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Directory of business graphic designers. Vendors of graphic design services including brochure and logo design.

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Brochure Design

You don’t need weeks to create a quality-marketing tool. In fact, business brochures can go from concept to customer in days.

Graphic Design Salary Tools

Graphic design salaries are as tricky to set, offer and negotiate as any employee salaries. You want to be able to offer a competitive salary but you also want to be fair to your bottom line.

Making the Most of Business Logo Design

Making the most of business logo design means creating a logo that works seamlessly with all your marketing materials. If your company sells a product, your logo and your product packaging need to work together perfectly.

Digital Business Cards Basics

In today's competitive markets, digital business cards are an excellent marketing tool to promote your business. Knowing what to include on your digital business card is the key to attracting potential clients.

Pricing and Costs of Digital Business Cards

Now that you've decided to promote yourself and your business using digital business cards, it's time to break down the pricing and costs of digital business cards. Whenever you invest in promotional tools, it's understood that some investment is necessary.

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Graphic Design Firms in New York Basics

If you've never used a graphic design firm before, you might wonder why they're necessary. Graphic design firms can provide more than logo design.

Graphic Design Salary Tools Basics

If you search on the Internet for graphic design salary tools, you'll find a wealth of salary information ranging from brief industry overviews to complex, segmented charts. Regardless of the detail, they all provide valuable information on salaries for graphic designers.

Graphic Design Firms in New York News and Trends

Where do you go to find out all the latest news on graphic design firms in New York? Every industry has its way to be in the know, and graphic design firms are no exception. Whether you're researching graphic design firms to take on your business needs, or you're a graphic designer looking for work at graphic design firms in New York, news and trends will help you make an informed decision.

Business Card Design Basics

When you design a business card, you have ultimate creative control. Even with little design expertise, you can create an eye-catching business card, which can help you promote your business.

Using Business Cards

As the name business card implies, these little cards are for advancing, retaining and growing your business. If they just sit in a holder they're not doing their job.

Business Cards Basics

Professional business cards are not one size fits all. In fact, you don't even have to follow the rule of a traditional 3.

Business Card Design Education and Training

A business card design plays an important role in the entire marketing package of a business. A successful business card design is unique enough to stand out from others and informative on key information.

A Logo Co

Miami Logo Design Company, A Logo Co also specializes in Web Design & Search Engine Optimization
StockLayouts | Graphic Design Templates

Offers customizable templates for creating brochures, flyers, newsletters, postcards, and stationery. Download templates, edit and print!

Graphic Design

Graphic design services help create your professional image. Well-crafted business brochures, logo design, business cards and other marketing materials speak volumes about your business. Turning to experts to handle the graphic design of your printed pieces gives you the assurance that your marketing materials will be of high quality and that they’ll accurately reflect the image you hope to portray.

Graphic design solutions that offer high-quality materials without the high prices include customizable templates for brochures, business cards and other marketing materials. A variety of online vendors offer graphic design services using templates for basic business brochures and business cards for a minimal investment.

Keys to choosing great graphic design services include:
  1. Review the portfolios of graphic design firms to see their client list and to see how well those brands were translated through their marketing materials.
  2. Ask graphic designers and graphic design firms for references for similar projects.
  3. Make sure you know what to expect from the graphic designers in terms of the number of designs and revisions they will provide for their set fee.

Outsource graphic design services to freelance graphic designers

Small businesses can save money by hiring freelance graphic designers instead of contracting with larger graphic design firms.

Download design templates for brochure design and other collateral

If you need help creating a basic company newsletter or brochure design, stock templates are a good place to turn. Often, all you have to do is add your copy, logo and artwork.

Find graphic design firms that specialize in corporate identity and logo design

Before you open the door for business, you should have your logo design and business identity ironed out. Update your business identity or logo design when your company moves or merges, or just to keep your look fresh.
business logo design, check the directory.

Choose graphic design firms that specialize in brochure design and collateral materials

You can outsource small graphic design projects, such as your company's brochure design or marketing collateral materials and direct mail pieces, to graphic design firms that specialize in these types of print projects.
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Quick print graphic design solutions

If you need a brochure or marketing piece fast, your best bet is to choose a quick printer that offers graphic design services on-site.
  • Find out what the graphic designers or graphic design firms provide as a final result. Do they provide artwork on disk, or will they work with your chosen printer to do press proofs?
  • Some graphic designers charge by the hour; others charge per project.
  • When getting quotes from graphic designers, find out what the quotes include in terms of delivery of the work, proofing, revisions and set-up fees.

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