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A full-service advertising agency will do most of the work of posting banner ads ... banner ad placement, rather than marketing plans and top-of-the-line banner ...

Internet Ad Placement Service - Professional Media Management

We coordinate print and internet placement with tracking and reporting click- through rates and impressions. Ad types include big box, banner, link to landing ...

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Online Advertising Placement and Pricing ... Top/Bottom Banner Ad: This placement is available as a shared space on any ... Free Design Service for Online Ads.

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Business resources for Banner Ad Placement Services. View relevant Online Marketing company listings, tips & advice, or describe your project and get ...

Your banner ad here - Sierra Connection

Through our ad placement technologies, we manage to get the word out for a ... are also available, allowing you to better showcase your products and services.

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adZooks! Syndicated Banner Ad Placement | LinkedIn

adZooks! is a targeted syndicated banner ad placement service that puts your message into any metro area's most-trafficked websites. From regional ...

Banner & Ads Placement Services - Live Web Media

Live Web Media offer excellent banner placement services to explore client business and generating a million of clicks to client business.

Captiva Marketing | Advertising Services & Ad Design

By strategically placing banner ads on popular niche sites, we can help ... to tens of thousands of dollars a month for prime placement in a major portal site.

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Jan 6, 2014 ... Website owners can now rely on BannerPlay's targeted ad placement service, designed to display the banner in relevant websites, which are ...

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Apr 22, 2012 ... Here Are The Most Hilarious, Unfortunate Online Ad Placements Ever ... their ads are featured on, the websites their banners appear on, and ... Not that the agencies could do anything, except pull the ads down immediately.

Targeted Banner Advertising - Top Website Placement

Web banners function the same way as traditional advertisements are intended to function: notifying consumers of the product or service and presenting reasons  ...

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Ever tried banner advertising before? Using banners to advertise is a great method of branding your image and business. First impressions are important and ...

Advertising with Banner Ads

Sure, every business needs to be online these days. The most successful ones, however, advertise there, too. Banner ads – those popular rectangles of ad space that pepper Web sites across the Internet – can do a lot within a relatively small space and for a relatively small investment. Among other things, they can:
  1. Build brand awareness.
  2. Boost Web site traffic.
  3. Generate sales leads.

Conceive your campaign

Banner ads are worth testing if you want to sell a low-end product to impulse buyers or if you want to develop brand awareness for higher-end services. Research the benefits of banners to decide if they're the right medium for your message.

Write your ad

A banner should read like a billboard: short and sweet. Keep text simple and always include a call to action so that prospects don't just click, they buy.

Design your ad

The best way to grab consumers' attention is with stellar graphics and rich media, such as animation, sound and interactive effects. The more attractive an ad is, the more memorable its message will be.

Choose the right real estate

A successful banner speaks to the right people in the right places so use banner advertising on smaller sites with specialized content.

Purchase ad space

Banner ads performance is measured in impressions (the number of times an ad is seen) and sold at a cost per thousand impressions (CPM for short). The average price for a banner ad is between $20 and $100 CPM. The size of both your ad and your audience can affect its price.

Look for results

Is your banner working? To find out, you'll need software to monitor impression and click-through rates, and a system for measuring conversions, or the number of click-throughs that result in a purchase.
  • Banners should only be one part of your online advertising campaign. Combine them with e-newsletters, search engine advertising and search engine optimization for maximum effect.
  • Link to the correct page on your Web site; linking to a page that is irrelevant or out-of-date can spell disaster.
  • Keep your ad's file size low so that it loads quickly and easily on prospects' computers.