

Portable credit card readers allow small merchants, home-based businesses and traveling salespeople to accept safe and secure payments in the blink of an eye. While in years past a portable credit card reader may have been nothing more than an imprinter, with the transaction actually being processed later, modern magnetic stripe readers allow near-instant processing.

Square: Credit Card Processing & Business Solutions

... your business anywhere with Square. Easy credit card processing and complete solutions for every type of business. ... Mobile credit card reader. Learn more ...

Easy Mobile Credit Card Processing - Intuit GoPayment

Free card reader-Intuit GoPayment gets you paid on any mobile device anywhere so you never miss a sale.

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Merchant Warehouse - Mobile Credit Card Processing made easy

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Supplies for Portable Credit Card Reader

A mobile credit card reader is only useful as long as you have the proper supplies on hand to keep it running. Most units require paper, ink and cleaning supplies, at a bare minimum, to keep them running.

Before ordering supplies for portable credit card reader units, run through the following checklist and make sure you've got enough supplies on hand to complete each item. If you're running low or are unsure of how long it'll take to replenish your supply stocks, order right away:

1. Keep portable credit card scanners printing with extra paper rolls;

2. Make sure you've got plenty of the proper ink on hand, too;

3. Maintain a stock of cleaning supplies to de-gum your portable magnetic stripe credit card reader.

Get the right paper for your mobile credit card reader and printer units

If your portable credit card processor has a printer component, you're going to need rolls of paper to keep it going. The biggest concern here is making sure you get the right width of paper; the packaging from your last purchase probably gives you the exact dimensions of the paper rolls you typically buy, and most vendors of supplies for portable credit card reader units will subdivide their merchandise by unit and model to make finding the right paper easy for you.

Re-ink your portable credit card scanner

Again, if your portable credit card processing machine has a printer component, you'll need to refill it with the right ink ribbons or cartridges. Most suppliers have their inventory conveniently subdivided by unit manufacturer and model to make locating the right parts easy.

Keep your portable credit card processing equipment clean

While you may not need ink and ribbon for every portable credit card swiper--since not all of them include a printer component--you do need some sort of cleaning supplies to help swipe away the grime, oil and other contaminants that will accumulate with repeated use.
  • You never know when a delay or error in product shipping will mean you can't receive replacement supplies for your mobile credit card reader right away. Make sure to order well in advance--say, before you open your last two rolls of paper or your last ink ribbon--of running out of supplies. If you're preparing for a busy retail season you might also order even further in advance to avert potential disaster.