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Manufacturers of point of sale pin pads and terminals for the retail industry.

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POS Pin Pads

PIN pads are an essential component of sales equipment, not just for large retailers but also small businesses and service providers as well. Debit cards, gift cards, benefit cards and even credit cards may need a PIN number entered along with the purchase, and for that you need a PIN pad.

POS Pin Pads Key Terms

POS (point of sale) pin pads are a convenient way for businesses to accept credit and debit card transactions. There are three different types of PIN pads available including those that only have a number pad, those that provide a card swipe and those that offer a way for customers to provide a digital signature.

PIN Pads : Point-Of-Sale Hardware : VeriFone

Regardless of the size of your enterprise, we offer a PIN pad point of sale device to meet your needs.

POS PIN Pad and Secure Payment Systems : VX 820 : VeriFone

The VX 820 is a secure POS Pin Pad from VeriFone that allows for secure payment acceptance for credit, debit cards and EMV transactions.

Retail and Services Point of Sale Pin Pads and Keyboards | eBay

Visit eBay for great deals in Retail and Services Point of Sale Pin Pads and Keyboards. Shop eBay!

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PIN pads are normally used with automated teller machines and integrated point of sale devices in which an electronic cash register is responsible for taking the ...

View the PIN Pad Security Best Practices - POSDATA

communications. Due to repeated targeting of pre PED PIN pads and payment terminals, VeriFone has developed the following PIN Pad Security Best Practices.

Approved PIN Transaction Security (PTS) Devices

Search by Company Name, Product Name, Approval Number, Product Type, Version, Expiration Date, Functions Provided or PIN Entry Technology ...

pinpads - pcAmerica

Point of Sale: Retail POS and Restaurant POS Software at pcAmerica. ... pinpads. products and services. hardware | pinpad. Verifone 1000SE Verifone 100SE

Downloads | POS Keyboards, Pin Pads - ID Tech

ID TECH designs and manufactures highly reliable pin pad, smart card, credit card, magstripe, contactless, insert and usb reader products used in automated ...

Pin / POS Pad Solutions - Moneris Solutions

Moneris POS pin pad systems give your retail or service business the competitive advantage it needs - accept major credit cards and debit cards securely.

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We offer a wide range of equipment and supplies for the point-of-sale (POS) ... Check here for daily price updates on credit card terminals, PIN pads, check ...

POS Pin Pads Pricing and Costs

In retail, the point of sale is the most important spot in your business. This is where transactions take place, and so making POS pin pads available to your customers is essential for a smooth process. If you run a business that accepts credit or debit cards, a POS pin pad makes paying for items much easier. It is a simple way to verify debit card purchases and other PIN-related payments.

The number of functions a model can handle is one of the major variables in POS pin pads pricing and costs. Some pin pads just read debit cards, while others can accept gift cards, trade-ins and other payment methods. Other factors that determine the price of a POS pin pad are:

1. Whether you buy refurbished or new POS pin pads.

2. Which systems the pin pad works with.

3. How many functions a pin pad can perform.

Consider refurbished POS pin pads to save money

A refurbished POS pin pad was used at one point, then sent back to the manufacturer or supplier for repair and resold at a lower cost. Refurbished products often come with an additional warranty to guarantee the repairs for a certain length of time. Refurbished POS pin pads cost $10 to $70. Cheaper refurbished models do not include card swipers embedded in the unit.

Buy POS pin pads that have card reading capabilities

To make it easier for both the customer and the salesperson, choose a POS pin pad that can read debit cards. This way, the customer never has to hand over their card to a salesperson, but can swipe it themselves. Purchased new, a pin pad with card reading capabilities can cost up to $150.

Explore POS pin pads options that also accept customer signatures

If you want the customer to handle all the payment processes at your POS, consider a POS pin pad that is fully customer facing. This means not only do customers scan their own card, but they can use the pin pad to electronically sign for the purchase and choose other options. POS pin pads with a standard keypad and signature space cost $270 to $300. Pin pads with a full touch screen cost $600 to $625.

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