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Quickly find providers of market research data collection through market research surveys and focus groups. Browse data collection companies offering market research services including marketing lead lists and market data analysis.

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Conducting Your Own Market Research

No matter how small the business, it's important to know your customers, the competition and the marketplace. The American Marketing Association suggests business owners put aside .

Market Research Data Basics

Don’t feel overwhelmed with the task of market research data gathering for your company. Methods and channels abound, from free information provided by the Census to pricey high-end modeling systems from boutique firms.

Market Research Data Key Terms

Before you design your online survey or write the questions for your focus group session, you need to know the terms used in designing market research. Determining your target market, deciding what questions you want to ask about that market, collecting data and analyzing the results are all part of the process of market research.

IBM SPSS Data Collection

Get an accurate view with Data Collection products for survey and market research ... Create, program, and field your survey projects via Software as a Service ...

iFormBuilder Mobile Data Collection | iOS and Android Clipboard ...

iFormBuilder is a universal mobile data collection platform for iOS and Android, being used in over 110+ countries by companies and organizations who need ...

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Data Acquisition and Data Collection Software: InfinityQS ...

InfinityQS® provides real time data collection software (SPC software) which is used in various industrial applications for maintaining quality & improving ...

Carlson Software - Data Collection

Carlson Software combines advanced functionality, ease-of-use, and sheer capability to make it the first choice in data collection software. Users have the ...

Open Data Kit

Aug 29, 2014 ... Build a data collection form or survey (XLSForm is recommended for ... We are referring to the combined set of tools as the "rev 122" software.

Data Acquisition and Data Collection Software - Tec-It

Software for data acquisition and data collection from serial (RS232), USB, Bluetooth® and TCP/IP devices. Capture device data from scales, gauges and ...

Multichannel Data Collection Software - Voxco

Multichannel Data Collection Software. Voxco Command Center™ is an integrated platform for multichannel and mixed data collection modes that provides ...

Dooblo: Survey Data Collection Software for Android Mobiles ...

Dooblo is a leading provider of Survey Data Collection software for Android mobile phones, tablets and PDAs. Try SurveyToGo CAPI survey App for Free.

Tellwut Corp.

Use Tellwut's online survey tools and or draw on its market research panel to gain insight into your stakeholders and your market.

Pricing and Costs of Market Research Data

In the course of running your business, you run into questions you can’t answer based on your knowledge or experience. Normally you ask business associates, or try out different scenarios to see what works -- an unofficial kind of market research survey. Occasionally you encounter problems too big to solve on your own, and acquaintances shrug their shoulders. Yet the cost of doing something wrong or not doing anything at all outweighs experts’ price tags.

When you need outside help to get results, find a market research tool to fit. Three areas to consider include:

1. Searching for market research data in the public domain

2. Diving deep into issues with exploratory market research work

3. Broadening your scope through quantitative data collection

Exercise your taxpayer rights while market research data gathering

How does free sound? Employ Uncle Sam, one of the largest data collection companies, for your market research. The federal government supplements its decennial census with numerous surveys as frequently as every month. While it's limited to national data, regional, state, and local affiliates can break data down to areas closer to home, and it provides a solid baseline to work from.
Consumer Expenditure Survey program combines the quarterly Interview Survey with the Diary Survey to provide information on consumer buying habits, including income and expenditures for both family and individuals. You also can look up the US Census Bureau's Q&A center to quickly find the more popular census searches.

Delve deep with exploratory market research

When you're unsure how to even frame a question, start by exploring the issue with qualitative research. The most cost-effective form of qualitative research is the focus group, as you can recruit in a relatively short time frame and get decent results in as little as two groups, often scheduled in one evening. Costs depend on the audience: general consumer groups cost the least both for recruiting and providing participation incentives, while executives and professionals like doctors or lawyers cost the most. Certain topics dealing with sensitive issues might be more difficult to recruit, driving field costs up. Also, don't skimp on the moderator; be willing to pay more for a thoroughly trained moderator.
name Focus 25 derives from the 25 different research strategies they’ve used to help clients find answers. They quote from $3,500 to $7,500 per group, excluding any travel fees. Established in 1985, Market Trends Research conducts both in-person and online focus groups ranging from a base of $4,000 for consumer groups to $5,000 for professional groups.

Listen to the customer's voice through data collection in market research

Once you've explored the topic and caught the audience's vocabulary, build a questionnaire and test these findings in the general population under study. Costs vary the most in quantitative research, depending on several factors such as how many people you want to talk to (fewer if you want to survey the general population, more if you want to drill down into segments) or the complexity of the topic you want to talk about. Quantitative surveys can cost as little as $5,000 and run over $150,000. Budget five figures for a comprehensive survey using a full-service firm to include professional hours for up-front consultation, analysis and final presentation. If you desire to write your own survey, provide the contact information of the people you want to talk to, and analyze the results on your own, you can save money by shopping out the questionnaire and target list to a market research data collection company that focuses exclusively on the interview process.
  • Market research data companies at times quote a project on a Cost Per Interview (CPI) basis. Don't extrapolate from that figure if you change specifications. If you add on eligibility requirements or even ask for more completed interviews without a corresponding sample increase to draw from, the effort and labor hours required to execute these change orders will affect the CPI.

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