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Store Supply Warehouse | Retail Supplies, Store Fixtures Displays

Store Supply Warehouse is your source for store fixtures, retail supplies and display cases. Our selection of store supplies is guaranteed to ship same-day on  ...

Display Warehouse | Gridwall Panel, Retail Display Fixtures ...

Display Warehouse is a retail supply store warehouse with thousands of new store fixtures and displays, clothing racks, gridwall and much more.

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Displays2go has many retail display units, store fixtures & merchandising products in stock and ready to ship! Buy today, and most items ship same day!

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Store Fixtures, Retail Displays, Store Displays from Palay Display Store Fixtures. Offering Slatwall, Gridwall, Hangers, Display Cases, Cell Phone Displays, ...

Store Fixtures & Retail Displays - TRIO Display

TRIO's online catalog features over 5000 standard and custom retail displays and fixtures. With a little help from our staff, you can outfit your entire retail store ...

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retail display inspiration on Pinterest | 314 Pins

I've been a retail stylist, designer, writer and speaker for over 35 years. This is a growing collection of images from displays I have created, and those I find online  ...

Retail Display Fixtures by KC Store Fixtures

KC Store Fixtures has Same Day shipping and guaranteed lowest prices on all your retail fixtures & display fixtures. Call KC Store Fixtures today.

Barr Display | Retail Store Displays & Store Fixtures- Slatwall Panels ...

Barr Display Carries Retail Store Fixtures Including Slatwall Panels, Clothing Racks, Retail Showcases & Specialty Hardware. Call Today For Free Store ...


Displays2Go specializes in fixtures and marketing materials for use at trade shows, retail stores & small businesses.
FFR Merchandising

Since 1962, FFR Merchandising has been providing high-quality merchandising & point of purchase display products and accessories to retail industries
Slatwall Panels and Slatwall Hardware from Palay Display

Slatwall, Slatwall Hardware, Slatwall Shelves and all things Slatwall from Palay Display. Store fixture supplier since 1945. Shop online today!
Valentino's Displays

Valentino's Displays supplier of Retail Display, Shop Fittings, Clothes Rails, Hangers & Mannequins. Shop Display Equipment with next day UK delivery.

Retail Display

Having displays in retail settings is an effective way to sell products and organize a storefront. Retail displays can be as simple as brochure holders or as elaborate as pop-up displays. Mannequins that wear clothing in a clothing or department store also fall under the category of retail displays.

In the retail world, there are hundreds of different competitors for consumers to choose from. Using retail displays to organize a store and display a product effectively is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. There are many benefits and a few pitfalls to purchasing displays for retail settings.


Benefits of Using Retail Displays to Sell Merchandise

Retail displays can help to increase your bottom line in a cost-effective manner. Some examples of retail displays include mannequins, brochure holders, pop-up displays, and other display kits.

Increased Sales

Using retail displays can increase your sales. According to Point of Purchase Association International, approximately 60 percent of in-store sales are attributed to retail displays. In order to be especially effective, you should place the retail displays in prominent locations with a lot of traffic, such as the end of aisles and by the checkout stands.

Visually Pleasing

Most retail displays are colorful and contain graphics that add depth to the space. These factors attract a customer’s attention. Some retail displays include a sense of mystery that makes the customer want to check out the items on the display. If your retail display is a mannequin or another clothing display, make sure that you use vibrant colors, the smallest size available, and matching accessories to bring the display to life.


Retail displays make the area of your store look neat and organized. This makes it easy for your customers to find the items they need and want. When you are placing items on the display, try to put the most expensive items at eye level. This space is considered premium space. In the space above the eye-level area, place the second expensive item, and put the least expensive items on the bottom of the display. For some retail displays, this isn’t possible, as the slots in the retail display are pre-marked and priced for items. 

Cost Effective

Some retail displays are provided by manufacturers who want their items marketed a certain way. These types of retail displays are the most cost effective. However, when you consider the increase in sales from using the displays, the cost-per-item is likely going to be minimal, and over time will dwindle to nothing. Once the display is paid for, there isn’t any cost-per-item for the display.


Pitfalls of Using Retail Displays

While using retail displays can increase your sales, there are some pitfalls to consider before you start setting them up. The exact pitfalls will depend on the ambiance in your store, the type of display and the products being put on the display.

Clash with Décor

There are some instances when a retail display will look out of place in your store. If your store features a subtle decorating style with muted colors, a vibrant retail display will clash with your décor. By the same token, an earth tone display wouldn’t look appropriate in a retail store that features a bright color scheme.

Takes Up Valuable Space

Some retail displays, especially those from product manufacturers, are large. While these displays do draw attention to the products on them, the displays often take up a lot of valuable space. If your store is large, you may not notice the space. In a small store, however, a large display will take up too much valuable space, and you may have to move other items to a storage area or try to squeeze them into the remaining space to accommodate the display.


If you opt to put a retail display for one item in your store up without doing the same for other products, customers may assume that you are endorsing the products on the display. While this may not be a cause for concern for some retailers, for small operations or stores that are belief-based, endorsing any product may make your customers look for a new store to frequent.

Too Pushy

Bright, vibrant and large retail displays may be a little too pushy or overwhelming for some clientele. When it comes to retail displays, finding a balance between marketing the products and keeping your customers happy can come down to something as simple as the location of the retail display. Try not to place overwhelming and pushy displays right near the registers. By doing this, you balance out marketing throughout the store. The impulse buy items are near the registers and the retail displays are across the store.


The retail business is a competitive industry and knowing the dynamics of that industry is important if you plan to open your own store. Retail display is an important part of your business, as it gives you an opportunity to present and promote the product you sell. Retail stores play a huge part in the economy, with consumer spending accounting for 70% of the U.S gross domestic product in 2011, according to Reuters.


How you want your shop to look is up to you, but your finances will affect your decision. If your store needs a lick of paint and new flooring, you are looking at a relatively low-cost start-up. If you want new floors and wooden displays and counters, the costs will be much higher. Depending on the condition of your shop, a refurbishment can be as little as $1,000 to as much as $100,000.

Fixtures and Fittings

Items such as display cabinets, racks and sales counters can be bought secondhand or through an auction house as a job lot. A refurbished cash register will do the same job as a brand new one for a fraction of the price. A multi-featured refurbished register can cost as little as $150.


As you can see above, there are many different reasons that a retail business may choose to purchase display equipment. For a reasonable cost, retailers can organize their storefront and make their store more visually appealing. Having an organized store has been known to lead to an increase in sales. Customers are also happier to return if they are able to shop in a store that is easy to navigate and they don’t have to waste time trying to find what they are looking for.

The cost of purchasing retail displays can vary greatly depending on how many displays you are looking to purchase. However, purchasing retail displays and organizing your store can have such a positive effect on sales and customer opinions that it is easily worth the cost.

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