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Certificate Course in Cross-Cultural Communication | InGlobed

Education | Training ... The aim of the Certificate Course in Cross-Cultural Communication (CCCC) is to enable those enrolled to meet the growing need for  ...

Cross-cultural Education - Global Dynamics, Inc.

International decision-making and communication are extremely complex. ... A. Improving Cross-Cultural Education and Training Effectiveness. Structure and ...

Cross Cultural Communication Programmes - School of Education ...

Nov 22, 2013 ... School of Education Communication and Language Sciences ... The aim of the MA in Cross-Cultural Communication (CCC) is to enable those ... in and communication-focused training in cross-cultural communication.

Cross-Cultural Training, Training of Trainers - The Interchange Institute

Learning a vocabulary for discussing cultural differences. Understanding how cultural values affect communication styles, habits and attitudes at work and home.

Cross Cultural Training - VITS

Our training is based on experiential learning with group participation being a key component. ... This training assists your staff to work more effectively within a cross cultural communication setting by employing appropriate knowledge and ...

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Cross-Cultural Training Course - University of the Pacific

INTL 151 Cross-Cultural Training I (CCTI) is a two-unit course designed to prepare ... U.S. values and assumptions; Cross-cultural communication; Cross- cultural ... for a semester or year on a Pacific-approved Education Abroad program. 2.

Interpreter Courses - Cross Cultural Communication Systems, Inc.

Teaching healthcare interpreters since 1980 through a didactic approach that accommodates adult students learning styles while they apply soft and hard skills  ...

Cross-cultural communication - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Cross-cultural communication is a field of study that looks at how people from .... New distance learning technologies, such as interactive teleconferencing, ...

Intercultural Education and Training - Continuing Studies

Expand your horizons with studies in intercultural communication, cultural diversity and cross-cultural solutions at the University of Victoria.

Intercultural Communication Institute

The Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI) offers resources for intercultural, cross-cultural, multicultural, international, diversity training, and education.

Rebooting Business Education with Cross-Cultural Training ...

Jun 21, 2012 ... The internationalization of business education is nothing new. Case studies featuring foreign companies are taken for granted in MBA ...

Why Warriors - Cross-Cultural Education and Training Programs

Cross-Cultural education and training courses. ... Free online resources. Improve your cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication ...

Cross-Cultural Communication Education and Training

Cross cultural communication skills are ever important In today’s business world as it’s likely that you’ll interact with global suppliers, clients and colleagues. It’s just as likely that you’ll have employees from a wide range of cultures on staff. While this sort of globalization brings new opportunities to your business, it also brings the potential for new misunderstandings. To alleviate misunderstandings and keep your competitive edge, you need cross-cultural education.

It takes more than just good will to communicate effectively across cultures; you need the kind of detail that only a study of the culture reveals. Cross-cultural communication education and training can provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the cultures you move in, giving you solid cross-cultural communication skills. Once you understand the differences and similarities across cultures, you can tailor your message to avoid misunderstandings.

In cross-cultural education and training, expect to learn:

1. Why words and body language don’t always seem to match in cross-cultural business settings;

2. How to use cross-cultural communication skills effectively;

3. The way different cultures view time, deadlines and rank; and

4. How to use culture-specific etiquette to make the best impression.

Choose cross-cultural training programs that focus on both verbal communication and body language

Just as the way you use your words is culturally-conditioned, the way you hold your body is, too. When you interact with other cultures, you may confuse someone else's sign of respect as disrespect, or vice versa.

Find cross-cultural communication education specific to your needs

If you prefer to target and train to specific needs, rather than focusing on overall communication, you can find classes that focus on everything from management issues to travel.
Intercultural Management Institute, choose from a range of cross-cultural course offerings that target specific skills and situations. If you need something else, you can inquire about custom training options. Graybridge Malkam offers courses designed for those traveling abroad for business.

Include etiquette in your cross-cultural communication training

Communication includes more than just verbal communication and the way you conduct business meetings. It carries over into etiquette, as well. Understanding another culture's etiquette rules gains you respect and helps you decode social behaviors that may at first look mysterious.

Choose cross-cultural education and training you can run

If you prefer to have more control over your training, purchase cross-cultural training materials to use on-site.

  • If you have international employees, choose a cross-cultural training program that gives insight into American culture, as well as other cultures.