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Call Center Outsourcing Key Terms

For many companies, outsourcing call center functions is a more cost-effective solution than hosting one in-house. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, however, there are a few terms that you need to understand.

Making the Most of Call Center Outsourcing

Contact center outsourcers can help to set your company apart from your competitors. With the right kind of call center outsourcing for small businesses you can reach your customers better with the outsource call center message you deliver and assist customers with an inbound call center that will bring them back to your business.

Call Center Outsourcing News and Trends

Contact center outsourcers are a growing piece of the business landscape for many industries. A call center business can be a profitable enterprise that serves the needs of business with customer service, help desk and telemarketing activities.

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US Based Call Center Outsourcing - The best dedicated contact center agents that speak your brand. Global Response - Your Brand, Our Passion.

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The Brand Care Call Center. The world's most trusted brands trust Global Response; Find out why! We are the best domestic call center since 1974.

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As a leader in the call center industry, West Corporation is equipped to handle your entire outsourcing needs. Please visit our site for details today.

Call Center Outsourcing - NCO Group

Call center outsourcing has proven to be quite valuable for many businesses. Call center outsourcing is a service that can help you in a variety of situations.

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Advanced call center outsourcing and USA based outsourced contact center solutions at Vcare Technology helps businesses meet and exceed the service level ...

Call Center Outsourcing

As a small business grows, a rising tide of customers is good news — until each and every one wants to talk to you. That kind of chore you can farm out to a call center, leaving your team to focus on new business. Call centers can help you:

  1. Take orders, resolve complaints
  2. Reach new customers or market to existing customers
  3. Make appointments for service

Here are the first steps toward understanding and using call centers:

First, try call center robots


If what you need is to get a grip on incoming appointments, say, for a medical practice or car repair shop, an automated, Internet-based system might be enough — and cheaper than call center outsourcing.

Go private label call center


Setting up call centers takes serious investment. Unless your business is built around this channel exclusively or primarily, its likely better to outsource the work until it grows to a significant portion of revenues.

Try overseas call center outsourcing


Inbound call centers often work from foreign shores using English (or Spanish) speaking reps to handle your company's needs. Increasingly, too, even big companies like insurance providers and airlines hire in-country, native speakers through home-based systems that rely on part-timers, usually U.S. citizens looking for flexible work schedules.

Build in-house call center solutions


Besides phones, computers and space, a call center in your own office implies a significant investment in software to manage those contacts, often Web-based.

Keep up with the law on call centers — privacy matters!


As companies have come to rely on telemarketing, politicians have responded in kind with do-not-call legislation. Running afoul of one angry customer can cost you thousands.

  • Some call centers also handle faxes, e-mails and letters from your customers. They go by the name contact centers.
  • Hiring a call center can take a load of your mind, but then strangers are representing your brand. Ask for names of customers before signing on, and dial them up as mystery client. You might be surprised.
  • Consider call center outsourcing a one-off project – say a timely marketing push – as a test before signing a long-term deal.
  • A big part of using a call center successfully is reacting to what they learn. Make sure you have a good customer-relation database practice in place before taking on a call center project.
For more information on choosing the right outsourced call center, visit our guide pages "Call Center Outsourcing Key Terms" and "Making the Most of Call Center Outsourcing."