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Quickly find new and used store fixtures and retail store fixture suppliers and equipment such as slat walls, grid walls, hooks, and stands to display merchandise on shelving, cabinets, and counters.

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Finding Store Displays and Fixtures

Your inventory is critical and your space and location are important, but don't underestimate the importance of the image and the feel you project to your customers through your store fixtures. Often when retailers rent space, they may inherit lighting, displays and even furniture.

Making the Most of Store Fixtures

Making the most of store fixtures; this is what all retail stores aspire for. Store fixtures can make a store feel well-managed and inviting.

Supplies for Store Fixtures

You need to find the right supplies for store fixtures that your company needs. Store fixtures are all the tables, stands, racks and other items in your store.

Making the Most of Florist Distributors and Wholesalers

Floral industry business owners understand that making the most of florist distributors and wholesalers is necessary growing the business. Wholesalers don't just provide products in bulk, they should also help you balance your bottom line.

Wholesale Retail Store Fixtures | Retail Store Supplies

Since 1986, Specialty Store Services is your source for wholesale retail store fixtures and wholesale store supplies. Shop with us for superior service!

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Retail Display Fixtures by KC Store Fixtures

Kansas City Store Fixtures is a leading online distributor of retail fixtures and display fixtures. We are a US manufacturer and a direct importer providing you with ...

Carlson JPM Store Fixtures: Store Fixtures, Retail Fixtures & Store ...

Store fixtures, retail fixtures, store displays, counter displays, all a part of your wide selection of our store fixtures collection.

Store Supply Warehouse | Discount and Economy Store Fixtures

Setting up your thrift shop, consignment shop, or resale store requires store fixtures. You need racks, shelves and displays in order to set up your merchandise ...

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Grab Bars

Grab Bars and Grab Bar Installation Services are the primary focus of Mr. Grab Bar, Inc. This company is a leading online source for bath accessories.
Palay Display Store Fixtures

Provider of store fixtures and retail store displays since 1945. Providing slatwall, gridwall, hangers, showcases, display forms, and mannequins.
Store Fixtures & Retail Store Displays

We offer a wide selection of store fixture and retail store displays. We ship nationwide and provide great service and prices.

Store Fixture Key Terms

Store fixtures are the pieces that hold and display merchandise for sale. Store fixtures, when used in the most productive way, allow a business owner to utilize the space available to its fullest potential, without overcrowding a location. The store fixtures you choose for any location should sit in the background of your retail environment and display your product in the most attractive and profitable fashion. With so many store fixture options, it is imperative that you learn the fundamentals of these display materials. Here are some store fixture key terms that will keep you ahead of the game.


Gridwall is a wall covering made out of strong wire grid. Once you attach it to the wall, you can add fixtures that are specifically designed for gridwalls.


Slatwall is a wall covering with ridges to which you can attach various types of merchandising fixtures, such as hooks and brackets. Slatwall is available in a number of laminants and finishes.


A unit that attaches to a store fixture to create tiers or multiple levels. A riser creates a multi-level visual that is appealing and adds dimension.


This refers to all the solid accessories you can use in conjunction with slatwall, gridwall or other store fixture wall covering. The term includes hooks, hang rods and shelves.


These are store fixtures made up of a main body with various elements of hardware attached, so that the final display provides an attractive presentation of products for sale.

Binning or cubes

These are neatly arranged bins or cubes that hold folded items of clothing. Again, these are available in various materials, including those that fit into the gridwall or slatwall wall covering options.

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