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Bakery Equipment and Baking Supplies

Our day's daily bread hasn't come out of the kitchen in years. Nearly all the breads, pastries, pies and other baked goods we consume come from bakery equipment operated by professional, full-scale bakers for local and national distribution.

Commercial Dishwashers

In the restaurant business, commercial dishwashers are a must-have item because they help you maintain a constant supply of clean plates, glasses and flatware. Restaurant grade dishwashers offer several benefits over domestic versions.

Selecting Refrigerated Display Cases

Refrigerated display cases are a great way to boost sales of food and drinks. A well-stocked beverage display refrigerator is inviting to customers, while refrigerated bakery cases tempt a patron's sweet tooth.

Buying Food Display Cases

Food display cases boost sales in restaurants, delis, bakeries and grocery stores. A well stocked food display case is inviting to customers, tempting them with delectable baked goods or savory meats and cheeses.

Food Cutting and Slicing Equipment

Restaurants and other food-based businesses which serve a high volume of food should invest in food cutting and slicing equipment. Food cutting machines and meat cutting equipment can help save money in labor, food cost and waste.

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Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers

One of the most important pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen is reach in freezers and reach in refrigerators. Commercial grade reach in refrigerators and freezers are designed to keep food at safe temperatures for cooking and handling.

Commercial Microwave Ovens

Commercial grade microwave ovens have a place in virtually every food-related establishment in America today, from fancy restaurants to beachside snack bars, from employee cafeterias and break rooms to convenience stores and self-serve delis, Gone are the days of using them only for popping popcorn or warming coffee; today commercial microwaves often are used for their initial intended purpose: to cook food!Here are some things to consider when setting out to purchase a commercial microwave oven:1. What will your commercial microwave oven primarily be used for?2.

Meat and Poultry Equipment

Meat and poultry equipment has to be sanitary to process any animal product, and finding a quality store to provide that meat equipment should come easily. Meat market equipment should be thoroughly tested and approved before making its way to you, but being knowledgeable about the industry never hurts either.

Ice Cream Display Cases

Most everyone loves ice cream, but help boost your sales even more with the right ice cream display cases. Ice cream and its Italian counterpart, gelato, look appealing all by themselves but need display and dipping cases that maintain proper temperatures, allow for customer viewing and self service when needed, look good and contain plenty of storage space.

Water Equipment and Supplies

The market for bottled water equipment has been steadily growing on the heels of diminished consumer confidence in the quality of municipal water systems. As consumers become more concerned about their health, bottled water is becoming a clear substitute for soft drinks.

Catering Equipment

The catering equipment you need depends on the type of catering you supply to your customers. Catering for weddings and formal sit down dinners requires different equipment than BBQ catering equipment for informal buffet settings.

Commercial Food Warming Equipment

Using commercial food warmers keeps customers happy, reduces heating bills and makes your work flow easier. Keeping the food you serve or sell appropriately warm is key to customer satisfaction.

Equipment for Restaurants - ACityDiscount Restaurant Supply

ACityDiscount has been a leading retailer of new and used restaurant equipment and smallwares for 40 years.
Kegerators & Draft Beer Dispensing Equipment

Online retailer of keg refrigerators and draft beer dispensers for your bar or brewery. Read kegerator reviews and purchase online.
Meat Processing Products

Meat Processing Equipment and Butcher Supplies, Sausage Making and Jerky Supplies. Meat Grinders, Dehydrators, Meat Saws, Meat Slicers and much more!
Roger & Sons - Food Service Equipment and Supplies

Commercial kitchen equipment. Premium quality; top brands; wholesale pricing. Full line restaurant supplies. Superior customer service.

Restaurant Equipment Distributors

Opening a restaurant requires a lot of commercial equipment, from kitchen supplies to dining room furniture. Many food service equipment distributors offer everything you need to open a restaurant, while other restaurant distributors specialize in one area of food service equipment, such as commercial refrigeration, smallwares, bar supplies and ventilation.

When looking at items for sale by restaurant equipment distributors, shop around for the best price. Also take advantage of salespersons' knowledge. They can walk you through the different types of refrigeration, ventilation and other equipment that will best suit your restaurant.

When looking for food equipment distributors, make a list that will help you keep track of everything you will need. It should include equipment and supplies for the:
  1. Kitchen
  2. Dining Room
  3. Bar
  4. Wait station
  5. Hostess station
  6. Restrooms

Select energy-efficient kitchen heating and refrigeration equipment from

Commercial kitchen equipment such as coolers, walk-in refrigerators, ovens, and hoods all use a lot of energy. Look for foodservice equipment distributors who carry refrigerators, freezers and coolers with the Energy Star symbol. These models save up to 45% more energy than other models. When looking for stoves and ranges, stick with gas, which is more cost-efficient than electric and offers a more reliable cooking temperatures.  

Choose dining room furnishings that are durable, beautiful and functional.

The whole look of your restaurant is defined by the tables and chairs you select. Think about it: red metal chairs and tables with glass tops create an entirely different ambience than classic wooden chairs in a mahogany finish with matching tables. Your dining room furnishings should match your theme, no matter if it is formal or casual. Along with quality furniture, you will need attractive table settings, as well.

Look for restaurant distributors of bar equipment and supplies

The bar is one of the best places to increase sales at any restaurant. Many restaurant distributors carry a large line of bar supplies, from liquor wells to pint glasses and beer towers. If you plan on having a full-service bar where patrons can sit and dine, then you will need menus and place settings along with bar supplies.

Stay organized with commercial restaurant equipment distributors

Food storage racks can help both the dry storage area and walk-in cooler stay organized. Clearly labeling commercial kitchen shelving will help employees put stock away in the correct area. Organizing your storage areas also ensures stock gets rotated and allows you better track your inventory. carry basic metal shelves that work well for restaurants and are safe for both food and chemicals.
  • Many restaurant equipment distributors carry used items. Buying used restaurant equipment is a natural choice for smallwares, like plates, baskets, glasses and utensils. However, used heating and refrigeration is a gamble, since most used restaurant equipment doesn't come with a warranty. Remember, you get what you pay for.

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