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Quickly find mystery shopping programs to help your business analyze customer service. Review listings for links to professional service agencies providing mystery shoppers and secret shopper assignments.

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Mystery Shopping News and Trends

Across many industries, business owners and managers have found out that mystery shopping can be a great way to evaluate their business from the outside in order to get a true picture of what's happening: but what about maximizing a mystery shop to make it effective? And what are others doing on the vanguard of mystery shopping research?For this and more, business operators can get informed by online groups that have done the work to recognize tried and true strategies, as well as pinpointing what's emerging within the industry as common practice. Managers can look for:1.

Training for Mystery Shopping

With so much business riding on how a business is managed and run day to day, absent owners and operators turn to skilled mystery shopping services to get answers on how their shop is really performing. But there are as many ways to go about mystery shopping as there are individual business enterprises.

Using Mystery Shopping Techniques

When customers enter your store, phone your firm or shop your Web site, are you certain that they're getting the best service possible? If not, it could be hurting your business more than you imagine. The majority of dissatisfied customers never complain; they simply never return to your place of business, and they tell their friends and colleagues about the poor experience.

MSPA | Mystery Shopping Providers Association - Home

Trade association of mystery shopping providers and resource for shopper applicants.

Mystery shopping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mystery shopping or a mystery consumer or secret shopper, is a tool used externally by market research companies, watchdog organizations, or internally by ...

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How I Made $14,000 A Year Mystery Shopping - Forbes

Mar 1, 2013 ... LearnVesters loved the idea of mystery shopping in The Surprising Way I Make Money on the Side, so we spoke to a veteran mystery shopper ...

Mystery Shopper Scams | Consumer Information

Legitimate mystery shopping opportunities are out there, but so are plenty of scams. If an opportunity is on the up and up, you won't have to pay an application  ...

Mystery Shop, Mystery Shopping Company - Market Force

Identify your company's' strengths and weaknesses by using the services of a Mystery Shopper from our Mystery Shopping Company. See our site for more info .

Mystery Shopping Job in USA - Market Force

Fancy doing something different? What about a Mystery Shopping Job? Help retailers improve their overall performance and enjoy yourself at the same time!

BMA Mystery Shopping

Market Audits - Mystery Shopper Programs - Price Audits - Competition Shopping - Guest Satisfaction Surveys - Web-surveys - Electronic Comment Cards ...

The Premier Mystery Shopping Company: Secret Shopper®

Let us Mystery Shop for you. Mystery shopping programs providing accurate feedback. A leading mystery shopper company for many years. Mystery Shop for us.

BestMark Mystery Shopping

A leader for 26 years, driving customer loyalty, advocacy and sales for respected customer-focused brands across over fifteen industries.

Mystery Shopping Key Terms

So many businesses use mystery shopping to help control a site environment for a store or other location that it's almost impossible to boil mystery shopping down to one conforming process. Each mystery shopping campaign should be uniquely geared to the needs of business as well as the field of operation, size and scale, and specific goals for using the results in market research or customer retention. Knowing about some key terms for mystery shopping will help top brass brainstorm about results and how to get the best campaign running for their shops.

Mystery shopping survey

A mystery shopping survey is a tool to guide mystery shoppers through the process with details about questions and observations. Some also use the term for the actual store visit. Either way, it refers to the nuts and bolts of the process and how a business will use the results.

Mystery Shopper Providers Association

The Mystery Shopper Providers Association or MSPA is an organization that promotes recruiting and other aspects of mystery shopping. Use this resource to distinguish credible agencies from scams.


Up-selling is the idea of getting a customer to buy more at one visit, or suggesting helpful additional purchases. Businesses often use mystery shoppers to check on a corporate up-selling policy.

Mystery shopping objectives

Mystery shopping objectives are the overall goals that will help to shape the questions and details on a mystery shopping survey. Mystery shopping services try to get details on mystery shopping objectives from clients.

Mystery shopping questionnaire

A mystery shopping questionnaire is a set of questions printed out for mystery shoppers to read to store employees.

Reimbursement versus fee compensation

Reimbursement compensation is when a company pays shoppers in terms of product. Fee compensation is when the company pays a fee or amount of money to a mystery shopper. Figuring out payment is a big part of a successful mystery shopping campaign.