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Providers of software applications to assist with generating sales leads.

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Lead Generation Software – Marketo

Lead Generation Software. The Marketo Approach to Lead Generation. Today's buyers use the web and social media to control the buying process and cycle.

Improve Your Lead Generation with Marketo

Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline.

Lead Generation Software Finds Targeted Leads Instantly - YouTube

Jul 3, 2011 ... Most powerful lead generation software available in the world. Get business leads fast. Everybody knows the ...

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Save time, serve clients better, optimize lead distribution and delivery. boberdoo. com produces advanced lead ditribution software for the lead generation ...

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We compare the best sales leads generation services side-by-side, considering features, pricing, and effectiveness.

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LeadExec Lead Management Solution for Marketers

LeadExec is a lead management solution that captures, scores, measures, and deliveres all of your leads.

LeaDNA™ - Lead Generation | Marketing Automation Software ...

LeaDNA™ innovative marketing automation software and demand based lead generation services allows companies to generate inbound web leads, track and  ...

Internet Marketing and Lead Generation Software | SEO | SEM ...

Software and services for lead generation from SpectrumInc. Spectrum provides leading edge SEO services and software for many vertical markets.

Lead Generation Software and Services - Search Marketing ...

Spectrum's lead generation software platform coupled with our certified internet marketing services tailors to your website on any device – generating relevant, ...

B2B Lead Generation Software | CallidusCloud

Leverage CallidusCloud's lead generation software to track and measure visitor activity on web pages and effortlessly identify B2B sales opportunities. Increase ...

Online Lead Management Software - Zoho CRM

Lead generation refers to the capturing of consumers interest towards products or services, who may be interested in a ...

Jumplead: Inbound Marketing Automation Software | Online ...

All-in-one software for inbound marketing automation ... Use lead activity to automate sales team notifications, nurture autoresponders and lifecycle stage ...

Lead Generation Misconceptions

The definition of what a lead is presents challenges more critical than we realize. Most marketers today are very targeted in their lead generation efforts, and more diligent than ever in obtaining as much intelligence on prospects as possible, following the practice of delivering their sales teams leads that meet criteria that indicate the potential of converting to a customer. 

However: Sales may view this entirely different. They receive leads with a preconception that they are 'sale ready'. So of course marketing hears the age old 'we have no good leads', or 'the leads we received are all useless'.

Sales vs. Marketing


This disconnect between the two groups carries enormous frustration for both sides. Your lead generation programs are designed to bring in leads - with the ultimate goal of conversion, but an immediate sale is not always the case. And in B2B many sales cycles are long - some longer than others, coupled with a variety of other factors that hinder the sales process. This is true for lead generation that focuses on annuities, mortgages, insurance, or any other product or service.

With that said - often those sales leads are viable; they are just not converting to an immediate sale - creating dissatisfaction for sales professionals that are striving to meet important sales projections. 'Lead' by definition carries many translations: suspect, prospect, opportunity, etc., and how these are viewed and handled is contingent upon a variety of factors including your organization agreeing on the terminology, program flow, and expectations.

Without this, your organization's departments are not in tune with one another, as each may have different definitions, and expectations.

So what is the solution?

A starting point would be to outline those areas that need definition, applying a process, and communicating guidelines as standard practice across the organization. This not only creates clarity, but will greatly improve cross-communication efforts, and create cohesive direction for marketing and sales to work together.

For more information on how to foster better quality leads and get your marketing and sales departments to see eye-to-eye, visit our guides, "Generating More Quality Leads" and "Develping Great leads and Prospects."

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