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Makers of machines for sealing mail and other documents.

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Mail-sealing machines come in large, complex forms that can handle hundreds of envelopes per minute to smaller, desktop models that require manual feeding of the mail. Both have their benefits and drawbacks and share some of the same key terms.

Mail Sealing Machines Pricing and Costs

Companies that send out a lot of mail can benefit from a mail sealing machine. However, these machines are also ideal to use to seal paycheck envelopes, customer survey forms and any other envelopes.

Print to Mail Pressure Seal Machines Folder Sealers Mailing Systems

Pressure seal machines are folder sealer mailing machines attaching directly to HP 4000 series printers pressure sealing mailers folding and processing checks  ...

Products - Pressure Seal Mail Machines Folder Sealers - Print-2-Mail

Pressure seal machine products folder sealers and automated mailing machines that stand alone or attach to HP 4000 printers for pre-glued custom pressure ...

Tabbing Machines, Tabbers, Mail Tabbers - Addrex

Complete lines of Tabbing Machines / Mail Tabbers to apply Mailing Tabs ... tabbing machines,mail tabbing machines,wafer seal machines,tabbers,mail tabbers,.

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Mail or Letter Folders, Envelope Inserters and Automatic Mail ...

Give your communications a professional look with quality folding machines, inserting ... Tabbers will seal your mail while helping to ensure your postcards, ...

Folder Sealer Machines from Printech

Pressure seal folder sealer machines are used in conjunction with pressure sensitive forms to create self mailing forms and documents ready for the mail.

Mail Sealing Machines -

Mail Sealing Machines, You Can Buy Various High Quality Mail Sealing Machines Products from Global Mail Sealing Machines Suppliers and Mail Sealing ...

Why Pressure Seal - Paitec USA

The correct answer is that pressure seal machines and forms are used to create mailing pieces without the need for an envelope. Using a pressure seal system ...

American Mailing Machines | Postage Meter Mailing Machines ...

American Mailing Machines has been providing Postage Meter Mailing Systems, Envelope Sealer Machines, Supplies and Service since 1981. We pride ...

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Postage Meter Mailing Machines - Envelope Sealers - Pitney Bowes Supplies - Envelope Sealer A division of Northland Business Systems. 1.800.894.4204 ...

Mail Tabbers – New, Rebuilt and Used Tabber Models - Pro Mailing ...

mailing machines ... The Secap 1030 Tabber is a compact, tab and wafer seal applicator that automatically applies adhesive tabs on open-ended mail.

Mail Sealing Machines

Mail sealing machines help large and small businesses expedite correspondence amongst employees, clients and prospective clients. Any business that relies heavily on direct mail marketing, employs a large number of people or processes large amounts of correspondence, benefits from having envelope sealing machines.

A letter sealing machine eliminates the need for manual flap folding and sealing. This helps companies manage their outgoing mail efficiently, and turn out thousands of sealed letters a day. Mail sealing machines are also useful for payroll checks, invoices and tax forms. When shopping for a mail sealing machine, you should consider the following:

1. The most proficient mail sealer is an automatic sealer, but there are cheaper manual sealers. The best sealer can process both unnested and nested envelopes.

2. Check the speed of the letter sealer before making a purchase. The amount of envelopes sealed per minute effects the total output of mail you process each day.

3. Postage sealing machines provide the postage and seal the envelope. This is a good option for businesses who output thousands of pieces of mail a day.

Choose an envelope sealer machine that's the right size for your company

A large envelope sealer is best for a big company who needs a large output of mail processed each day. Large sealers work best in a company's mail room or copy room. Smaller businesses, or businesses run out of a home, can consider a desktop mail sealer for smaller quantities of mail.

Pick an envelope sealing machine with a reasonable output speed

Whether you need 5,000 sealed letters or 50, there is a mail machine sealing solution for your company. Automatic sealers churn out more envelopes, but that doesn't mean a manual feeder doesn't save a small business time and money.

Rent postage sealing machines to get two jobs done at once

Businesses that output large parcels of daily mail benefit from renting a postage meter. You can rent the base along with the meter, but specialized bases that provide automatic feed and sealing are available for sale. While the initial investment might seem high, you save money in the long run by reducing your monthly rental fee.
  • Envelope size is another important aspect of mail sealing machines, but most machines process the typical sizes and popular fold styles of most envelopes. If the machine you like doesn't seal large envelopes, talk to the supplier about an optional sealing kit provided for some machines.