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Directory of wholesale jewelry distributors and suppliers. Research jewelry wholesalers offering fine jewelry, including gold and silver earrings and bracelets. Identify a jewelry distributor that fits your needs.

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Wholesale Costume Jewelry

Hollywood stars who parade on the carpet for award shows come dressed to the nines in expensive designer jewelry that goes back to the jeweler after the show is over. The average person, however, can look just as dressed up in replicas of celebrity bling or classic jewelry from costume jewelry distributors.

Jewelry Publications

Success in the jewelry industry requires an abundant wealth of knowledge, so get your hands on all the fine jewelry publications and jewelry trade publications you can and keep reading. As a small business owner, you need every advantage you can get to succeed.

Antique Furniture and Reproductions

Antique furniture can be expensive, so many dealers are beginning to sell or create beautifully made antique reproductions. Many of these reproductions are difficult to tell from the originals, so customers who couldn't afford expensive antiques are happy to find quality reproductions at prices they can afford.

Jewelry Events

Attending a jewelry convention is a great way to find deals on pre-made jewelry and jewelry making supplies. Before attending a jewelry event consider the following: What supplies or materials you are looking for? If not prepared, the selection can be overwhelming.

Working with Wholesale Jewelry

Jewelry wholesalers can provide you, as a retailer, with great quality merchandise at lower prices, which will ultimately help you increase your profits. Many jewellery wholesellers will typically allow you to purchase items in bulk so that you can save even more money.

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Making the Most of Watches for a Retail Store

Watches are more than just timepieces these days: Both men and women wear them as fashion items. By learning all about what watch distributors have to offer, you can stay on top of trends and, in turn, keep customers happy and coming back for more.

Working with Watches

As someone who works with watches, you know there is more to buying and selling watches than understanding that a timepiece such as a pocket watch is typically for a more traditional customer while younger customers often want fashion or jewelry watches. Having access to listings of watch dealers, information about wholesale watches, and information that only watch dealers or retailers would know is necessary to ensure the success of your business.

Making the Most of Wholesale Jewelry

There is a lot more to running a retail jewelry business than buying and selling jewelry. You need to know and keep up to date with market trends for your specific area.

Wholesale Costume Jewelry Industry Overview

Finding the right costume jewelry wholesalers is essential for a successful business. The right supplier needs to provide your business with wholesale costume jewelry that is the right style, price and quantity.

Costume Jewelry Basics

Costume jewelry is sold in department stores, novelty shops, card shops, home shopping channels and over the Internet. Costume jewelry manufacturers began mass production around 1900.

Fine Jewelry News and Trends

Even the most exquisite fine jewelry stores of today probably began as a small retail establishment. Like these retailers, whether your business is small or large, it’s essential to stay current on the industry.

Making the Most of Jewelry

Keep jewelry sales consistent and boost your bottom line by getting great deals on your merchandise, showcasing it effectively and finding fresh ways to market it to customers. Whether you cater to a high-end clientele or sell fashion jewelry to teens, effective buying and selling strategies will make your business a success.

Planet Silver Jewelry Wholesale

Silver jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler in Thailand. Rings, earrings, pendants, beads and bracelets made of sterling silver and precious materials.
Promise Ring for You

The best place to find beautiful and inexpensive promise rings on the internet. We offer innovative promise ring design options, attractive prices and
Xuping Jewelry

Wholesale jewelry from China manufacturer and supplier at xuping xp jewelry,such as imitation jewelry,stainless steel jewelry,silver plated jewelry.
Pound Wholesale

Pound Wholesale stocks a wide range of products for pound shops and discount stores including a selection of perfumes, jewelry and beauty products.

Modern brass jewelry by New York designer Karin Wilzig
Brilliant Earth

Ethical origin diamond engagement rings and wedding bands hand-crafted from recycled precious metals and set with beyond conflict free diamonds.

ELF925 is jewelry factory, located in Bangkok, Thailand, established in 1999, manufacturing high quality lightweight sterling silver jewelry.
Loose Diamonds has built a reputation as one of the leading retailers of custom engagement rings, wedding rings, loose diamonds and fine jewelry.
Urban Silver Jewelry

Offering urban silver jewelry for men including rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets set with cubic zirconia and diamond stones.
Wedding Bands - JewelryVortex

Offering quality selections of women and men's wedding bands and engagement rings in gold, tungsten, silver, and other metals in cherished designs.

Wholesale Jewelry

Wholesale jewelry vendors supply all types of retailers with all types of jewelry. Whether you have a kiosk in a shopping mall, a boutique on a cruise ship or a fine jewelry store, you can find jewelry wholesalers to supply goods for your operation.

Jewelry wholesalers often specialize in a particular type of jewelry, such as wholesale diamonds, wholesale fine jewelry or wholesale fashion jewelry. Whichever type of wholesale jewelry you’re looking for, there are a wealth of resources available to help you find suppliers.

When shopping for wholesale jewelry vendors, keep these factors in mind:
  1. Your markup percentage: Most jewelry wholesalers suggest that retailers double the wholesale price. Some retailers charge 60% more than wholesale. Your profit margins depend on the markup you set and can vary from brand to brand.
  2. Exclusivity: Wholesale fine jewelry from well-known brands or jewelry designers may be offered with exclusivity agreements that allow you to be the only retailer in your market to offer that brand.
  3. Reputation: Before buying wholesale diamonds from any wholesale jeweler, make sure to check their references and connections with industry associations.

Wholesale fashion jewelry and costume jewelry can help accessorize your boutique

Jewelry wholesalers who provide wholesale fashion jewelry often specialize in particular types of jewelry or a certain type of retailer.

Wholesale diamonds are a retailer's best friend

Diamonds are some of the most expensive stones consumers buy, and wholesale diamonds are some of the most profitable pieces that jewelers sell.

Go to fine jewelry wholesalers for gold, silver and colored gemstone jewelry

Wholesale fine jewelry includes pieces made from precious metals and colored gemstones as well as watches and other accessories.
fine jewelry wholesalers at

Find wholesale jewelry vendors in jewelry trade journals

Jewelry trade journals not only educate jewelry retailers about the industry, but also expose you to numerous wholesale jewelry sources.

Attend jewelry market shows to find jewelry wholesalers and independent jewelry designers

Jewelry market shows are a great place to discover independent jewelry designers, keep up on industry trends, and to bring you face to face with accessories and jewelry wholesalers.
  • Make sure the wholesale diamonds that you buy have been through the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme to ensure that you are not purchasing conflict diamonds.
  • Most fine jewelry wholesalers use armored truck services to deliver expensive jewelry. Ask for insurance, security and delivery details before you buy from any jewelry wholesaler.
  • Ask big brand jewelry wholesalers if they offer co-op advertising. Many name brand jewelry wholesalers advertise in national publications and list stores that offer their brand.
  • Always take a jeweler's loop with you to jewelry industry trade shows. This allows you to take a peek at fine gemstones and see manufacturer's imprints.
  • Before you research wholesale diamonds, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the four C's - carat, cut, clarity and color.
  • Buying wholesale jewelry from independent jewelry designers often means that you'll be able to offer a line exclusively in your market.

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