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Providers of retail equipment and supplies for retail stores, such as store shelving, display stands, store fixtures, and credit card retail equipment. Browse listings to find the right retail industry equipment and supplies for your needs.

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Finding Retail Equipment and Supplies

To create a successful retail store where products fly off the shelves, you need more than great products — you need shelves, too. In fact, retail stores require a wide variety of equipment and supplies to ensure a profitable operation.

Jewelry Tools and Supplies

Purchase jewelry making tools from jewelry tool-specific companies or suppliers that sell tools, findings, beads and other jewelry equipment. When you are looking for a certain tool, try searching larger companies first, then spend some time investigating the smaller suppliers' websites for better deals.


For homeowners and small shop organizers, pegboard is perfect for storing tools and appliances in a garage or work space. But pegboard is also valuable in a retail environment; if you look closely at retail displays, a lot of "window sets" and off-the-rack shelving relies on pegboard and specialty hooks to hold products for display to consumers.


If you're looking to tap into profits from bulk purses and handbags, there are plenty of wholesale sources to get you started, and many require a low minimum order, which can prevent you from getting stuck with loads of handbags that don't sell. However, avoid peddling designer knockoffs and counterfeit handbags, which can subject you to criminal penalties.


Joan Crawford may have hated wire hangers, but clothes hangers are an important part of taking care of clothing, whether presenting it for sale or storing it for short or long periods. Properly hung, clothes will keep their shape and look fresh, without wrinkles, creases or torn seams.

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Metal Furniture for Restaurants

The term "metal furniture" may bring images of uncomfortable and unattractive folding chairs to mind, but the manufacturers of metal restaurant furniture have a surprise in store for you: There are actually options available in many styles, including upscale and modern furnishings fit for any restaurant's decor. Take a look at all of your options before you make a decision so you know the full range of furnishings available.

Shelf Track

Choosing shelving track can be an important part of displaying product in a business storefront and in organizing and storing excess inventory. The last thing you want is to spend time mounting a shelving track system that won't support the product your business intends to display.

Using Apparel and Accessories Industry Information

Apparel and accessories industry resources keep you updated on all aspect of the apparel industry from retail apparel industry information to manufacturing news, global trading reports publications and other vital apparel research. Get hooked into apparel and accessories industry information by joining trade groups and receiving apparel industry market newsletters and email alerts.

Label Gun Basics

Label guns are useful for manufacturing, shipping and merchandising. They quickly and accurately apply information, such as the time, date or price, to goods.

Supplies for Label Gun

Labeling guns require a lot of supplies to keep your business functioning as usual. These include ink, label paper, replacement parts and more.

Using Mannequins

Most people will agree that mannequins in a store window often draw them into the store to buy something, or at least check out what the shop has to offer. Mannequins are often placed in store windows to attract people, but it's not just the clothes.

Supplies for Garment Racks

Garment racks are great for handling all kinds of apparel inventory, whether on the floor, out on display, or in the warehouse and storage areas. But there are also some handy supplies and accessories you may be looking for to keep clothes nice in your store in addition to clothes racks and garment display setups.

Retail Equipment Key Terms

Although there are many types of retail establishments, there are certain retail equipment key terms that are important to understand no matter what your niche. Any brick and mortar business is sure to have a cash register and other point of sale equipment. Depending on products for sale, there are a large variety of shelving options including slatwalls, wire grids, and gondola shelving available. As you read this guide, you can become familiar with additional retail equipment key terms.

Cash register

A cash register rings up the customer's sale. It prints out a receipt for the customer as well as makes a copy for your records. It also provides a safe place to store payments such as checks and cash. Today's electronic cash register has many additional capabilities, and it's up to you to decide which extras you want.

POS equipment, or point of sale equipment

You may wish to use POS equipment as part of your check out process instead of a cash register. A POS system can help you keep track of sales, trends, customers and a host of other items. Many pieces of POS equipment are touch screen compatible, and it is possible to find refurbished equipment if the cost of new is prohibitive. In addition to the computer, you'll also need peripherals such as a cash drawer and a scanner.

Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners read information from the price tag. You can also use them to check inventory during the check out process. There are fixed barcode scanners that attach to a computer and there are portable barcode scanners.

Gondola shelves

Gondola shelves are basic display units found in many retail shops. You can set the shelves at any height. You can order gondola shelves with pegboard back to give you even more versatility in arranging your goods. You can find wall gondola shelves as well as freestanding units.


Slatwall is a type of fixture that has pre-cut grooves into which you can insert a variety of hooks and shelving to display merchandise. Slatwall pieces easily install against existing walls. You can also order freestanding slatwall display fixtures.


Gridwall serves the same function as slatwall except it's a metal grid rather than wood. Because of its metal construction, gridwall can hold heavier objects. There are also a number of accessories that go with gridwall shelving.

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