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Providers of ropes and stanchions for restaurants. By correctly placing stanchions and ropes in your restaurant, you will help people form orderly lines and keep traffic flowing.

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In all kinds of dining areas, ropes and stanchions for restaurants play various roles. A set of stanchions and ropes can distinguish a V.

Using Ropes and Stanchions for Restaurants

Ropes and stanchions for restaurants are a great way to jazz up a dining floor, set aside areas for various purposes, and give customers helpful direction about how to enjoy your food service establishment. There are various ways restaurant owners can use restaurant stanchions and ropes to help customers navigate.

Ropes and Stanchions for Restaurants Key Terms

Anywhere that a crowd has to be guided to a specific destination or around a specific obstacle or off-limits area, ropes and stanchions can do the job effectively. These metal or plastic installations provide "traffic control" for deli lines, buffet lines, pick-up lines, valet areas, V.

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Business resources for Ropes and Stanchions for Restaurants. View relevant Restaurant Furnishings company listings, tips & advice, or describe your project ...

Stanchions | Post & Rope or Retractable Belt - Displays2go

Crowd Control Stanchions - Post & Rope Displays for Lines, Queues and ... Retractable belts are popular for movie theaters, amusement parks, and restaurants.

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Crowd Control Stanchion Systems | Post & Rope | In Stock & For Sale

Crowd control stanchions, retractable barriers, post and rope stanchion systems ... Whether you operate a small restaurant or a sprawling theater multiplex, ...

Stanchions : Crowd Control : Retractable Barrier ...

... traditional posts and ropes, plastic stanchions and plastic chains and signs at ... stanchion posts and rope include movie theaters, museums, restaurants, night  ...

Stanchions | Barricades | Crowd Control | Lavi | Velvet Ropes

... at factory prices. Barricades, stanchions, velvet rope from Camelback and Lavi. ... Call For Availability Great For Nightclubs, Parking Lots & Restaurants!

Stanchion Ropes | Crowd Control Ropes - WebstaurantStore

Our crowd control velour stanchion ropes are perfect for museums, banks, and high-end hotels! Step up the scene at your nightclub, bar, or fine dining restaurant ...

Red 6' Stanchion Rope with Satin Ends for Rope Style Crowd ...

Shop Red 6' Stanchion Rope with Satin Ends for Rope Style Crowd Control ... making it perfect for high end operations like museums, chic restaurants, and art  ...

Stanchions - Crowd Control Store

Elegant crowd control stanchion posts for ropes or chains. ... hotels, restaurants… basically anywhere that you need to manage a large amount of people.

Stanchion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A stanchion is a sturdy upright fixture that provides support for some other object. ... Many different places use stanchions including banks, stores, hotels, museums , restaurants, ... Fixed posts with decorative ropes; Retractable belt stanchions.

Ropes and Stanchions for Restaurants

Restaurant stanchions perform a great service for restaurant owners. Whether you own a fast food joint, a movie theater concession or the hottest restaurant in town, you’ve no doubt been in need of crowd control. Stanchions for restaurants are posts that hold up the velvet ropes that customers respect.

Foodservice stanchions with their velvet ropes encourage customers to apply the rule: first come, first served. As a restaurant or foodservice manager, you can use foodservice stanchions to perform a variety of tasks, including:
  1. Organize order and pick-up lines by dividing them with foodservice stanchions and ropes.
  2. Use restaurant stanchions to form a line at the hostess station.
  3. Block off reserved seating areas with foodservice stanchions.
  4. Use stanchions and ropes as patio dividers and to block access to patios from outside the restaurant.
  5. Use ropes and stanchions for restaurants to rope off valet stands or taxi stands to encourage customers to form a single line.

Buy stanchions and ropes that fit in with your restaurant décor

Restaurant stanchions come in chrome and brass and in a variety of shapes and styles. Stanchions and ropes also come in numerous colors to match the upholstery in your establishment.

Retractable stanchions for restaurants

Ropes for kitchens aren't always practical, since velour can get soiled easily. Retractable belt stanchions for restaurants are a good choice for kitchens and cafeterias where customers and food come in contact with the dividers. The belts are easy to wipe clean, and there's no need for storage for ropes since the belt retracts back into the stanchion base.

Portable stanchions and ropes

Manufacturers of ropes and stanchions make portable versions that can be used outdoors and will resist rust in inclement weather. Lightweight and easy to store, portable stanchions and ropes are also a good option for restaurants that use them infrequently.

Search for ropes for restaurants in the lengths and materials that fit your needs

Ropes for kitchens are available in Naugahyde, plastic or the traditional velvet.
  • Place signposts on top of restaurant stanchions to direct customers with instructions, such as "please wait to be seated", "order here" or "pick up here."
  • When using stanchions and ropes, always keep some slack in the ropes. If there is no slack in the rope, the stanchions are more likely to tip over when bumped.
  • Portable stanchions for restaurants can be used in cases of dining room spills. Simply rope off the area until it has been mopped and dried to prevent slip and falls.

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