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Quickly find tea distributors and wholesalers. Research wholesale tea distributors offering various tea products, such as premium loose tea. Identify tea wholesalers or a tea distributor that offers products that fit your needs.

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Tea Distributors and Wholesalers

Wholesale tea distributors can help you set your coffeehouse apart from your competitors by supplying you with more than the traditional tea products. Many coffeehouses, including major national brands, only offer basic tea bags to their customers.

Tea Distributors and Wholesalers News and Trends

The world of tea distributors and wholesalers is quickly changing with a wider-than-ever array of tea-based products now being offered. The public's increasing demand for tea, thanks in part to its purported health benefits, is resulting in the steady development of everything from new blends for loose tea distributors to ready-to-drink flavored tea products.

Tea Distributor and Wholesaler Key Terms

For smart business people, an understanding of tea distributors and wholesalers key terms is increasingly important. In 2008, the tea trade generated $7 billion, and it's expected to reach $10 billion by 2010.

Purchase Loose Leaf Tea for Wholesale, Resale or Distributors ...

Thank you for visiting Maya Tea WholesaleThough our website is geared toward retail customers, we are a full service wholesaler of fine tea products, in...

Tea Distributors and Wholesalers Providers:

Business resources for Tea Distributors and Wholesalers. View relevant Food Distributors company listings, tips & advice, or describe your project and get ...

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Sell Thai Tea as a wholesale tea importer. We can supply any quantity of Oolong, red, green and herbal tea prepared to your specifications.

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Mountain Rose Herbs currently offers some of the most competitive pricing schedules when compared to other distributors of organic herbs and spices.

Supplies for Tea Distributors and Wholesalers

Tea product wholesalers should be well-versed not only in the wide selection of tea varieties on the market, but also in the supplies available for packaging, producing and serving tea. Some tea distributors focus strictly on providing a variety of teas to their customers. Others choose to expand their businesses by offering accessories and production and consumption supplies.

Supplies for tea distributors and wholesalers include everything from merchandising items like special tea product packaging, store displays and custom shippers to production items like teapots, brewers and dispensers. Serving items like cups, straws and lids are also good to stock to provide to your customers as well.

1. Find quality wholesale teas and merchandising supplies to offer, while familiarizing yourself with all the loose tea, bagged tea and tea flowers that are available.

2. Add production supplies to the inventory you offer clients to help sales and ensure proper use of your tea distribution company's products.

3. Provide the items your clients need when serving the tea they buy from your tea wholesale company.

Offer quality wholesale teas and appropriate merchandising supplies to your clients

Before deciding which wholesale teas to carry, you need to decide whether you want to carry loose tea, bagged tea, specialty teas like organic blends or tea flowers for tearooms, sushi, Asian cuisine or other cafes, or even specialty food stores. You may also choose to carry mass-consumable tea like that sold by restaurants or convenience stores in industrial tea brewers. If selling your products to grocery or specialty food or kitchen shops, you'll also want to consider merchandising supplies or display racks for your products.

Provide your clients with the proper production tools they need to make the wholesale teas you sell

For your customers to properly make the teas they buy from you, you as the tea distributor can offer them the right production tools for brewing or steeping tea. You can either sell them these supplies or include them as an incentive for a certain sized order.

Offer the appropriate serving supplies to your tea distribution company's customers

Whether your customers serve mainly hot tea, iced tea or only cold beverages to go, they'll need the proper serving teacups, glasses or disposable cups for the type of tea they serve.
  • Tea wholesale distributors should be well-versed in all the tea varieties they carry as well as the proper ways to prepare and serve it. Being knowledgeable in "all things tea" adds depth to the customer service you provide.

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