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Letterpress and Screen Printing Services

Letterpress printing and screen printing are two different types of printing but they have many aspects in common. Both involve 3-dimensional blocks or plates that are used to make the image.

Letterpress and Screen Printing Services Education and Training

Silk screen printing is a centuries-old art form that has become extremely popular in recent decades, specifically in the form of t-shirts, sweatshirts and other garments. Many screen printing companies have expanded to include letterpress services too, another old craft that has had a resurgence in the last decade.

Letterpress and Screen Printing Services Key Terms

Letterpress and screen printing are printing techniques that have long histories with simple and rudimentary equipment. These techniques also continue to be relevant and commonly used in modern times due to new innovations with equipment and respect for the artistry required for the techniques.

Baltimore Print Studios

A letterpress and screenprinting public-access print studio.

WE PRINT - Baltimore Print Studios

We love printing your work, working with you on custom projects, or designing ... We offer design and printing services in both letterpress and screenprinting.

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Screen Printing Letterpress Prints Full Color. PAPER FOR SCREEN PRINTED GOODS Screen Printed Business Cards, wedding invitations, postcards, etc…

Baltimore Print Studios | The Beauty of Letterpress

Baltimore Print Studios is a public-access letterpress and screen printing studio in Baltimore, MD. ... We also provide design services and commercial printing.

Frequently Asked Questions | Stumptown Printers

The template download access is on the "Print Services" portion of our site, ... Yes , we can print on 2 sides of the paper with both the letterpress and offset techniques. ... We recommend you contact a screenprinting shop for these services.

Hobby and Professional Letterpress Printing | American Amateur ...

Armour Die Cutting Service LLC: "Die cutting, Letterpress and Screen Printing of name plates, decals, face panels, overlays and more since 1987." Located in ...

Printing Services » - Mystic Multiples

Letterpress. Risograph Printing. Screen Printing. Letterpress. As the proud owner of a Kluge 12×18 press, we're happy to offer custom letterpress ephemera.

Mom & Pop's Print Shop

custom design,letterpress, screen print, direct to garment (DTG), vinyl, die cut services, Charlotte, NC, t shirts, koozies, wedding invitations, business card.

Letterpress + Screenprinting - Independent Machine Works

... the world of printing, we've become a resource for local letterpress and screen printers looking for replacement ... A few of the services we commonly offer are:.

Making the Most of Letterpress and Screen Printing Services

Letterpress and screen printing services are both older methods of printing that companies continue to use in new and modern ways. Screen printing is a method of printing on many types of materials, including fabric and plastic. With the advent of modern machines and materials, manufactures have updated the method.

Letterpress printing is essentially unchanged from the time of Benjamin Franklin, but benefits from new and modern designs and colors of paper and ink. Both letterpresses and screen printing have their place in our modern business world. Consider making the most of letterpress and screen printing services by:

1. Knowing the difference between letterpress printing and screen printing.

2. Setting a budget appropriate to the job required and determining which method would be most cost effective.

3. Finding a printer knowledgeable and experienced in the form of printing required for your job.

Learn more about the process and products produced by a screen printing service

Businesses often use screen printing to print on items of apparel, including t-shirts and sweatshirts. Many t-shirt printers also offer digital printing and embroidery as other ways to get your logo or image onto an item made of fabric. Each printing method has strengths and weaknesses depending on your image and the number of items you need.

Obtain economical printing from screen printing companies

Screen printers that print t-shirts can often produce shirts for a low price, especially if you order a large quantity. You can also use screen printing to print labels for many types of products, because printers can screen print directly onto various materials.

Find out about the kind of products produced by letterpress printing services

This type of old-fashioned printing is undergoing a renaissance as an art form. You can get unique business cards, stationary and invitations printed this way, if you are willing to pay the price. You'll need to wait for companies to process your order; they complete it by hand.

Order beautiful, custom-printed pieces from letterpress services

Make a statement about your business by ordering products printed by artisans who are still using this method or have re-discovered it.

  • Letterpress and screen printing services are methods that require experience, so choose a printer which has been in business long enough to gain experience and ask for samples of its work before ordering.