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Directory of direct mail and direct marketing companies offering direct mailing services. Review direct mail firms for a direct mail business solution that suits your business advertising and marketing needs.

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Finding a Direct Marketing Mailing List

A good mailing list is the key to any successful direct-marketing campaign. You can develop one of your own as you grow and acquire customers, but you can also rent or lists from numerous brokers and vendors.

Effective Direct Mail Marketing

Even though direct mail is considered "junk mail" by some consumers, direct marketing gets the word out to your targeted recipients quickly and effectively. But as with any form of marketing, the key to success is to work smart.

Using Mailing Lists

Lots of business owners have mailing lists but, unfortunately, don't know how to use them. They fail to realize that using mailing lists means more than just sending out the standard business letter.

Mailing Lists Key Terms

Mailing lists can be an effective and affordable way to promote your business. Mailing lists help to keep in contact with your current customers or to get in touch with new potential leads.

Direct Mail Marketing - Mailing List -

Create direct mail marketing campaigns for postcards, letter packages, newsletters, brochures and more. Purchase direct mail mailing lists, full color printing, ...

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Advertise with direct mail – learn the benefits of using direct mail to promote your business and communicate with your customers.

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Experienced direct marketing list brokers with access to over 70,000 direct mail, telemarketing and opt-in email lists.

Makes postcard magnet mailers: a postcard with a magnet attached, mailed to a list you provide. Powerful, lasting promotional impact at low cost.

Direct Mail: An Overview

One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways for your business to reach its target market is by using direct mail. According to Business2Community, an ExactTarget study found, "65% of people who receive direct mail have made a purchase or engages in a different marketing channel as instigated by the sender, placing in at second behind e-mail (66%)." Not to mention it can be much simpler than online marketing.

Business owners can send out letters, postcards and brochures to a select target market to personalize ads for products and services and to offer specials and discounts to get people in the door.

Despite the recent turn to electronic ads and email marketing, direct mail remains and effective method for business promotion. In fact, a recent survey by Target discovered that the strongest channel that delivered the strongest ROI for customer acquisition for B2C marketers was direct mail. Direct mail marketing companies can provide design, production and mailing services, or your business can handle everything itself using the latest software, depending on the budget you have to work with.

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Monitoring News and Trends

Before proceeding with your campaign, it’s a good idea to seek out direct mail news and trends to discover what advertising strategies are currently making an impact on consumers. For example, there are 5 million stay at home moms in the US - can your brand appeal to this group of people? Consider the resources you can use to get this important information.

  • Locate collections of marketing articles- Many websites offer collections of articles that provide information for success with direct mailers. These sites allow access to multiple articles in one location so that you don't have to search all over the Internet for information.
  • Subscribe to blogs with advertising tips- Many blog writers provide tips and tactics on a regular basis to help you make the most of your direct mail business strategies. These blogs may contain anything from how to have more success with your business mailers to what you need to consider when hiring direct marketing companies.
  • Access marketing magazines for up-to-date advice- There are many Internet magazines and newsletters to which you can subscribe and receive periodic emails with marketing information and trends.

Preparing Your Direct Mailings

Once you have done your research about the latest mail marketing trends, be sure to compile an extensive customer mailing list and put together an effective design that is both informative and aesthetically pleasing. Some details to consider when putting together your direct mail campaign:

  • Brand: Be sure that the design is compelling but stays on brand. You want your customers to know the mail is from you just by looking at it quickly.
  • Engagement: Online marketing and social media marketing is successful because customers can interact with the content, the brand and other customers. Consider including a QR code on your direct mail piece for customers to scan; this can take them to your website, social sites, a particular landing page, sales products, etc.
  • Sending: Avoid outrageous postage fees by purchasing a postage meter for your office. Whether you pay as you go or set up a monthly set allowance/payment, you can save time and money.

Analyzing Your Final Product

Once sent, you’ll want to understand how well the campaign worked. While online marketing offers the features of online analytics, you’ll need to employ a variety of other tactics for your offline campaign.

  • Promo code: Include a promo code for a discount, sale or VIP exclusive. This allows you to see how many people used the code, giving you a good idea of how successful it was.

Direct mail marketing can be just as effective, if not more so than its electronic counterpart, and rest assured that it won’t end up in a spam folder. Just like online, be sure you’re staying on brand, following best practices and trends and following your results for improved performance in the future.

If you’re interested in direct mail marketing, you should also consider postage meters and online marketing

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