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Public Relations Agencies for Entertainment

Finding a needle in a haystack seems easier than trying to gain notice by entertainment honchos. One way to increase your chances for gaining notice is with the help of public relations agencies for entertainment.

Photographic Agencies for Freelancers

Enlisting with photographic agencies is a great start for freelancers who want to gain global exposure for their photography. Stock photographs are commissioned as royalty-free (RF), rights-managed (RM) or rights-ready (RR).

Camera Lens Covers

Not all lens covers for digital and film SLR cameras are created equal. A camera lens cover protector is designed with the intention to shield and protect professional cameras and lenses from adverse weather such as wind, rain, salty air and sand; it can be considered a rain coat for cameras and lenses.


Whether you are in search of a commercial photographer, a fashion photographer, professional photographers, sports photographers, portrait photographers or a wedding photographer, you can look to online resources to easily compare services, quality and prices. By using the many sources as a directory of photographers, you can search by a specialty or broaden your search to be more general.

Wildlife Stock Photography

Locate the perfect wildlife stock photos for your business, marketing, or personal use for free, or for a minimal fee through a wildlife stock photo agency, organization, or individual photographer site. Wildlife photography is a large market, so it is quite possible to find what you need online without having to resort to going on your own personal safari for the image you need.

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Camera Enclosures and Covers

You use surveillance cameras to protect your property, so you need to protect your security investment with surveillance camera covers in order to keep everything operating at its best. There are as many types of camera enclosures and covers as there are security and surveillance cameras.

Medical Photography

Digital photography for medicine incorporates images ranging from micro images taken from slides, to bruises, to full-body images. The work of professional medical photographers is prevalent in medical text books, reports and health care magazines.

Stock Photo Agency Key Terms

Like any industry, businesses selling photographs and other images have their own set of stock photo agency key terms. Some are exclusive to stock photography, while others are broader graphic design or general photography terms.

Using PR Agencies in New York

Just as important as selecting a New York public relations firm is planning how to use its resources. Your decision shows that your business realizes that a good public image is crucial, especially in New York City.

Photojournalism Jobs News and Trends

Finding photojournalist jobs takes more than just obtaining a degree. While you can read job boards and newspaper ads to stay up-to-date on the industry, these outlets are not the best resources for information.

Film Processing Education and Training

Film processing ranges from simple digital photograph processing, which can be done without much training using computer software, to traditional darkroom 35mm film developing or x-ray and radiology film processing. No formal degree is necessary to develop film of any kind, but you will need experience working with different types of film.

Fashion Stock Photography Education and Training

If you want to enter the fashion photography field, but don’t want the competition, stress and hassle associated with high-fashion photography, the lucrative world of high fashion stock photography or stock fashion photography may be right for you. With fashion stock photography education and training, you can learn to be a professional who takes fashion stock images for publications, media companies, web sites and others in the fashion industry.

Bohm-Marrazzo Professional Photography

At Bohm-Marrazzo Photography we are professional photographers with years experience and expertis in advertising, marketing and business.
Darkershadesofbrown Photography

Destination wedding photographer located in Scranton PA who is available for national and international assignments. drone photography, filming and surveying is a leading provider of UAV aerial filming, surveying and photography using drones and quadcopters.
Botticelli Portrait Studio

Long Island based photography studio specializing in newborn photography, baby photography, children's photography, and family portraits.
Advent Photobooks

Create stunning, high quality personalised photo books and canvases easily at Advent Photobooks from your digital photos.
Amy Tripple Photography

Amy Tripple is a national award winning boutique photographer in Lemont IL that specializes in children's and family photography.

Corel is one of the world’s top photo/video editing software companies with more than 100 million active users in over 75 countries.
Headshot London Photography

Professional portrait photographers in London specializing in portrait, corporate, fashion, family, glamour, product, event and headshots photography.
J. Amado Photography

J. Amado Photography offers newborn, family, maternity, baby, senior pictures, child, business, and wedding photography in the Denver Colorado area.
Photos by Kristopher

Ocean Isle beach photographer specializing in wedding & family portraits. We take a modern approach to documenting life's best memories.
Robert Wood Photography

Provides photography services for weddings and any occasion.


Offer photography services to the public as a viable business venture for qualified pros. Today's consumer-model digital cameras make shooting great pictures easy, but consumers still want professionals who can deliver quality photographs addressing their specific needs.

Your professional photography business should focus what you enjoy most. Limit your offerings based on your interests and experiences so that you feel fulfilled every time you get behind the camera:

1. Portrait photography allows you to focus on the human element behind the lens, generally in your private studio as you control lighting, setting, and poses.

2. Commercial photography is a competitive market and is best suited to those who can adapt to any filming conditions.

3. Scientific photography captures subjects related to research in order to illustrate or record discoveries, and requires a background in the scientific or technical field you'll photograph.

4. News photography -- or photojournalism -- focuses on newsworthy photos for magazines, newspapers, journals and television.

Gather photography information from photography professionals at the top of their game

Network with people who share an interest in photography and explore the wide range of options that the field of photography offers. You can locate community photography clubs by contacting a local school. There are also online communities which offer you the opportunity to meet people worldwide with a broad range of experience who can answer questions and help get you started.

Market your digital photography business to increase both foot and Web traffic

Consumers who want to hire a professional photographer to capture a personal moment in time need easy access to your website. Once they locate your website, they will focus in on your portfolio and your professional photographer information detailing your experience within your niche market and your professional associations. Join professional organizations to increase your business' searchability through membership listings, but also use marketing tools to reach potential clients.

Put your photography supply and other resources to work for you

Owning a professional photography business may require you to invest in photography supplies, as well as stock photographs which enhance your offerings, especially when starting out. As your business grows and your portfolio expands, you'll need better equipment to keep up with photographic technology.
  • Set up a photography studio only if that is what you are passionate about. With so many services available online, as well as easy-to-use software, you can practically run a photography business with only a camera and a computer.