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Media planning software allows you to keep track of the ads and articles you've placed in your publications, determine what to place in upcoming issues, know the cost of your placements and keep track of how the placements are affecting your business. There is web-based media planning software as well as software you can purchase.

Media Planning Software for Beginners

Media planning software and advertising planning software are used to help you develop your annual plan for advertising in broadcast and print media. Media plans usually contain information on the media where your ads will be placed, your advertising goals, your target audience, your strategy and your budget.

Better Tools for Media Planning - Mediatools Media Planning Software

Mediatools by Workhorse Software is the premier media planning software used by media planners, media buying teams, worldwide advertisers and agencies.

Mediatool - The media planning tool for media professionalsMediatool

Media planning software that makes it easy to collaborate with your team. Mediatool is cloud based and always available for you an all devices.

Ad Agencies - Media Planning Software - Arbitron

Arbitron provides media research, planning and buying software to help you make sense of media and consumer data and get results.

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Media Planning - NextMark

NextMark's media planning system enables you to outsmart and outpace your ... Not even enterprise level software can attain what NextMark has with a REAL ...

Media Planning Software,Targeting,Data Integration

Telmar provides advertising software, data integration and media planning services to advertising media professionals.

Telmar's Software and Services | - Media Advertising ...

Learn about Telmar's advertising software, data Integration, ROI and media planning software and services.

MediaPlanHQ :: Media planning software for marketing teams

MediaPlanHQ is a comprehensive online cloud-based media planning software that efficiently manage, track and organize your marketing advertisement ...

Bionic Media Planning System | Bionic Advertising Systems

For Media Planners: a modern web-based media planning system that ... with the ease of use and data resources of the most robust software platforms I've seen.

Centro Launches Cloud-Based Digital Media Planning Software for ...

Mar 11, 2013 ... Centro today announced Centro Planner, cloud-based software that automates, documents and consolidates every step of the digital media ...

SQAD Acquires Leading Media Planning Management Company ...

Aug 13, 2014 ... Workhorse's SaaS-based media planning and management software, Mediatools ™, has been widely adopted by advertisers and agencies as ...

Media Planning Software Education and Training

Media planning programs allow you to keep track of your marketing and advertising efforts in print, online, on television and on the radio. These programs even show you how effective each form of advertising is for your business, so that you can maximize your budget and focus on those marketing efforts that are paying off. To use these programs effectively, however, you will need some form of media planning software education and training.

Since the programs can be complicated and you will be using the software to perform some complex functions, media planning software education and training is a must. This training will teach you how to use the software for your specific business and how to use the various features of the software to solve common media planning issues. When seeking training, consider the following:

  1. Hire in-company training from manufacturers of advertising planning software.
  2. Take online seminars from software manufacturers to learn applications and software features.
  3. Take general media planning training to learn how to apply media planning ideas to different brands of software.

Get on-site training from media planner software companies


If you purchase media buyer software from some software companies, training and installation at your company may be available. Often, this training includes a basic examination of the features of the software program. If you need to know how to use a specific program to meet your business needs, this kind of on-site, hands-on training is excellent as it gives you the chance to ask specific questions of an instructor.

Seek out online advertising planning software training


Many software manufacturers offer online training and classes for customers using their products. Unlike on-site training, this kind of training is more general and often covers not only the features of a specific program, but also some common media planning issues -- such as online media planning, for example. These low-cost programs may be a good choice if you are not sure which advertising plan software you will be buying.

Take general media planning training seminars


Some training for media planning programs is not linked to software manufacturers at all. This sort of paid training teaches you about software and about media planning in general, and will prove useful whether you use free media planning software or expensive paid models.

  • Consider using free media buying software demos online. While these online demos will only teach you a few features specific to certain programs, they often are useful in comparing media planning programs and in learning generally how these software programs work.
To learn more about the various kinds of advertising campaigns that are available to your business through media planning software, visit our guides, "Online Advertising Software for Beginners" and "Small Business Online Marketing."

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