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Market research companies, specializing in gathering data and providing market research information to assist in corporate decision-making. Find links to market research firms offering market trends, customer data, and usability testing.
Infosurv Market Research

Infosurv offers full-service customer and B2B/B2C market research. Uncover consumer insights, reduce customer churn, and increase successful product launches.

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Using Consumer Behavior Research

There's an expression that past behavior is often the best predictor of future behavior. That's the idea companies are banking on when conducting consumer behavior research.

Selling to Seniors

Across the U. S.

B2B Online Competitive Intelligence for Search Marketers

Your competitors are watching you. Are you watching them? Are you using what you learn to improve your search marketing results? Online competitive intelligence - gathering and analyzing information about your competitors' online activities - is clearly a hot topic among B2B search marketing professionals competing for the best position in organic and paid search results.

Market Research Organizations

Market research groups are a group of survey and research professionals who want to share their experiences and knowledge. They are a source of support, information, education, networking and solutions in the survey industry.

Market Research Firms in Minnesota

Market research companies in Minnesota gather, record and analyze data and information about your customers, competitors and product market. They help you gather research for your business plan, new product launch or expansion into new markets.

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A Guide to Zip Code Lookup

A US zip code directory is a great tool to utilize if you have friends and family members scattered around the country. It is very important to make sure you always have the correct zip code on your letter or package.

Competitive Intelligence Software

Competition intelligence (CI) helps business learn about their competitors, including the competition’s suppliers, materials and technology. Competitive intelligence solutions also help businesses learn about legal, market and political changes that affect their business.

A Guide to Marketing to Teens

Marketing to teens is easy if you know what you're doing, but can have disastrous results if you go about things the wrong way. Teenagers are media-savvy and distrustful of advertisers, so if you want to create a marketing campaign for teens, you need to get inside their heads.

Focus Group Questions Education and Training

Don’t waste your time on qualitative research that falls wide of the mark without obtaining focus group questions education and training tools. Focus groups bring together two constituencies on either side of the glass that need to hear and be heard.

Market Research Firms in Australia News and Trends

Australia market research agencies are responsible for tracking industry trends in all industries and researching how changes and trends affect the sales market. Marketing firms in Australia benefit all business owners that do business in Australia by keeping track of where their industry is headed.

Market Research Firms in the United States Key Terms

When dealing with market research firms in the United States, key terms knowledge can help you decipher consumer desires, needs, beliefs and actions as they relate to purchasing behavior. Market research always involves data collection and analysis, the results of which are presented to clients in order to help them develop, brand and market their products and services.

Market Research Firms in New York Key Terms

Market research firms in New York have a large footprint in the consumer product industry. Take the time to learn about a few of the terms and strategies that New York market research firms employ so that you'll be up to speed on their lingo if you hire them for your business.

QuestPoint Digital Marketing Intelligence

QuestPoint is a global leader in providing useful data-driven marketing insights to global brands and marketers.
4 Paid Surveys

Real reviews of the best online paid survey sites. 10 leading survey, mystery shopper and focus group websites are evaluated, reviewed and ranked.
B2B Market Research Agency

Circle Research is a specialist B2B market research agency. They support leading B2B clients with insights into their brand, customers and markets.
Jackson Associates Research

Jackson Associates offers two luxurious focus facilities in Midtown and suburban Atlanta, as well as quality recruiting from a large database.
NBRI - National Business Research Institute

NBRI gathers business research information from an employee survey or customer satisfaction survey.
Tellwut Corp.

Online survey site for users to post and answer polls to earn rewards to redeem for prizes. Businesses can survey tellwut members or their customers.
The Dunvegan Group

We help you keep satisfied customers by partnering with your team to develop a thorough Customer Satisfaction Program aligned with your revenue goals.
TRC Market Research

Experts in New Product Research, Segmentation, Branding studies, Pricing Research, discrete choice conjoint and Bayesian statistics.

Market Research Industry Overview

From its inception in political and social science polling in the early 20th century, the market research industry has grown to over $10 billion worldwide, currently experiencing an average 5% annual growth rate. Nearly a quarter of a million marketing jobs in the US alone revolve around the acquisition and use of market research data. Privacy issues such as “do not call” lists and the spread of cell phone usage and the Internet has led to the ascendancy of online data collection. Furthermore, the industry has not been immune to merger and acquisition activity affecting other service sectors.

You can dissect market research analysis in myriad ways, such as research categories that include customer satisfaction, advertising effectiveness, product development, price elasticity, or developing a market forecast; by population, with consumer research versus business to business market research; or by industry. However you slice the industry, you can break marketing and research companies into three categories:

1. Market research associations that promote the industry

2. Market research suppliers of syndicated or secondary research

3. Market research firms providing custom or primary research

Cover the ground rules with market research associations

While no government policy regulates the market research industry directly, legislation such as "do not call" lists and the exemption of cell phone numbers from phone directories do impact its execution, specifically, how effectively a market research company can collect data. Market research associations keep its constituents and the public informed about trends generated by and affecting the industry, and serve as liaison between the public policy makers and private enterprise.

Access market information quickly and economically with syndicated reports

Secondary research makes up roughly one-third of the multi-billion dollar pie. A market research analyst compiles data and writes a report for general publication. Use these reports to ease your progress over a learning curve about industry trends and issues, market demographics or basic competitive intelligence.

Dive deep with primary market research surveys

While secondary research gives you quick access to inexpensive intelligence, you typically won't get in-depth information or specific answers. Primary research enables you to discover specific information tailored to your organization's needs. Plus, by definition, it's your own information undisclosed to anyone else, to help uncover and exploit hidden opportunities in the market or weak spots in your competition.
  • If you're new to market research, look up the associations' websites first to get a helpful impression of the industry's scope and capabilities before moving ahead with a market research plan.