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Providers of retail equipment and supplies for retail stores, such as store shelving, display stands, store fixtures, and credit card retail equipment. Browse listings to find the right retail industry equipment and supplies for your needs.

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For homeowners and small shop organizers, pegboard is perfect for storing tools and appliances in a garage or work space. But pegboard is also valuable in a retail environment; if you look closely at retail displays, a lot of "window sets" and off-the-rack shelving relies on pegboard and specialty hooks to hold products for display to consumers.

Eyewear Distributors and Wholesalers

Once you have decided get into the business of selling eyeglasses, it is important to find eyewear distributors that can provide all of the different kinds of products you want to carry. Choosing eyewear wholesalers can be a daunting task.

Pricing and Costs of Mannequins

Mannequins are a staple of any retail store. These modeled statues are the perfect way to showcase new fashions and trends.

Jewelry Tools and Supplies News and Trends

Whether you sell jewelry making tools for home crafters or items like jewelry repair tools and jewelers supplies for professionals, current industry news and trends will help you stock the latest equipment and find ways to use it efficiently. Find a variety of sources to obtain information on jewelry tools and supplies, new techniques and hot styles in the industry.

Supplies for Restaurant Pizza Ovens

When investing in a good quality commercial pizza oven, you'll want to consider the supplies you'll need to keep the oven and your pizza business running smoothly. Before you even purchase a new oven, it's a good idea to consider all expenses that will be associated with it.

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Eyewear Distributors and Wholesalers Basics

Having a selection of designer eyewear and sunglasses along with prescription and reading glasses is a great way to build sale for your retail eyewear business. Today, many people use eyewear as a fashion accessory as well a way to read or block out the sun, so be sure to offer a wide selection of choices for fashion conscious consumers.

Making the Most of Retail Equipment

All of the retail supplies that go into making a business work can add up to quite an investment before you even open your doors for business. If you learn all the ways you can make the most of your retail equipment from your first day of business, that same equipment may still be working for you many years later.

Making the Most of Pegboard

Making the most of pegboard displays allows you to optimize the selling power of your pegboard. Pegboards display hanging items or shelved items on a wall or store fixture.

Shelf Track Installation Education and Training

Track shelving can be used for a variety of shelf systems and designs in the home or office. Track shelving for books, supplies and industrial equipment all have similar installation processes.

Pegboard Key Terms

For anyone who has to either organize a cluttered space, including all kinds of trades workers, or retailers who want to display a large amount of merchandise, pegboard is a fundamental part of many storage strategies. This versatile tool provides all kinds of potential for doing modular storage or display, along with handy accessories and good old-fashioned ingenuity.

Fabric Labels Key Terms

Custom fabric labels provide an effective way to market your textiles, clothes, crafts and much more. In the textiles and apparel industry, fabric labels are a valuable piece of the marketing strategy because they help identify the brand, and as a result, increase product recognition.

Eyewear Distributors and Wholesalers Key Terms

As an eyewear distributor or wholesaler, you should know great sales techniques, but it’s even more important to know your product. With roughly 64% of the U.

Retail Equipment Key Terms

Although there are many types of retail establishments, there are certain retail equipment key terms that are important to understand no matter what your niche. Any brick and mortar business is sure to have a cash register and other point of sale equipment. Depending on products for sale, there are a large variety of shelving options including slatwalls, wire grids, and gondola shelving available. As you read this guide, you can become familiar with additional retail equipment key terms.

Cash register

A cash register rings up the customer's sale. It prints out a receipt for the customer as well as makes a copy for your records. It also provides a safe place to store payments such as checks and cash. Today's electronic cash register has many additional capabilities, and it's up to you to decide which extras you want.

POS equipment, or point of sale equipment

You may wish to use POS equipment as part of your check out process instead of a cash register. A POS system can help you keep track of sales, trends, customers and a host of other items. Many pieces of POS equipment are touch screen compatible, and it is possible to find refurbished equipment if the cost of new is prohibitive. In addition to the computer, you'll also need peripherals such as a cash drawer and a scanner.

Barcode scanners

Barcode scanners read information from the price tag. You can also use them to check inventory during the check out process. There are fixed barcode scanners that attach to a computer and there are portable barcode scanners.

Gondola shelves

Gondola shelves are basic display units found in many retail shops. You can set the shelves at any height. You can order gondola shelves with pegboard back to give you even more versatility in arranging your goods. You can find wall gondola shelves as well as freestanding units.


Slatwall is a type of fixture that has pre-cut grooves into which you can insert a variety of hooks and shelving to display merchandise. Slatwall pieces easily install against existing walls. You can also order freestanding slatwall display fixtures.


Gridwall serves the same function as slatwall except it's a metal grid rather than wood. Because of its metal construction, gridwall can hold heavier objects. There are also a number of accessories that go with gridwall shelving.