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Fish and shellfish processing companies.

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Seafood Processing Companies Basics

Fish processing companies and those looking to do business with them can take advantage of the many fish processing information sources available. You can find out where to locate fish processing plants, where the industry events are as well as what standards commercial fish processing are held to.

Seafood Processing Companies Management Education and Training

A good beginning for seafood processing companies management education and training programs in your company is to have managers start at the bottom, with the entry-level skills that new hires are expected to master. Managers who have never processed fish commercially will need to have that knowledge as a solid introduction to their positions.

Seafood Processing Companies Key Terms

For some, the words seafood processing conjure images of the Deadliest Catch television series, or perhaps even the fantasy of earning a year's income in several months spent at a remote fishery. Others may see seafood processing as a way of reaping a profit from the bounty of the sea.

North Pacific Seafoods - Working For NPS

We own and operate shore-based seafood processing plants at four locations in ... As a company, we process frozen and fresh salmon, halibut, pollock, cod, ...

Channel Fish Processing Company | Fresh and frozen seafood ...

Channel Fish Processing provides fresh, frozen, value-added, and retail-ready seafood products and sources world-wide from our plants in Boston and ...

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Trident Seafoods :: Company :: Alaska Plants

The Akutan facility sustains a year-round frozen seafood operation capable of processing over 3 million pounds of multiple species per day. Akutan's precise ...

Seasonal Employment - E&E Foods - Wild Alaska Salmon and ...

Working in Our Alaska Seafood Processing Plants ... a physical exam and drug test at a company appointed facility; these costs will be paid by the company.

Pacific Seafood Processors Association

Members include floating and shorebased seafood processing companies. More. PSPA also has an Associate Membership Program. More. link to Employment ...

Employment - Pacific Seafood Processors Association

The seafood processing industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities to ... PSPA member companies offer a wide variety of employment opportunities to ...

About Employment With Peter Pan - PeterPan Seafoods, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Peter Pan Seafoods, Inc. We are a seafood processing company. We have four processing plants in Alaska - each with unique ...

A Quality Seafood Processing and Distribution Company | Santa ...

We offer a wide range of services and have well-trained sales and customer service staff available to handle all your seafood needs in Southern California, Las ...

Silver Bay Seafoods |

Summer Seafood Processing Jobs in Beautiful SE Alaska. ... Sitka, Craig and Valdez Salmon - You will reside in the company bunkhouse and will share a room ...

Seafood Processing Companies

Seafood processing companies can help your business grow by preserving seafood properly for a longer shelf life and offering a larger variety of uses for your seafood product. This could include canned, smoked, dried or other seafood processes.

To provide an expanded seafood product line to your customers you must first decide on the seafood processing services you require, compare seafood processing companies and learn where to buy processed fish and other processed seafood.

1. Decide on the seafood processing services that best suit your needs.

2. Compare seafood processing and shellfish processing companies.

3. Learn where to buy processed fish and seafood products, and where to process fish yourself.

Decide on the seafood processing services you require

Fish processing is the act of treating and preserving the fish and other seafood for longer shelf life and expanded uses. This includes increasing your product line to meet customer needs and increase your business. To decide on the seafood processing services you need, ask your customers, look over past orders and make some decision for your menu.

Compare seafood processing companies

Check up on any fish processing company with which you wish to work to make sure they are part of an association. Another great way to learn more about a seafood processing plant is to ask for references or call around to other seafood distributors to see who they trust and use.

Learn where to buy processed fish and seafood products

Fish processors are found along all the US coasts and some are even floating processing plants, which ensures you are getting the freshest product that's been processed quickly. To find fish processing companies to fit your business needs, make sure the company you are considering offers the products you want.

  • For the best results, take a survey of your current customers to find out what processed seafood they would like to buy.

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