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Suppliers of restaurant sneeze guards offering custom sneeze guards and food shields. Browse sneeze guard vendors for plastic sneeze guards, buffet sneeze guards, and other food guard models for your food service business.

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Restaurant Sneeze Guards and Food Shields

Sneeze guards are those angled glass or plastic food shields that sit at face level over salad and soup bars or other buffet spreads.   They reassure your fussier clients that you’re running a sanitary operation and they’re most likely required by your local health code.

Restaurant Sneeze Guards Basics

A restaurant sneeze guard protects buffet-style food from air-borne contaminants. Restaurants that offer buffets, portable food carts and school cafeterias all need sneeze guards.

Pricing and Costs of Restaurant Sneeze Guards

Any food business with a buffet, salad bar or display of saleable food needs sneeze guards for protection from air-borne contaminants. The size of the food area determines the amount you need to budget for custom sneeze guards or regular plastic sneeze guards.

ADM Sneezeguards

ADM Sneezeguards manufactures for the food service industry, we offer industry standard sneeze guards with latest innovative designs.

Sneeze Guards - Partition Posts - Restaurant Buffet Equipment

Welcome to Quality Sneeze GuardsFor over 80 years Hardware Specialties has been producing quality sneeze guards (food guards) for use in restaurants,

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Sneeze Guard | Restaurant Sneeze Guards - WebstaurantStore

Shop our restaurant sneeze guards to find the right sneeze guard for your catering or buffet business. Protect your food from air borne contaminates.

Restaurant, Pizzeria Food Shields, Sneeze Guards and Partitions ...

Browse our staff and self service restaurant and pizzeria food shields, sneeze guards and partitions. We also design and manufacture custom food shields and  ...

Food Bar Sneeze Guard | KaTom Restaurant Supply

Items 1 - 12 of 657 ... Visit KaTom for a food bar sneeze guard. Over two decades of satisfied customers. Contact one of our friendly customer service reps today.

Commercial Sneeze Guards | Independent Restaurant Supply

Commercial restaurant sneeze guards. Deep discounts for online shoppers. Shipping to continental US only.

Restaurant Sneeze Guards Providers:

Items 1 - 12 of 185 ... Business resources for Restaurant Sneeze Guards. View relevant Restaurant Supply company listings, tips & advice, or describe your project ...

Shop Food Bars and Sneeze Guards at

Get the right food bar for your grocery store, cafeteria, or restaurant at Also select the right sneeze guard to provide food safety.

Sneeze Guard

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Restaurant Sneeze Guard Key Terms

Any restaurant that is going to offer food to the public buffet-style needs to think about using sneeze guards. Sneeze guards are the simple (or sophisticated), clear surfaces that sit between customers and the food they are ladling onto their plates. It's not just a trend in business; these days, the government has made some sneeze guards mandatory for some food service installations. Business leaders can learn about basic key terms for using sneeze guards and getting them integrated into a restaurant startup plan.


HACCP, or Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, is familiar to many within the food service industry. This set of federal standards applies to any food service business, and includes guidelines for using sneeze guards.

FDA regulations

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration includes sneeze guards in its regulatory standards for food service businesses. The FDA regulations include making businesses label where they will include sneeze guards in a restaurant or other business.
FDA Food Establishment Plan Review Guide.

Sneeze guard kits

Some companies offer modular sneeze guard kits, sometimes called "custom sneeze guard" units, for outfitting a buffet or salad bar that may change with time. Sneeze guard kits can also help when buffet or salad bar sizes may be slightly irregular.

Acrylic guards

Many of the top-selling sneeze guard models come in acrylics. These high-density plastics have some benefits over glass, including portability and durability.

Elevator set

The elevator set is a simple piece (usually metal) that allows for space between the sneeze guard and a table top or other surface. This is just one of several sneeze guard items that can help to customize the setup of an existing salad bar or buffet area.


Lexan is another sneeze guard material choice. Lexan is a polycarbonate sheet that provides durability in all kinds of installations.