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Restaurant Sneeze Guards and Food Shields

Sneeze guards are those angled glass or plastic food shields that sit at face level over salad and soup bars or other buffet spreads.   They reassure your fussier clients that you’re running a sanitary operation and they’re most likely required by your local health code.

Using Restaurant Flatware

Using restaurant flatware according to proper etiquette guidelines may be the last thing from your mind when purchasing the flatware. The caliber of restaurant you run will determine the formality of the place settings.

Paper and Plastic Cups Key Terms

Plastic and paper cups have changed since the introduction of the Dixie cup. There are many types and choices from manufacturers of plastic and paper cups.

Paper and Plastic Cups

Whether you want to offer to-go beverages to customers, or you simply need an inexpensive alternative to glasses and cups, paper cups and plastic cups are the answer. For restaurants, investing in to-go cups can actually increase your profit margins since they allow you to sell more beverages, one of the highest markup items in the industry.

Pricing and Costs of Restaurant Flatware

The pricing and costs of restaurant flatware is a critical piece of information to include in your restaurants budget. Whether you are starting up new or are replacing worn out flatware, this is an expense that you cannot ignore.

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Paper and Plastic Cups News and Trends

Food packaging manufacturers and suppliers pay particular attention to paper and plastic cups news and trends. Paper and plastic cups represent a billion dollar industry worldwide.

Pricing and Costs of Paper and Plastic Cups

For restaurant owners, the pricing and costs of paper and plastic cups remains an ongoing concern. Fortunately, there are many restaurant supply vendors competing with each other to provide business owners with the best deals on disposable cups.

Restaurant Sneeze Guards Basics

A restaurant sneeze guard protects buffet-style food from air-borne contaminants. Restaurants that offer buffets, portable food carts and school cafeterias all need sneeze guards.

Pricing and Costs of Restaurant Sneeze Guards

Any food business with a buffet, salad bar or display of saleable food needs sneeze guards for protection from air-borne contaminants. The size of the food area determines the amount you need to budget for custom sneeze guards or regular plastic sneeze guards.

Restaurant Supply News and Trends

Like any other committed business owner, those who deal in commercial restaurant supplies would agree that staying informed of the latest news and trends in the volatile restaurant industry is key to any supplier's long-term success. Not only does consumer demand, which drives the market, change rapidly, but so also do government regulations that impact the kinds of supplies and equipment restaurant owners depend on.

Saving Money on Restaurant Supply

Saving money on restaurant supply products and equipment is vital to making your business profitable. As every restaurant owner knows, the food industry is a highly competitive field, with great numbers of restaurants failing each year.

Finding Restaurant Supplies

As a restaurant owner, your checklist for supplies and inventory can leave your head spinning. If you're not careful, you may end up spending all of your time managing your supply chain and neglect other areas of your business.

Culinary Depot Inc.

As a full-service restaurant equipment and supplies dealer for more than 10 years, we design, supply, install and advise to equip you for success.
Restaurant Supplies

Stock up on dining supplies and tableware that serve as a canvas for your restaurant's culinary creations.
ACityDiscount Restaurant Supply - Equipment Supplier

ACityDiscount has been a leading retailer of new and used restaurant equipment and smallwares for 40 years.
Menu Cover Depot LLC

We are an online resource for menu covers, check presenters, and other restaurant accessories. We are based in the USA.
Rapids Wholesale Equipment

Since 1936 Rapids Wholesale Equipment has been a leading supplier of restaurant, bar, and catering supplies & equipment.
TigerChef Restaurant Equipment and Supply

TigerChef is a leading supplier of top quality restaurant equipment. Shop thousands of top rated restaurant supplies, bakery supplies & bar supplies.
Wholesale Restaurant Supplies

A leading restaurant supply company offering products at wholesale prices.

Restaurant Supply Key Terms

Starting a restaurant requires you to understand some restaurant supply key terms that are standard in the food service industry, the same terms that restaurant suppliers use in their product catalogs. These terms will help you identify the food service tools and other commercial restaurant supplies that your particular operation will depend on.

Luckily, online restaurant supply stores group their products according to certain main categories. This product categorization makes it easier to find the tools you need. First, consider what foods your restaurant will prepare from scratch and then decide which wholesale restaurant suppliers can offer you the best deals.

1. Know what kind of cookware and bakeware food service tools your kitchen will use.

2. Understand what restaurant suppliers regard as necessary kitchen equipment.

3. Identify standard restaurant supplies terms, like flatware and glassware.

4. Learn which products commercial restaurant suppliers regard as necessary smallwares.

Identify commercial restaurant equipment cookware and bakeware

Cookware refers to the heavy duty sauté pans, fry pans and stock pots that commercial cooks use to prepare entrees, soups, sauces and side dishes. Bakeware refers to cake and bread pans, baking molds, cookie sheets, muffin pans, cake rings and mixing bowls.

Know the terms describing heavy duty restaurant equipment

Cooking and storage equipment refers to the heavy duty ranges, fryers, refrigerators and freezers, steam tables, holding cabinets and merchandisers that take up most of the space in any commercial kitchen.

Identify the terms describing restaurant tools, like flatware and glassware

Commercial flatware includes dinner plates, bowls and utensils. Glassware used in restaurants means the coffee cups, juice and soda glasses you find in diners and cafes. Use beer mugs, shooters, shot and wine glasses that bars depend on and even glass dessertware that fine restaurants use.

Consider what commercial restaurant equipment suppliers mean by smallwares

Smallwares is a catch-all phrase that refers to restaurant tools, such as processors, blenders, coffee machines and cooking tools, that make any restaurant employee's job easier and more efficient.
  • Cut start up and operating costs when you buy used restaurant equipment.