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Shuffleboard Equipment Pricing and Costs

If you are thinking of adding shuffleboard to your list of recreation options for customers, it is beneficial to research shuffleboard equipment pricing and costs to get the best deal. Shuffleboard supplies can be a great addition to any recreation facility.

Shuffleboard Equipment for Beginners

Shuffleboard supplies; including shuffleboard discs, shuffleboard poles or shuffleboard sticks, shuffleboard cues and shuffleboard tables are essential for people interested in learning to play shuffleboard. Finding the right suppliers of shuffleboard equipment will get you the right equipment at a fair price.

Shuffleboard Equipment Key Terms

Dating back several centuries, shuffleboard is a game played by young and old, on cruise ships or in backyards. If you want to offer the best types of shuffleboard equipment to your customers, then you must familiarize yourself with the lingo.

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Shuffleboard, Shuffleboard Supplies, Shuffle, Outdoor Shuffleboard, Cues, Shuffleboard Equipment, Shuffleboard Sets, Outdoor Shuffleboard Game - We Are ... : Dom Shuffleboard Equipment - 66 Inches - Cue Stick ...

Dom Sports has developed what we believe to be the most durable shuffleboard equipment available. This cue stick is remarkably tough and made of glass fiber ...

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Dom Sports - everything shuffleboard: Cues, discs, rules, courts ...

Manufacturing Floor Shuffleboard equipment, cues and discs, scoreboards, courts, sprinkly beads and wax, everything to do with floor shuffleboard.

Shuffleboard Equipment * FL Toll Free 1-800-260-3834 Shuffleboards

Shuffleboard equipment: The leading manufacturer of shuffleboards since 1941 * Shuffleboard equipment & sets for beginners as well as Buggy Whips for pro's.

Allen R. Shuffleboard Company Inc * Call Toll Free: 1-800-260-3834

Allen R. Shuffleboard Co. the leading manufacturer of shuffleboard equipment and shuffleboard supplies since 1941. We have cues for the beginning player and ...

Outdoor Shuffleboard Equipment | Court Surfacing and Repair ...

Recreation Enterprises Inc manufactures and sells all your outdoor shuffleboard needs. Sets, Cues, Discs, Scoreboards, Replacements and more!

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[edit]. The 2009 World Championships in Deck Shuffleboard (Singles World Cup) took place in Zephyrhills, ...

Nidy Sports Construction: Shuffleboard Supplies

Shuffleboard Supplies. Request Quote · About · References · Services · Getting Started · Court Construction · Track · Turf · Shuffleboard · History · Getting Started.

Shuffleboard Courts by VersaCourt

Shuffleboard Court & Equipment Specifications. Standard Outdoor Shuffleboard Court Dimensions. The scoring area of a standard shuffleboard court is 39' long ...

Shuffleboard Equipment

Shuffleboard is a popular game played at hotels, motels, cruise ships, retirement communities, gyms, game rooms, resorts and clubs, but it requires having the right shuffleboard equipment. If you are the owner, operator, or recreation manager of a business looking to generate some excitement in your recreation area and want to provide hours of enjoyment for players of all ages, shuffleboard is a great option for you. 

There are two kinds of shuffleboard: table shuffleboard is played indoors on tables with contestants pushing weights to spots across the table; the second kind, deck (or floor) shuffleboard is played on outdoor or indoor courts, where players use shuffleboard poles with cues on the end to push discs across the court. There is a wide range of equipment for both types of shuffleboard games available to meet the needs of your business while providing a great source of enjoyment for your clientele. 

To get started, however, you’ll first need to make some important decisions: 
  1. Will you need a table or court?
  2. What kind of surface is best for your players?
  3. What kind of shuffleboard equipment do you need to provide a high-performance game and still maintain the surface of your table or outdoor court over time?

Consult with suppliers of shuffleboard equipment to pick the right deck surface

Deck courts can be made of plastic mats, which are easily installed inside or outside; wood, such as on the deck of a ship; concrete, which is durable but hard on the knees and joints; or customized plastic or rubber surfaces, which are common in multi-sport courts that often include courts for tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, and other outdoor sports.

If shuffleboard tables are right for you, choose from different styles

Pick from traditional boards, nonconventional tables, bumper tables and custom tables that will brighten up the game room at any resort, hotel, motel, or family game room.

Complete your game with the right shuffleboard supplies and accessories

Once you've decided on a surface and have your court laid out and ready to go, you will need shuffleboard cues (which are affixed to the end of a shuffleboard pole, which is also known as a shuffleboard stick), scoreboards, and shuffleboard discs. If you have shuffleboard tables, you'll need weights and speed powders to maintain the speed and high performance of your table.
  • Your shuffleboard table will need regular maintenance to keep it in top shape. Purchase the products you will need up front, such as spray cleaner, silicon spray, paste wax and polish. You will also need a board wipe and a table cover to protect your cover from wear and tear.
  • Some suppliers of shuffleboard equipment offer a starter package that includes everything you will need to start and maintain your shuffleboard table or court.
  • Several manufacturers will customize your table or court to feature a company logo, which is a fun way to reinforce your brand.