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Annuity Lead Generation Education and Training

Annuity lead generation education and training should provide tools, ideas and motivation to optimize the time and energy spent on the job daily. Annuity specialists can find important clients through many different avenues, but finding leads to annuities in a more efficient and effective manner will save precious time while optimizing sales.

Annuity Lead Generation Key Terms

Annuities are basically a kind of long term investment that pays off over a period of time that varies depending on the longevity of the policy holder. Annuities have been described as a kind of "reverse life insurance" and are popular for those wanting to lock in a source of income for retirement.

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Annuity Lead Generation Basics

Using annuity sales leads lists to find clients can save you time and money if you use appropriate lists and develop the leads into sales. There are numerous ways to generate annuity leads, including advertising in magazines, newspapers and on the Internet.

Consider the following annuity lead generation basics to help you turn annuity leads into annuity sales:
  1. Use your time to develop and nurture your annuity lead list.
  2. Advertise your services to get more annuity sales leads from people who are genuinely interested in the annuities.
  3. Turn annuity leads lists into annuity sales using tried and true techniques.

Outsource your annuity lead generation needs


Outsourcing your annuity lead generation needs to annuity lead list providers enables you to spend time closing the annuity sales instead of generating leads. Many of these companies are very affordable. When you buy annuity leads from an annuity lead generation provider, make sure their methods represent your company's values. Some less than reputable companies use unethical practices, such as ignoring the National Do Not Call List, which puts a negative image out for your company.

Get annuity sales leads from strategically placed ads


Placing ads for your financial planning service in strategic places, such as the yellow pages of the phone book or in local business newsletters allows you to target people who may be interested in purchasing an annuity from you. When people contact you from these ads, you can add them to your annuity sales leads list if the person doesn't buy an annuity on the initial contact.

Make the most of leads for annuities


Once you have your annuity leads list generated, you have to make the list work for you. The first step is to weed out leads that aren't genuinely interested in purchasing an annuity. Once you do this, you can work on nurturing the remaining leads into sales.

  • Keep a detailed record of all conversations you have with potential clients from the annuity leads list. This enables you to build on the previous conversations with each subsequent sales call.
For more information on generating and qualifying annuity leads, visit our guides "Annuity Lead Generation Education and Training" and "Making the Most of Sales Leads."