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You say your business uses a lot of mailers for shipping smaller items or just plain paper products? Then you need to consider two things upfront. First, where do you get the kind of mailers most suited to your needs, at the cost and quality level you’re looking for? Second, do you plan to do those mailings in-house or does it make more sense to contract a home mailer or bulk mailer—a firm that will handle the whole thing—to do the job for you?What you’re planning to mail will of course determine what kind of mailer you select.

Pricing and Costs of Office Mailing Equipment and Supplies

For businesses that use office mailing equipment and supplies, it's important to have price information available whenever you need to buy or repair mailing equipment and supplies for your business. Since there are many providers of office mailing equipment and supplies, you're going to need to know the names of companies that offer the best prices for their items.

Making the Most of Office Mailing Equipment and Supplies

Most offices need some sort of mail equipment and business mailing supplies in order to send out business mailings, advertisements and fliers. There are many kinds of mail room supply items that you can purchase to keep your business running smoothly.

Pricing and Costs of Mail Boxes

Mail boxes are important items for every business. They allow you to communicate with the outside world as well as send out your bills and receive payments from customers.

Mail Boxes Laws and Regulations

As property of the federal government it is important that you are versed on mail boxes laws and regulations in order to properly install and maintain postal equipment for your business. To keep your business running efficiently, you can't take any chances with lost or tampered with mail.

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Mail-Sealing Machines Key Terms

Mail-sealing machines come in large, complex forms that can handle hundreds of envelopes per minute to smaller, desktop models that require manual feeding of the mail. Both have their benefits and drawbacks and share some of the same key terms.

Package Delivery Services Key Terms

Key terms in the package delivery service industry discuss special charges, such as accessorials. They also name required documents, like a bill of lading and certificate of origin.

Mail Boxes Types and Styles

If you do any kind of correspondence with customers, or even internally with your employees, you need to look at mail boxes types and styles. Your mailboxes need to be sturdy enough to handle heavy traffic and they also need to portray your company in a positive light.

Mail Sealing Machines Pricing and Costs

Companies that send out a lot of mail can benefit from a mail sealing machine. However, these machines are also ideal to use to seal paycheck envelopes, customer survey forms and any other envelopes.

Mailing Equipment and Supplies

Whether you run an assembly-line operation shipping thousands of products daily or are a solo consultant who mails one or two items a week, having the right mailing equipment and supplies at the ready can save you both time and money. Nearly every small business should considering investing in a: Postage meter Postage scale Folding machine Letter opener .

Overnight Delivery Services for Business

Have a small package or parcel that needs to reach its destination tomorrow? No problem. Whether your package needs to arrive by the next morning, by the end of the next business day or even on a Sunday, you can find an overnight delivery service that can get the job done.

Using Package Delivery Services

Using package delivery services is a smart move for companies because it ensures that your company's important documents and shipments get where they need to be. It's no longer a hassle to send boxes to other parts of the country or world.

Mail Services

Mail services provide a convenient and low stress way for business owners to filter and distribute mail and shipments. Without mailing services, you will spend a significant amount of crucial work time preparing and sending mail to customers, investors and your target market -- your time is better spent developing and running your business. A mail service provider will provide you with time and peace of mind, especially in regard to direct mail services.

Mailing companies include the United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx and DHL. While most people only associate these mail service providers with large shipment needs, many of them provide other crucial business mail services. Efficient office mail support covers the following aspects of your postal needs:

1. Direct mail services and development and design of your direct mail items (such as postcards and brochures)

2. Provision of a ready-made mailing list for direct mail services

3. Mail service providers

Determine what your business needs from an office mail service

You need to know exactly what mail assistance you are looking for before you make a choice on an office mail service. For example, if you intend on designing your own postcards for direct mail and simply need a mailing list, then it may be more fitting to use your local USPS than to hire a direct mail firm. Write out a plan, including what portion your business will do, what mail assistance you desire for the project and a time line.

Hire a mail service provider

When looking at mail service companies, there are a number of items you need to examine to be sure that the companies are legitimate and will provide you with the best possible service. Investigate how long they have been in business. Ask for a list of referrals and contact their previous clients to study their opinion on the services provided. Ask about the available mail services, how the companies will handle your account and the turn-around.

Start or join a PCC to improve mailing services in your area

The Postal Customer Council (PCC) is a service provided by the USPS. The goal of the PCC is to develop better communication between business owners and the postal service and to better meet the mailing service needs of businesses. Join a PCC to make your opinions and desires for mailing services known. There are more than 200 PCC groups nationwide. Start a PCC if one isn't available in your area.
  • If you own a small business, consider renting a mailbox from a mail service provider such as the USPS or Mail Boxes, Etc. Doing so will reduce the risk of the misplacement of mail or a package being left at your office when no one is available to receive it.