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Menu Boards

Your menu board can make a big difference in a customer’s first impression about your restaurant. Menu boards, like all of your restaurant signs, play an important role in establishing your brand identity and in boosting your bottom line.

Selecting Restaurant Banquet Tables

Banquet tables are ideal for restaurants that have an extra dining room or event room, or that provide off-premises catering. Banquet tables for restaurants come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

Planning Restaurant Seating

Restaurant seating furniture is an integral part of a restaurant's design. Whether you plan to use traditional tables and chairs, tall tables and restaurant stools, or cozy dining booths, you should carefully consider your restaurant seating plan.

Making the Most of Restaurant Booths

Dining booths are a common piece of furniture in many restaurants. They are available in a varied selection of styles and sizes.

Supplies for Wood Restaurant Furniture

Wood restaurant furniture adds class to a dining room and evokes an image of quality that will get customers coming back for more. But for getting life out of your wood restaurant furniture, a few basic supplies can go a long way.

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Restaurant and Foodservice Furnishings Education and Training

Interior design is not only for your home, but also for businesses, like restaurant and diner furnishings. Depending on the type of establishment you own, you'll want to have restaurant and foodservice furnishings education and training to design your foodservice business.

Bar Furniture Types and Styles

If you consider your actual bar where the liquor is behind to be a fixed piece of your building, there only a few main pieces of bar furniture that you need to purchase to stock up your place of business. You need your bar stools.

Waiter and Waitress Stations Types and Styles

Waiter and waitress stations types and styles are very diverse and can accommodate many types of food service. Wait and host stations may just be areas to set schedules or write orders, or they can be used to store place settings and service hot beverages.

Menu Boards Key Terms

A menu board can be an integral part of your advertising budget, but there may be some key terms you don't know. These are common terms that can help you decide which type of menu board you want to work with.

Ropes and Stanchions for Restaurants Key Terms

Anywhere that a crowd has to be guided to a specific destination or around a specific obstacle or off-limits area, ropes and stanchions can do the job effectively. These metal or plastic installations provide "traffic control" for deli lines, buffet lines, pick-up lines, valet areas, V.

Restaurant and Foodservice Furnishings Types and Styles

Furniture for restaurants can encompass a vast variety of types and styles. By learning about commercial restaurant furniture, you can outfit your restaurant or foodservice business with the latest restaurant furnishings and still maintain your own unique style of decorating.

Restaurant Booths Key Terms

Choosing restaurant booths for your business can be a bit overwhelming. The decisions can seem endless.

Restaurant Furniture Basics

Choosing restaurant furnishings can be a daunting task. In most cases, you have to think of the budget as well as the overall comfort, feel and look of the furniture.

Keep the following restaurant furniture basics in mind when you are deciding on the restaurant furniture you need for your store:

1. Make your customers feel at home while embracing the theme of your restaurant by providing comfortable dining room furniture.

2. Encourage your customers to take a breath of fresh air by using quality restaurant furniture in an outdoor dining area.

3. Increase employee productivity by ordering appropriate back of house furniture.

4. Provide a functional office for management and staff to do paperwork.

Find indoor restaurant furniture for the dining area

The majority of a restaurant's customers will sit indoors to eat. Finding comfortable restaurant tables and chairs for your customers ensures that they will be comfortable while dining, which makes for a more satisfactory visit. In some cases, tabletops and bases or pedestals are for sale separately, so make sure that you order full sets of these items.

Purchase outdoor restaurant furniture

Outdoor restaurant furniture is a good addition to many restaurants. In some cases, outdoor dining areas can help you to accommodate more guests as long as your staff can handle the overflow. Some restaurants use outdoor dining areas on a regular basis for customers who enjoy eating outdoors. Keep in mind that your outdoor furniture should be able to withstand the natural elements in your area. In some areas, such as in a hurricane prone area, you may have to store the furniture indoors.

Remember the back of house restaurant furniture

When you purchase restaurant furniture, your main focus is usually on the front of house area. While it is important to make sure you have the dining room furniture for guests to enjoy, it is equally as important to remember the furniture that your employees will need. Kitchen furniture, such as prep tables, and break room or training room furniture are also essential.

Buy restaurant furnishings for the office

You will need to purchase restaurant furnishings for the office unless you want to do paperwork and store files in the dining room or another non-private location. Most offices in restaurants are small. Because of this, an L-shaped desk or small computer desk with a lot of storage for papers and a chair is ideal.
  • Order extra restaurant tables and chairs in case you need to replace some in your dining area or you need to add extra seating for a large party.