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Copying and Printing Services - FedEx Office

Get professional, high-quality copies in black & white or color from FedEx Office. Full service or self service, at any of over 1800 locations.

Custom Printing Services – Copy & Print Depot

Custom printing services at Copy & Print Depot deliver everything from business cards to promotional products. Same day printing and pickup available.

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Suncoast Identification Solutions

Suncoast Identification Solutions specializes in plastic card printing including barcode key tags, gift cards, membership cards, and restaurant menus.
Smart Resolution Canada

We provide custom and full color printing services for small businesses throughout Canada. Customize online our business forms, envelopes, and more.
Artsy Couture

Artsy Couture is a professional photo lab that offers high-quality prints with a variety of options to suit every style preference.

Photoworld is the UK's leading provider of award-winning photo books, personalised photo gifts, canvas prints and digital photo prints.
Jessops Photo

Jessops Photo offers a fantastic digital printing service, as well as photo gifts & photo books.
Printing Deals

We offer real hands on printing services reviews, the latest discount coupons and offers as well as printing specials.
Printing Services

We order business cards, t-shirts and more from the most popular printing services on the web, offering real, hands-on reviews and comparisons. - Frosted and Clear Plastic Business Cards

Printing for plastic business cards, transparent and clear business cards, lenticular cards, RFID, USB cards, paper and various card accessories.
PsPrint Online Printing

Top-quality commercial printing and cheap printing prices. For the best in online printing services at affordable prices, call PsPrint today!
Wallzaz - Removable Wall Stickers

Create custom removable wall stickers at Upload photos from your digital cameras to create custom wall art for any room!

Benefits of Printing Services

One way to print a large number of documents for your business would be to fire up your ink-jet printer and load it up with white copy paper. However, for a less frustrating option, the use of printing services can save both time and money. Printing services are quite diverse, with companies seeking out various niches in the market based on color printing, speed, quality, and quantity. Therefore it is important that you know the needs and goals of your business before paying for printing services. This guide explains benefits and pitfalls of printing services and includes a brief overview of pricing.



Personalize Communications for More Leads and Sales

Each day the average consumer is bombarded by more than 3,000 marketing messages. The irrelevant bulk mailings are typically thrown away, while personalized messages capture attention. Approximately 2% of consumers take action on a mass mailing; in contrast, up to 60% take action on a personalized mailing. In addition to putting the recipient’s name on a postcard, brochure, or catalog, printers can also mention specific cities or neighborhoods, customer service numbers, or discount codes. The product is customized to attract attention, provide meaningful details to the consumer, and initiate the desired action.


Let Someone Else Pay for the Toner

Just an ordinary envelope with a color logo and imagery can be expensive to print on the office printer. The costs rise exponentially if the business does not already possess the correct equipment. Laser printers, color copiers, and magazine collators are an investment that most companies cannot afford for periodic mailings. By using printer services, the company is able to get the exact promotional material it needs at a discounted rate. Even with current economic conditions, more companies are returning to large-scale printers for their marketing needs. Statistics Canada shows an increase in the number of printing shipments nationwide, and the recovery trend is similar within the United States.


Quick Processing and Delivery

If time is money, then using professional printers can add significant profits to the bottom line. Many printing companies offer services such as automated folding and envelope stuffing, label printing and affixation, literature fulfillment, postal service pre-sorting, and bulk delivery rates. These options not only save a customer’s employees from doing all the work; they also ensure compliance with postal service regulations for faster delivery.


Environmentally Responsible Services

In addition to the personal benefits for a company, many printing services also work to limit their impact on the environment. For example, a company may use recycled materials in its mailings, provide better printing estimates to avoid overruns, limit production waste, and even plant trees to replace the ones used during the process. Much of the pre-production work in today’s digital printing industry is conducted through email and file transfers, so technology is also helping printers to be environmentally responsible.





The cost of print media can be expensive depending on the method that you choose. Magazine print can be more expensive than newspaper. Smaller publications are generally less expensive to print but do not get the exposure that large print media does.

When hiring someone to print business cards or promotional items, the amount of color you use can also be a factor.  For logos that contain more than one color, printing can be expensive.


Shelf Life

Print media can have a small shelf life especially if you are announcing an event or product. Event announcements are only good for a given time frame and cannot be reused. If a business changes logos, changes management or moves locations then the print must be updated. This can cause waste and additional cost for a business.



Print media does not often reach the same customer base that other methods do.  Internet advertising and television advertising can reach a larger number of customers than printing a flyer to be given out at a specific event. A business is limited on the number of customers that see their promotions. The number of people that actually view the print media can be very limited depending on where you choose to distribute it. This can limit the number of customers you bring in.  Print media may not reach your target group, which will result in wasted marketing. Your print may also get lost in a sea of other advertisers. If you place a coupon in a coupon book along with 100 other businesses, your target audience may use your competitors’ coupons instead.



Printing takes time and may be difficult to work around deadlines. When having work printed by another company you will not be their only customer. You will have to work around their schedule on getting your work done. This can prevent you from getting the materials you need for your specific event.




There are many different types of printing services that both large and small businesses will need to order. Printed documents can range from mailers to catalogues, to something as simple as a postcard. Selecting a quality and cost-efficient printing service can be essential for a business.


Cost of Printing Services

The cost of printing services range greatly, depending on the project, quality and quantity. For a printing service such a brochure, a company could pay up to $100 for 2,000 copies.  For 2,000 postcards, a business may pay closer to $75. Many printing services offer discounts for companies that buy in bulk. Therefore, the cost per item may be much less for someone purchasing 5,000 postcards vs. someone purchasing 50 postcards.


Future of Printing Services

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that by 2018, the printing services industry will experience a 5% decline in the labor market. This will most likely be caused for the fact that printing is becoming more accelerated and automatic. However, the printing industry as far as production goes will still have an increase of 7-13%.



Printing services can save your company time and money and help you avoid the potential risks that come with purchasing your own printing equipment. Additionally, printing services can help you create high-quality documents. These benefits must be weighed against potentially stringent deadlines and a relatively short shelf life for print media. It is also important to consider whether print media will effectively reach your target audience. Overall, it behooves a business owner to clarify the exact needs of his or her business before seeking printing services. This guide will allow you to be an informed consumer and give you a heads up as to what challenges you might face. 

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