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Companies providing news press release services, including writing tips and campaign management. Professional newswire services help distribute company press releases to thousands of news syndicates.

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A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media ...

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How to Write a Press Release. A press release is a written statement to the media . It can announce a range of news items, including scheduled events, personal ...

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July 2014. 07/29/2014: Apple Updates MacBook Pro with Retina Display; 07/22/ 2014: Apple Reports Third Quarter Results; 07/21/2014: Apple Announces ...

PRWeb: Online Press Release Distribution Service

Press release distribution helps you create buzz, increase online visibility, and drive website traffic. Learn how to send your first release today.

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Press release news service. Information direct from the sources.

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Paid and free press release distribution. Submit press releases to increase online visibility, attract new customers, and boost your business.

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Think of a press release as your ticket to publicity--one that can get your company coverage in publications or on TV and radio stations. Editors and reporters get ...

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CA Workload Automation AE Certified for Integration with SAP Solution Manager to Help Speed IT Service Delivery and Lower Costs Across the Enterprise.

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Meetings Coverage. Developments in Kosovo Receive Mixed Reviews as Security Council Considers Pace of Reconciliation, Scope of Persistent Challenges ...

Express Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution service for the Web, Blogosphere, and Social Media. Includes 12 US State based PR sites & 37 industry PR blogs.
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Press release service providing superior online visibility, targeted press release distribution to top media outlets and journalists.
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eReleases offers top-tier press release distribution to top media outlets, newswire posting, subscribing reporters, RSS feeds, and SEO optimization.

Writing a Press Release for Your Business

A great press release can get your business free publicity reaching thousands of readers. There's no guarantee, however, that an editor will use your press release. You can better the chances if:
  1. The release offers real news. Employee promotions, new products and changes in location are news. So are tie-ins between something you sell or a service you provide and an event, trend or other news-making situation.
  2. The release is timely. An editor is most likely to consider a release sent right after a promotion or when an issue currently is in the news.
  3. The release goes to the correct editor. Call the newsroom to ask who should receive it. Ask for the correct spelling of that person's name.

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Your first audience is the editor, so you'll want a strong opening paragraph; a release that answers the five "w" questions of reporting – who, what, where, when and why; and a subject or angle as exciting to readers as it is to you.

Locate local media

Send your press release to radio, television, magazines and daily and weekly newspapers within 50 miles of your location.

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If doing it yourself seems daunting, use a distribution company. In this case, size matters because the big boys have enough knowledge and cachet to give your message the best shot at being noticed. Your company doesn't have to be huge to use one of these – they offer regional services.

Get Press Release Preparation Help

However you distribute it, polishing your press release is important. Professional help can give your press release sparkle and optimize its visibility to Web search engines.
  • The jury is out on whether to follow up a press release with a phone call. Some editors welcome calls, but others don't.
  • Fax is the least-effective way to send a release. In a newsroom, departments typically share fax machines, and your fax may not get to the right person.
  • Don't expect your press release to be printed verbatim. Most newspapers use releases as background, and reporters call or visit to write their own stories.
  • Be sure your press release includes a name and phone number to call for more information.
  • Don't wait until the last minute. Sending out the announcement at least a couple of weeks before the event is wise.