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Creating a Business Slogan

A slogan is a short phrase that does a lot of work. In just a few words, it can convey all sorts of information about your business or product.

Targeting Industry Segments

Industry segmentation is a means of defining the types of businesses to which your company will offer products and services and try to win over as customers. Your services will be in demand by industries that have similar needs, so it is essential to identify and categorize the industry segments and vertical market segments that will make up your potential client base.

Marketing Promotions News and Trends

Marketing promotional companies continue to evolve as Internet usage grows and more promotional marketing professionals and marketing promotional companies learn how to make the most of their own new software and online marketing opportunities. Online corporate giveaways services are growing rapidly with more search engine optimization tools and consultants available to help every marketing promotions owner reach their maximum Internet potential.

Market Research Software Key Terms

Market research software can help target potential customers more efficiently and enable your company to manage your advertising budget effectively. Market research software can analyze a set of data to determine how to allocate resources in a strategic manner.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Consulting Key Terms

Consulting within the arena of pharmaceutical sales and marketing is a challenging business. Consultants must know the language of the business as well as have knowledge of its legal regulations.

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Branding for Success

Branding — a hot business buzzword in the '90s — has come front and center again. As the economy emerges from the recession, now is the time to look at your branding and to try to get noticed and gain market share.

Naming a Business

If you've ever wondered what's in a name, the answer is simple: everything. A good name can make your business, and a bad one can certainly break it.

Promotions Consultants

Promotions consultants can help your company become more well known and increase your sales and name recognition. There are a wide array of ways to promote a business; choose a marketing promotions consultant that specializes in your specific business for a higher rate of success.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Consulting

Pharmaceutical sales and marketing consulting is a specialized field. A pharmaceutical marketing consultant likely has a science background along with sophisticated marketing know-how.

Making the Most of Corporate Branding and Identity

If you understand the basics of corporate banding and identity, you may be eager to use this powerful marketing tool to promote your business. A branding strategy helps you develop a plan that develops a unique image for your company and then positions that image for customers to see.

Brand Management Consultants News and Trends

Brand management consulting continues to evolve as Internet usage grows and more advertising and marketing firms learn how to use it. Brand identity consulting online is one of the largest growing segments in the world, with more search engine optimization tools and consultants available to help every business owner reach their maximum Internet advertising potential through product brand management consulting services.

Using Marketing Promotions

Marketing promotions can help you draw in new customers and bring back current clients. Use promotional marketing products to increase traffic and provide customers with an added reason to visit your business.

Chief Outsiders Strategic Marketing Consulting Firm

Chief Outsiders is unique among strategic marketing consulting firms. We provide outsourced and interim CMO services in the U.S. with implementation.

Marketing Consulting Business Guide: Online Marketing, Strategy & Brand Building

In an increasingly competitive business environment, marketing has become the most important function for a majority of businesses. Market strategizing and brand building have become critical to the long-term survival of businesses in an environment where the customer is flooded with choices. Marketing consulting firms have an important role to play in this entire exercise. They bring specialization, objectivity, and professionalism, adding significant value to a corporate marketing strategy.

The immense popularity of the Internet has created new online marketing opportunities for businesses. Search Engine Optimization and Web site promotion can help to market a business at a very low cost. However, this is a technical area and usually requires the services of professional SEO marketers to develop a successful online marketing strategy for the business. Hiring of marketing consulting services is a worthwhile investment for almost any business. Professional marketing consultants are deeply involved in the field and are updated with the latest marketing techniques and methodologies that work.


Developing or Improving the Marketing Strategy

A professional marketing consultancy can help to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for the business. It can incorporate new marketing approaches such as online marketing and social media networking, along with traditional advertising and promotion. If the business already has an elaborate marketing strategy in place, the consulting firm can improvise in the areas of concern and provide valuable inputs to adapt the strategy in accordance with the new techniques as well as the marketing behavior of competitors.

Improving Marketing Efficiencies

One of the key goals of a marketing consulting firm is to suggest ways to achieve maximum targeted marketing exposure for the business at the minimum cost. An experienced consulting firm can advise an appropriate media mix and suggest improvements in the current brand positioning of the company. It can also help to negotiate cheaper advertising and marketing rates with various paid media channels to bring down overall marketing costs.

Building an Online Strategy

Many marketing consultancy firms offer specialized online marketing and SEO services for businesses. This is an emerging area of marketing that can yield high exposure for the business at very affordable costs. However, it requires a focused online marketing strategy to ensure that the business can reach out to the target markets and achieve a positive response from potential customers. Internet research firm iProspect says that nearly 40 percent of all Internet users believe companies with top-ranking search results on the Internet are the leaders in their respective field.

Brand Positioning

To extend the life cycle of any brand, it is very important to understand the pulse of the markets and perceive the changing tastes and preferences of the new generation of consumers. A marketing consulting firm can provide research data and advise whether the brand positioning needs to be altered or reinvented to maintain its market domination across many different generations.  


Lack of Understanding of Brand Ethos

A professional marketing consultant is an outsider with little or no idea about the company’s history, culture, and the core values that the brand represents. Therefore, in some cases there may be a risk of brand image distortion or a failure of marketing strategy when brand loyalists fail to identify with a new marketing campaign.

Faulty Product Positioning

Many companies hire marketing consulting services to support the launch of a new product in the market. The company may tend to ignore the advice of its in-house product development team and marketing managers who understand the product intimately, and go by the suggestions of the professional marketer. Sometimes this may lead to wrong product positioning, and the entire marketing strategy may boomerang, resulting in the failure of a potentially good product.

Ignoring Core Customers

Marketing consultants are sometimes excessively enthusiastic about breaking into new markets and may choose unconventional or risky methods of advertising and brand promotion. This may result in disenchantment of the brand’s core customers who are already predisposed towards the product and derive value from its existing brand image.

Unethical Marketing Practices

A marketing consulting firm may not necessarily understand the corporate ethics and values of a client. They may resort to unfair or unethical marketing practices on the ground, or suggest advertising strategies that may be offensive to many potential customers.


The costs of hiring a marketing consultant can vary widely, depending on the reputation of the marketer and the scale of the proposed marketing campaign. Some consultants work on a fixed-fee basis, while others may charge a percentage of the total marketing expenditure incurred during a campaign. The business organization must perform an objective cost-benefit analysis before taking a decision on hiring a marketing consultant firm.

Marketing consulting services have been in high demand in recent decades due to various reasons. An increasingly globalized economy, excessive competition, and the information boom have contributed to this demand. However, a business must carefully evaluate the pros and cons of hiring an outside marketing consultant firm before taking a final decision on its marketing and brand building strategy.