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Self-service kiosk vendors and providers of custom, interactive touch screen kiosks. Directory of kiosks for the retail, banking and trade show industries.

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Supplies for Ultra-Portable Kiosks

Operating a portable kiosk can be a brilliant business move. They offer the opportunity for small business owners to interact with large amounts of people for a reasonably low-cost, with little capital needed at all.

Ultra-Portable Kiosks Education and Training

A portable information kiosk is used by many businesses at trade shows and promotional events. The portable kiosk is simple to assemble, makes traveling with your equipment easy, and can provide your trade show exhibit with the promotional space you need to sell your products, services and new ideas for the industry.

Plasma Screen Kiosks Types and Styles

Plasma screen kiosks are a great way to advertise, get feedback and sell products for your company with the high definition picture of a plasma screen monitor. Kiosks are used in banks, malls, large businesses and trade shows to allow people to discover information about the company, products and services without having to wait for a free customer service representative.

Airport Kiosks Types and Styles

Kiosks at airports have streamlined the check-in and ticketing process for fliers and ticketing agents. The self-service kiosks make flying easier for consumers and processing those fliers a lot easier for large and small size airlines.

Plasma Screen Kiosks Pricing and Costs

When purchasing equipment for your business, look into plasma screen kiosks pricing and costs to determine what your choices are. Check into the various types of plasma screen kiosks available to determine which best suit your purposes.

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Plasma Screen Kiosks Key Terms

In the changing world of business, plasma screen kiosks are becoming an attractive way to get "customer face time" without human labor. They are also giving consumers more convenience and control over the way they buy goods and take care of personal transactions.

Airport Kiosks Key Terms

For the busy, experienced traveler, an airport kiosk can be a lifesaver for checking in, getting updated flight times and other information about the airport and the city, even finding the nearest restroom. Not only a convenience for passengers, airline workers may find aiport kiosks lessen the load for them as well.

Ultra-Portable Kiosks Pricing and Costs

Ultra-portable kiosks are a popular choice for companies that spend a lot of time traveling from one trade show to the next. A portable computer kiosk or retail kiosk typically involves mechanisms for convenient set up, as well as lightweight materials for easy transport.

Kiosk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A kiosk (from Turkish: köşk, which in turn comes from Persian: kūshk‎) is a small, separated garden pavilion open on some or all sides. Kiosks were common in ...

Kiosk Manufacturers | Kiosk Information Systems | KIOSK

KIOSK Information Systems leads the self-service industry, providing kiosks, expert indoor and outdoor kiosk design, software applications, and complete field  ...

Kiosk - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

a small store in a building or on the street where things (such as newspapers or candy) are sold. : a small structure that provides information and services on a ... - most secure & portable ipad kiosks

Made of steel and aluminum, our Kiosk are robust enough for busy public environments, but light enough to easily move from event to event without straining ...

Outdoor Kiosks

Outdoor retail kiosks offer high visibility to potential customers and are a great way for merchants to get the word out about their products. Outdoor kiosk designs range from simple booths to elaborate customized displays. Many models are designed to be lightweight and portable, making them perfect for one person to set up and take down. An outdoor kiosk can be set up in front of a store, at a concert or at fairs and flea markets.

Many towns and businesses use outdoor information kiosks in places where there are high pedestrian traffic. An outdoor information kiosk can display maps, advertisements or general information about a particular area.

When looking at purchasing an outdoor retail kiosk, consider the following:

  1. Budget – How much are you willing to invest?
  2. Aesthetics – What type of outdoor kiosk are you looking for?
  3. Practicality – How elaborate of an outdoor kiosk design do you need?

Determine which outdoor kiosk design is best for your business

Are you planning to be out traveling with your outdoor kiosk? Many businesses, like cell phone companies and credit card companies, travel to college campuses and other outdoor locations and need an outdoor portable kiosk design. Other companies use outdoor kiosk tents, which are better suited for staying in the same spot most of the time.

Make a statement with outdoor kiosks

Many retail kiosks are custom designed to advertise clients' products. Everything from perfume to soda to cell phones can be incorporated into an outdoor kiosk. Another advertising method is with an inflatable balloon kiosk, which is a surefire way to catch people's attention at outdoor events.

Bring business to you with an outdoor information kiosk

Businesses, college campuses and retail centers can take advantage of heavy foot traffic with outdoor information kiosks. Outdoor information kiosks come in a variety of finishes and styles to complement any setting. These styles of outdoor kiosks are also ideal for ticket booths at outdoor events.
  • When selecting an outdoor information kiosk, look for a model that is lighted, so that pedestrians can use it in the evening, as well as in the daytime.

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